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WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS – Top 3 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, continues to attract foreign corporations for the purpose of setting up regional offices in this global city. With its international image, job seekers are also drawn to develop and build careers if given the opportunity.

If you are setting your sights to work here, you can check postings online, dailies, and even university bulletin boards for job vacancies in KL. However, while your degree course or diploma is a pre-requisite to specific jobs, your skills showing your capability to multi-task gives you better chances.

In KL, the service sector employs the greatest number of workers across different industries. This sector is filled with career opportunities. The important aspect is to take the professional approach and not leave anything to chance.

Top 3 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job In Kuala Lumpur

If you are shortlisted by an employer or hiring agency, securing that dream job requires careful groundwork. The following tips will help boost your chances.

  1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)The CV is your first ticket to a successful application for job in KL

The CV is your first ticket to a successful application. A well-written CV consists of your personal background & contact details, educational attainment & academic achievements and work experience, if applicable. All the information contained in your CV should be truthful and verifiable.

  1. Firm Career Objective

Make a strong career goal. Identify the industry sector you want to belong and where your skills can be best utilized. Research is an important part of your job hunt. Evaluate the job description, find out more about the employers and their expectations.

  1. Perfect Your Communication SkillsBusiness people around table

Since KL is a global city, English is the spoken business language. Improve your English communication skills and not your vernacular language. Keep this in mind. Otherwise, it will weaken your position.

While job opportunities for young professionals and fresh graduates are plenty, the arena is highly competitive. Employers are looking for candidates who have the potential to add value to the organization. Boost your chances of being hired and avoid rejection due to lack of professionalism. You are in the real world now.

5 Essential Tips In Choosing A Virtual Private Server Provider In Malaysia

T-If you run a website with a relatively large amount of traffic, it’s advisable that you use a virtual private server to ensure that the website is not susceptible to outages and attacks. There are virtual private server providers in Malaysia that offer this kind of hosting. However, you should take the time to weigh all your options to ensure that you hire the appropriate company. Below are some practical tips on how to choose a reliable private server provider:T

  1. The host should offer an uptime rate guarantee of not below 99.99%. Since you are paying a premium for the server, you should also receive a premium uptime rate. With an uptime rate of 99.99%, there is little chance that your site will ever go down because of heavy load and traffic.
  2. The provider should offer both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. These options have their pros and cons. What you choose depends on your personal preferences. However, you should also have the ability to switch from managed to unmanaged hosting or vice-versa anytime you want.
  3. The hosting company should provide 24/7 customer support. This is an essential aspect of VPS hosting because you never know when something goes wrong. A support representative should always be there when you need assistance with your server.
  4. The provider must have round-the-clock monitoring of your server. This is to make sure that your website doesn’t go down in critical moments. Close monitoring is also useful in keeping hackers away.
  5. The control panel should be easy to manage. This is imperative if you are not that savvy when it comes to managing servers. Some providers train their clients on how to effectively run and operate their servers.1

It’s essential that you take these tips seriously because you will be working with the hosting company for years. The reliability of the hosting company is highly instrumental in the success of your website. If your site goes down too many times because of server issues, your customers and other interested parties will stop visiting. This will hurt your business both in the short and long run. So choose your host wisely.

FINANCIALLY HEALTHY AT 20 – 5 Things You Need to Do With Your Finances in Your 20s

Money management is not your priority at age 20. You are still financially dependent on your parents for everything and anything. Food, clothing and shelter expenses are the least of your worries. The coming of age begins when you fly out of the nest to seek your own fortune. You are at the beginning of your most productive years, ready to join the ranks of the workforce and determined to fulfill the dreams of youth.   Perhaps you’re one of the few who thinks ahead early on in the game. Setting your sights on the future makes a whole lot of sense. As a thinking yuppie, you find the need to apply for plastic (credit card) as the rest. However, your intention is not really for spending but protection. You must have some information about the best credit card to pay an insurance premium which offers life insurance coverage with affordable payment scheme aligned with your paltry paycheck. It’s an intelligent move.

Manage your funds for the long-term by following these instructions:


5 Things You Need to Do With Your Finances in Your 20s

  1. Aim For Financial Independence

Break free from the pockets of your parents and chart your own economic agenda. It will be a welcome relief for them to see you earning your keep.


  1. Create A Budget

Once the income streams from your work become regular, establish a budget. Do not spend beyond your earning capacity.


  1. Save and Save

Don’t just dream about your retirement, save for it. Besides, your savings can be used for a rainy day or emergencies. You are in effect saving when purchases are carefully planned. Avoid impulse buying too.


  1. Go For Insurance

Securing life insurance is one of the best practices when your goal is protection for the future. Educate yourself on non-life insurance too. As your disposable income grows, be sure to cover your hard assets like cars or condos with insurance.


  1. Organize Your Financial Records

The young income earner will be exposed to the financial world. Where your money is concerned, you can no longer avoid dealing with banks or financial institutions. It’s going to be a way of life for years to come. Organizing your financial records is as important as earning your keep. It will also serve as a reference when you apply for loans and other credit facilities in the very near future.


Financial freedom does not mean reckless spending. Learn about personal finance at the early stage of your young professional life. Seek advice from experts in personal finance and wealth building if you cannot do it on your own.



Benefits of Natural Skin Care: 6 Reasons Why It’s Best To Choose Organic Products For Men

cleansing-face-manMen in the 21st century are embroiled in keeping fit while living healthy. Beauty care is no longer an exclusive domain for women. It appears men today are predisposed, in some ways, to project a ‘Hollywood’ image. There is a desire to project that persona of a cool and calculated executive, the dashing and intelligent preppy professional, or that exciting and adventurous man of the outdoors. All these come to play that is why there is high demand for natural skincare products for men.

But are they the safest and the most effective for men to use? Let us assess the benefits of organic grooming products and determine if indeed organic products work best for men.


  1. Men deserve a daily and healthy makeover. From head to toe. A revitalizing shower in the morning or a hot bath at night does wonders for the tired body and bruised skin. An all-natural body wash or bath soap with coconut oil as the main component brings freshness to the skin. The warm masculine aroma stays on to last the day. Some variants contain large doses of Vitamin B which is proven to improve skin texture and condition.


  1. Men with healthy and balanced hair condition inspire self-confidence. Until the all-natural hair shampoos came along, men were exposed to harsh petrochemicals and punitive sulfates. Organic shampoos are the safest to use for proper hair care. Not only do they soften the hair, but also strengthen hair follicles to prevent discoloration (to white or grey) and hair loss. Natural ingredients like barley and yeast nourish the hair ten-fold.


  1. Men need to look fresh and active all day. The use of face wash or face gel with rich vitamin content is perfect for cleansing and energizing the skin. This is a dependable product and consistent use will definitely restore worn-out skin to its freshest form. It does a dual function of washing and moisturizing.


  1. Men of today will not scrimp when buying all-natural grooming products. For more intensive face cleaning that show visible results, applying night creams at bedtime will prevent wrinkles from developing. Night creams with Vitamin E and organic botanical juices can efficiently rid the face of impurities.


  1. Men have become meticulous in choosing shaving products. Razor blades damage skin and constant shaving worsens the harm. Shaving oil or shaving foam plus an aftershave balm made of organic vegetable ingredients can counter the scratches caused by the razor blades. Very ideal to for sensitive skin around the shaving zone.


  1. Men do a lot of handshakes. It’s a gentlemanly thing. While men project a macho image, the tender feeling and soft texture of the hand during firm grasps speak well of good skin care. Nutrient-rich hand lotions made from the perfect blend of plant extracts prevents the skin from drying. All-natural hand lotions protect the hands from harmful elements and give that extra glimmer.


The organic label is prevalent in almost all items seen in the commercial circle. The choices have been narrowed down to just two – organic and conventional. And even in the skincare industry, the emergence of natural skincare products for men looms large. In grooming, organic products are the natural way to go. It defines the man of today.

Getting Ahead: Top 10 Most Sought After Professional Skills in The Malaysian Job Market

Malaysia is one of the most consistent players when it comes to trade and industry in Asia. Presenting a steady rise in terms of economy and job market stability, it is easily an enticing place to nourish a starting or a continuing career in a particular field for various job hunters. Blooming businesses here and there are always ready to hire people that can be of great significance to their company, and this is why you can find jobs in Malaysia online with ease.  Thus, the working environment is very competitive, fast paced, and busy. Because of its nature, the Malaysian job market requires a high standard when it comes to employee skills to maintain the quality of work that the industry provides. Here are the top ten things employers are looking for in job applicants.

  1. Communication Skills – To be able to work without hindrances in understanding and information relay is one of the most important things to check in employment. If one is able to communicate clearly and provide concise thoughts, ideas, or directions, work flows smoothly.Communication Skills is important in finding any jobs in Malaysia
  2. Commercial Awareness – Having a background on the nature of work you are going to do, or the main aspects of the company you are working for is also an advantage when it comes to hunting for jobs you particularly are interested in. It is important to let your future employers know that you are equipped to handle the workload and the tasks you are to be given.
  3. Computer and Technical Literacy – In a competitive working environment like Malaysia, it is the one that can adapt to the changing times who is most likely to be hired. And so, by learning how to maneuver and maximize the given technology with ease, you are adding a very valuable skill set to the table.Computer and Technical Literacy is needed to find jobs in Malaysia via online
  4. Basic Academic Competence – Mastery of the basic academic skills such as reading, writing, and computing are the building blocks of your career. To be able to perform these simple but significant tasks without hovering guidance will set the tempo and rhythm for the workplace.
  5. Problem Solving – Analysis and logic, if equipped with the proper information required, will help you and your company glide through both minor and major glitches and problems smoothly. This lets your future employers know that you are a reliable asset to the company who can spot inconsistencies and provide plans and actions for various unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the future.Problem Solving by analysis and logic will helps you in finding job in Malaysia
  6. Flexibility – Often referred to as being the “glue guy” of a team, it is important that you are versatile when it comes to various situations. This impacts a company in a way because you’re all around. You can play in different positions, providing help in whatever way the company needs or requires.
  7. Negotiation and Persuasion – Being able to plan and execute your actions by using influence and convincing people in order to reach an agreement that is favorable to both you and your company is a skill of utmost importance. To be able to understand the situation, and effectively discuss for a beneficial accord is an important aspect in business.
  8. Confidence – Confidence comes from preparation. Being a confident worker means that you do your job with efficiency. With confidence, you are emulating trust in yourself and your workplace is drawn to it. A reliable teammate is always a good one.Confidence comes from preparation and prepare well when getting a job
  9. Organizing Skill – Whether it is about time management or priority recognition, being able to organize and device a concrete plan of action is a skill like no other. It speaks to your ability to meet deadlines and get things done with proper focus and motivation.
  10. Self Drive – Determination and resolution say a lot about your hunger and willpower to achieve great things for your company and yourself. This is something that is innate and cannot just be learned or taught. It is very valuable because each company needs a spark, a surge of energy when it is most needed. To be able to provide this type of hustle for your workplace gives you a great advantage among others.

These are the top skills that the employers in the Malaysian job market are looking for. To provide this is to provide a great and quality service, one that is required in a place like Malaysia. If you are looking for a place to start, one can find jobs in Malaysia online easily with just a quick search. Take these tips and go explore the Malaysian job market now.

Breaking Into IT? Top 10 Basic IT Skills Malaysian Employers Want In IT Grads


The tech industry in Malaysia offers plenty of lucrative career opportunities if you know where to look for them and how to hustle. Apart from having highly specialized IT skills such as Oracle, UNIX, JAVA, LINUX, or SQL, you’re more valuable in the eyes of Malaysian employers if you have these 10 basic IT skills:


  1. Customer service If you want to work in a tech company’s customer service department, it’s essential that you have skills in customer service. You need to know how to deal and manage customer inquiries, frustrations and complaints on a daily basis, be it online, in person or on the phone. It also helps if you have a good knowledge about the company’s products or services.


  1. Research Being able to obtain relevant info to help you make better decisions as well as examine and reduce the risks involved before finalizing your decision will tremendously make your life and career easier.


  1. Microsoft Windows Practically any business would use Microsoft Windows at some point. Basic Microsoft Windows computing skills include knowing how to organize your work, backing up files, using web browsers, performing graphic tasks and word processing, and using command menus, toolbars, and windows.


  1. Planning Time is money when it comes to running a business. Knowing how to plan, be it to complete a project or carry out a task, will help you manage time properly. Bad planning can lead to major losses, something no employer wants.


  1. 5. Project management Besides managing time, you must know how to manage projects. Being a good leader will help you achieve project goals successfully. Additionally, it’ll increase your chances of climbing up the ladder further.


  1. IT troubleshooting There will come a time when some computers dysfunction at your workplace requires you to solve a technical problem. A basic computer troubleshooting skills might save a lot of time and money.


  1. Problem solving A good problem-solving skill is a must-have in order to carry out your daily tasks accordingly and achieve your goals, besides being able to move forward with new projects. You need to be critical in your thinking and thoroughly analyze information that you’re presented with before solving any challenge.


  1. Writing The ability to write and convey your ideas or thoughts in written words to others such as your supervisor or colleagues will help anyone working with you understand what you’re trying to achieve or need from everyone. If you’re tasked with writing reports or technical writing, this skill will come in handy.


  1. Organisational skills Most jobs require you to multi-task, so knowing how to be organized is important in order to stay on top of multiple projects or tasks. Such skills will also prevent you from unnecessary blunders.


  1. Communication skills You won’t go far in your career if you can’t express yourself well, be it in written or spoken words. Whether you’re communicating with someone in person or on the phone or via email, it helps to be able to communicate well.


If you’re planning to take IT courses in Malaysia, you need to brush up the skills listed above as soon as you can in addition to specialized IT skills. Equipping yourself with the basic skills mentioned will increase your marketability among employers. They can be acquired during your studies, but if you’re a graduate who thinks you’re lacking in any of the skill, it’s never too late to improve.