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Fit At Any Age: Weight Management Tips for Women Over 40

Elderly weight loss

If you are a woman over forty you might have gained weight because of hormone changes, a slowing metabolism rate and lack of exercise. There are changes you can make to your lifestyle in order to lose weight and stay physically fit. Several tips are listed below.

Reduce the amount of sugary drinks you consume and replace them with pure water. Create a calorie deficit in order to lose pounds. If you want to lose about 1 pound per week, you need to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories. Select foods that are highly nutritious and low in fat. Make sure you eat vegetables and fruits which contain fiber and help to rev up your slowing metabolism.

Eat flaxseed because it is rich in fiber and healthy fats which help stabilize blood sugar and suppress your appetite. Some research indicates flax can also help soothe symptoms of hormone swings because it is high in plant estrogens. Ground flaxseed is very easy to digest and you can sprinkle it over cereals, soups, or salads.

•You should eat fresh fish at least twice a week. Salmon and trout contain healthy fats and oil that may help prevent breast cancer. If you do not want to eat fish, try a fish oil supplement.

Add protein to your diet to tame hunger. Lean meats, cheese and beans are good options. You can also include soy in your meals. Soy milk, soy nuts and tofu are packed with protein and can help relieve the symptoms of menopause. Most adults in the United States get 12% – 18% of their calories from protein. You can benefit from increasing this amount to 50%.

Starting in the early 40s, your body goes through a series of changes that drastically affect digestion, metabolism, and other bodily functions. An appropriate diet can help with weight management.





Discover the Body Within Using Lipo by Prive Aesthetics


Confidence is a key component to a successful life, and the way a person looks impacts how they feel about themselves. There are areas of the body that are hard to tone even with the right diet and exercise program. Many people turn to cosmetic surgery to get the desired body image that they want. The benefits of liposuction, or lipo, include a reduced body weight in areas such as the outer thighs, waist, hips, face, neck, abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, and legs. These are typically places on the body that do not respond well to regular diet and exercise programs, creating an atmosphere of frustration and confusion. The road to success begins with self-confidence and getting there is possible with laser lipo treatment by Privé Aesthetics.


Prive Aesthetics Laser Lipo Body Shaper

Prive Aesthetics Laser Lipo Body Shaper

i-Lipo is the latest in laser lipolysis. This revolutionary system uses low level lasers for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body shaping treatments. It offers you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring safely and painlessly.



Taking control of life with a healthy body image allows people to travel to a new level of confidence. Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that removes unwanted fat from those areas of the body that are resistant to change. Suction is typically used to remove fat from the body using thin blunt-tipped tubes, which are inserted into the skin. Fat deposits are targeted using the tubes, and the suction allows the fat deposits to be removed. Today’s liposuction procedures have vastly improved with the use of new techniques. Local anesthesia is now used instead of a general anesthesia, which is much safer for the patient. Tumescent liposuction is a good example of this type of procedure. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is a technique that uses an ultrasound to liquefy the fat in a specific area of the body.





Most liposuctions are performed on an outpatient basis in a hospital, surgery center, or doctor’s office. Liposuction is designed to help the patient reshape the body through the process of fat elimination. This procedure should be done in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right foods and exercising is recommended to keep the body that liposuction helped to develop strong and looking great. Liposuction in and of itself is not a weight loss plan and is not intended for that purpose. It does, however, allow the patient to rid themselves of excess fat deposits in hard to manage areas. There are possible side effects from liposuction including soreness, numbness, bruising, and temporary swelling in and around the treated area. Some risks are minor scarring at the site of the incision and baggy skin.

As with any procedure, a patient should consult with a doctor to see if they are a viable candidate for liposuction. There are many people who need help ridding their bodies of excess fat when diet and exercise have failed. Liposuction is for those who want to look and feel good about their body image. Now is the time to decide if liposuction is the answer for those fatty areas of the body that are not responding to regular methods. This is an option that has worked for many people and has given them the self-confidence they need to be successful in their endeavors.