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Spring Back To Life: Discover Yoga in Singapore

Yoga in Singapore

What comes to mind when somebody mentions the word yoga to you? Perhaps meditation is the first word that will pop in your mind. In most cases, that is true. For non-yoga practitioners, it relates more to the mental state rather than the physical. If you ask a yoga guru what it actually means, you will get a reply saying it is the union of breath, body, and mind. The answer would seem profound because yoga is really not just another routine.

Today, yoga is no longer regarded as a dull meditation practice or a boring way of stretching. It has become a fitness trend in the West and the East. Most fitness gyms and boutique studios are offering yoga in Singapore. Many young professionals and busy executives are discovering the calming, mind-body benefits of yoga.


How Do You Practice Yoga in Singapore?

Yoga is already entrenched in the Singaporean lifestyle. Several years ago it was taught only in community centers although the sessions can’t be considered as the ‘true’ yoga. Today, there are established places where you can take up yoga classes.

Do not feel alienated if you are a newbie at yoga. Everyone started from zero. Definitely, it will take a while before the yoga techniques can be assimilated and become part of your everyday life. Classes are also based on the learning level of customers. Beginner classes to the more advanced lessons are available, so it’s altogether different as you go deeper into the yoga experience.


Establishments that Offer Yoga Classes in Singapore

Establishments that Offer Yoga Classes in Singapore

You can visit fitness gyms, yoga centers or boutique studios offering yoga classes. Enroll in formal yoga classes or apply for membership in fitness clubs. Most of these establishments offer free trials so can you assess for yourself whether yoga is the thing for you. What’s more, there are yoga workout places that are all-female, all-male or unisex depending on your preference.


Yoga delivers wonders to the mind, body, and soul. It is something that is more than just a regular workout routine. There are plenty of things to learn about specific postures or ‘asanas’ in yoga lingo. Let the relaxing and meditative facets of yoga help you relieve the stress, negativity, and anxieties that weigh you down. If you have not been mystified by this trend that originated in India 5,000 years ago, you might want to try yoga and see true living in a whole new light.

5 Jobs in Petaling Jaya to Begin Your Career

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Petaling Jaya has evolved from a mere satellite town of Kuala Lumpur into a bustling city in its own right. With an influx of residents coming to begin a new career, Petaling Jaya is also starting to grow into a centre of business and technology. Fresh grads and professionals can find interesting types of job vacancies in Petaling Jaya. Are you one of them? To help you in your job hunt, check out these five jobs to kickstart your career.


Image result for developers who are keen on coding are in demand to build websites

Petaling Jaya is becoming one of the most tech-friendly cities in Malaysia. Companies like ZALORA is based in Petaling Jaya. With many tech companies, developers who are keen on coding are in demand to build websites and mobile applications.

Banking Relationship Manager

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As the number of residents rises, banks are taking advantage of the potential clientele and have opened numerous branches all over Petaling Jaya. To capture market share and cater to the growing client base, banks like Standard Chartered are hiring relationships managers and training them to be client-centric and Mavericks in sales.

Travel Agent

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With new malls, recreational facilities and night clubs being built left and right, Petaling Jaya is attracting millions of visitors every year. Because of the high demand in travel, agencies are constantly looking for travel agents who are friendly and can get along with all types of guests. There are chances of going abroad and many avenues to take your career.

Management Trainee

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Companies like Unilever, Nestle, and Philip Morris International are looking for management trainees who are willing to learn and grow with the enterprise. For a job seeker looking for a corporate career trajectory in the fields of marketing, operations and sales, working in an FMCG company is your best bet. And in Petaling Jaya, there’s room for career growth and international travel.

Retail Manager

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As the residents of Petaling Jaya are becoming more metropolitan, the demand for international brands is growing. Companies like ZARA and IKEA are expanding with multiple stores. Brand are seeking capable retail managers to manage the growing number of stores and customers.

It may surprise you, but Petaling Jaya offers a lot of opportunities for you to start your career. Check out this list of jobs to start your career search. Ready your resume and practice for interview questions to land your first job.

4 Types of Resin Flooring and Coating Services in Malaysia

For many years, Malaysia has been at the forefront of formulating and installing resin flooring and coating services for a variety of commercial and industrial environs worldwide. The floors are toughened with Epoxy, a versatile and durable coating suitable for protecting new fresh concrete and repairing old concrete floors.

The material acts as a “thin film” layer, which primary purpose is to cover the concrete and protect it from abrasion and harsh chemicals. When mixed with aggregate, you’re sure to get high-quality floors fit for industry, commercial, and residential use.

Below is a summary of some of the top resin flooring and coating services provided by most epoxy flooring companies in Malaysia.


  1. Industrial

The different kinds of epoxy and polyurethane floors offered in many areas within the industrial sector are specifically fashioned to tackle the harsh environment involved. Concrete resurfacing and leveling, personalized polyurethane floors and epoxy floors are some of the solutions offered for industrial flooring.

The floors are installed in such a way that they would actually meet the standards for various industries once finished. This means the floors should be able to withstand heavy machinery use, high exposure to heat, and resist chemical attack. All the same, epoxy flooring in many industrial environs are frequently used in factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, food and beverage industry and more.

  1. Commercial

The purpose as to why one would need to install epoxy flooring systems in their building is endless. A person may probably choose them for aesthetic or functional reasons, depending on what they want to accomplish. You may want a floor that’s cost-effective, easy to clean, strong, and lasts longer. Specific places you may want to fix commercial epoxy floor include restaurants, commercial offices, hallways, pharmacy, fitness centre and more.

  1. Residential

Because areas such as basements, garages, and laundry rooms are under constant attack from debris, their frequent cleaning and care should always be a top priority. Epoxy flooring is effective in eliminating dirt and debris, including the grout lines that often lower your floors value. Epoxy floor treatments are also a great option if you experience allergies, as these materials don’t stock dirt and allergies within. Other areas on which residential epoxy floors are frequently used include bathrooms, porches, rec rooms and so on.

In summary, epoxy floors provide a robust and durable surface for industrial and commercial flooring. The coatings are used on concrete floors to draw a high performance, durable, and smooth surface sure to last many years and also support heavy loads. Above are some of the high-end and on-demand services people can expect to find at most epoxy flooring companies. Epoxy coatings for many years have proven to be essential for warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and more.

If you’re thinking of getting epoxy flooring in Malaysia, ask the locals around or search online to find a convenient flooring company that meets your demands. The versatility experienced with epoxy coatings makes it easy and fun to customize, giving clients the type of high-performance floors they truly deserve!

5 Things to Check when You Buy Travel Insurance Online in Malaysia

Traveling is the cure for a weary soul. If you want a different scenery to help you relax and get you out of your stressful shoes, going to a different city, or better yet, a different country, would be the best idea. But before heading out, there are some important matters that you need to take care of, such as your accommodations, itinerary, flight details, and, not to forget, your travel insurance.

Choosing to buy travel insurance online in Malaysia is a smart move because you wouldn’t need to leave the house, allowing you more time to pore over your itinerary and even pack your bags. But don’t just buy the first travel insurance you see online! Make sure you find one that fits your needs. Here are five things to look out for in a travel insurance policy:Here are five things to look out for in a travel insurance policy

  1. Trip Duration Every policy has a limited number of coverage days. Some offer 30 days coverage, while others offer 90 days of coverage. If your trip takes more than the days of coverage, your insurance will be invalidated. Choose a policy that covers the entire duration of your vacation.
  2. Excluded Locations Some travel insurance policies exclude certain regions or countries in their coverage. This could be due to serious security reasons in the area, making it a place of high-risk. Check your policy to see if the place you are visiting is not excluded.
  3. Claims Limitation Travel insurance policies can cover for lost baggage, flight delays, health issues, accidents and even lost cash. However, there is a limit to the amount that policy will cover. For instance, if you lost RM3,000 in cash, but your policy states that it will cover only the first RM 2,000, you will only be able to get RM2,000. Typically, the higher the cost of the policy, the larger the claims amount.
  4. High-Risk Activities Are you planning on going scuba diving, cliff jumping or skydiving? These are high-risk activities that can invalidate your insurance. Check if the policy specifies activities that they will not cover and can render your policy useless.
  5. Cancellations Many people purchase their travel insurance the moment they book their flight. This is because some policies cover cancellations due to illness or other emergencies.

Choosing to buy travel insurance online in Malaysia is a smart moveThese are the most important items to watch out for when you buy your travel insurance online. However, these are not the only ones. Make sure you read the fine print of the policy you are eyeing before buying one to make the most out of your purchase.

4 Food Safety Policies In Indonesia That You Should Know About


Two main government agencies regulate food safety in Indonesia. These are the Ministry of Health and the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC). Suffice it to say that these agencies have policies and regulations in place that people in the food industry must adhere to. So if you are planning to start a business in the country’s food industry, you need to be acutely aware of such regulations. Below is an overview of some of the most relevant policies by the

  1. Everyone in your staff should have been trained and briefed about the proper ways of handling, cooking, and serving food. It’s advisable that you have your employees go through training programs wherein they’re provided with certificates upon completion. You can show these documents when inspectors from the Ministry of Health or the NADFC come knocking on your door.
  2. There should be a storage system for all your raw food materials and ingredients. The general rule is that the room for your raw ingredients should be separate from your processed ingredients. This is to avoid cross-contamination. You can customize compartments in your freezers to satisfactorily separate all your food items.
  3. There should be an efficient waste disposal system both in your kitchen and dining area. You have to show that all your food wastes are disposed properly at the end of every day.
  4. Your kitchen should be equipped with the appropriate appliances and utensils. Food safety also involves making sure that you are using the right cooking materials. You should have equipment for measuring temperature and pressure. These appliances ensure that you don’t undercook or overcook the food you serve.canapes

You must adhere to these policies if you want to be granted a business permit in Indonesia. The regulating agency will also be regularly checking on your establishment to ensure that you are adhering to the rules. If you are found to be not in compliance with some of the policies, your license to operate a business will either be canceled or revoked.

Top 5 Classic Timepieces For Luxury Watch Collectors In Malaysia

Luxury Watch Collectors In Malaysia

A good watch reflects its wearer, and wearing a classic timepiece shows that you’ve got taste and style. More than simply a utility to help you tell the time, a luxury watch is a perfect accessory when you want to make a statement at important events. These are the top five classic timepieces for luxury watch collectors in Malaysia:


  1. Seiko The Japanese brand is renown for its design and function. Producing both mechanical and quartz watches, Seiko has a design style that capitalizes on visual impression, with signature looks that include curved sideline, half recessed crown, highly polished bezel, and multi-faceted rectangular markers.
  2. TAG Heuer The Swiss brand has a broad range of memorable timepieces and chronographs, with premium functionality and signature looks that include a rotating bezel, white registers, black dials, and cases with screw-backs. The brand started introducing automatic chronographs in the mid-60s to compete with Seiko.
  3. Omega Also Swiss-made, Omega was the official timekeeper for the Royal Flying Corps’s combat units in Britain a hundred years ago. There are numerous watch models for men and women, with the men’s collection that include Geneve, De Ville, Omega Seamaster, and Constellation. For women, the popular models include Ladymatic and Speedmaster.
  4. Patek Phillippe Another Swiss-made luxury watch brand, Patek Phillippe is favored by many royalties throughout the year. Featuring traditional styling and complicated mechanics, the brand’s priciest watch to date was sold at $11 million to a member of the Qatari royal family. The pocket watch featured 24 functions and was last auctioned at Sotheby’s for a whopping $24 million.
  5. Rolex The most popular luxury watch brand in Malaysia, Rolex is instantly recognizable and need no introduction. The brand’s timeless function and form make it universally appealing, with a signature design that includes water-resistant cases and ceramic bezels, with certified chronometers.


If you’re into classic timepieces that are worth the investment, luxury watches in Malaysia can be purchased in store or online. If you’ve got extra cash to spend, you can also customize your luxury watch, like adding an engraving of your initials. Whatever style and function you choose to have, know that the watch will last a lifetime due to its quality and craftsmanship.