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The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality Testing In The Food Industry

The regulation of safety standards in Indonesia’s food industry is administered by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control or NADFC. If you are planning to start a restaurant business, you will be dealing with representatives and inspectors from the NADFC. One of the things that the agency is very strict about is indoor air quality. The air inside your food establishment shouldn’t place your staff and customers in any danger. This is why the agency requires that you regularly undergo indoor air quality testing.One of the things that the agency is very strict about is indoor air quality

Getting The Services Of An Air Quality Testing Company  It’s recommended that the air in your establishment is tested by a third party. There are companies in Indonesia that specialize in these services. They will measure the quality of the air in your establishment using meters and analyzers. In most cases, they will also provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the gases and other elements they found in the air. And last but not the least, they will give you an analysis of the air quality plus measures that you need to follow to improve the air quality.

Making Sure That You Are Always In Compliance With Air Quality Standards  If the NADFC finds out that the air quality in your food establishment is below the prescribed standards, they have the option to either revoke or cancel your business permit. You can avoid this problem by making sure that the air is always clean and free from harmful pollutants. You can achieve this by installing an exhaust hood in your kitchen. Furthermore, make sure that air freely circulates in the kitchen and in the dining area. Install electric fans or air conditioning systems if necessary.make sure that air freely circulates in the kitchen and in the dining area

In conclusion, you need to pay attention to the quality of air in your restaurant if you want to stay in business. As we mentioned earlier, the NADFC is rather strict in enforcing their air quality testing standards. Inspectors from the agency don’t announce their inspection visits so you should always be ready with the documents and data sheets as provided to you by the testing company you hired to test the air quality in your restaurant.

Do you need sound money advice? Reasons to get a Financial Advisor in Malaysia

What is your notion of financial freedom? Have you reached the peak of your productive years or presently struggling to achieve a lifestyle goal? Financial freedom is not about having a sustainable income to pay for the necessities and luxuries to enjoy. It extends beyond your current financial capacity or propensity to earn.
If you desire to be financially free, you have to set short-term and long-term goals. Part of your short-term goal is to maximize your earning potential today; while taking control of your financial position is part of your long-term goal.1
Financial Planning
The well-off Malaysians, particularly the younger professionals, are presented with challenges that obstruct the path to financial freedom. Casual spending habits and excessive use of credit cards often lead to financial woes. In short, the future financial outlook is bleak with no clear direction.
Personal finance and wealth management is increasingly generating interest among the affluent bunch. Today, one of the most valuable solutions to financial security is financial planning. Seeking financial advice in Malaysia is becoming the norm. Financial professionals can help you craft a comprehensive financial plan and the rewards of which, you will harvest in the future.2
Financial Advisor
Choosing a financial advisor and establishing a relationship is your first step to financial freedom. Young professionals, junior executives, pre-retirees, and retirees would benefit from sound and impartial financial advice.
The ideal financial plan would cover the personal finance side as well as the wealth management aspect depending on your financial position and expectations.
The Benefits of having a Professional Financial Advisor
o Establish the right direction for you to follow and stay on course towards your financial goal
o Guide you in money management and money growth
o Assist you in debt management or alleviate your debt burdens
o Educate you on the risk and rewards of deposit, loans, and other available financial products
o Help you spot investment opportunities and make sound financial decisions
o Plot your insurance needs for personal and asset protection
o Receive expert advice on tax strategies, retirement options, and estate planning for future contingencies
A financial plan will help you see the destination clearly. It’s easier to develop the discipline and focus on your future financial welfare if you have a financial road map. There is no better time to organize your financial affairs than now. Pursuing financial freedom is not temporary, it is an ongoing concern.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Walk Out From The Facial Spa With Worse Skin

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Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, microdermabrasion, so on and so forth. Which one exactly does your skin is in dire need of?

Before you pull out your hair trying to figure out which facial treatment you should go for, take a deep breath! It can be overwhelming at first, but once you’ve accustomed yourself with this guide, you’ll be a facial queen.

Although most aesthetic clinic in Singapore will have qualified beauticians to advise you on the right treatments, there’s no harm in keeping yourself informed. After all, you know your skin best.

Take a look at the different types of skin below and find out which is the best beauty treatment for you and which ones you should avoid:

Normal Skin

You’re blessed with skin that is generally pretty fuss-free, and most beauty treatments are suitable for your skin type. You can opt for a simple maintenance facial, which includes massage, extractions, and steam. If you want a pamper session, go for more massage and plenty of masks and serums to finish off. Clay masks are also great if you want to clear out some gunk, which will leave your face feeling new and rejuvenated.

Dry Skin

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With dry skin, injecting (not literally) moisture into your skin is vital. Step away from those abrasive scrubs! The last thing you want is to aggravate your dry skin even more and make it flakier. Instead, opt for something like oxygen facials, for that extra boost of hydration.

Acne-prone Skin

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For acne-prone skin, you have to proceed with extra caution compared to the rest. Make sure that your aesthetician is experienced with problematic skin and moves with extra care when working with your skin. Always avoid mineral oil massage for your treatment. Check with your beautician and also inform them to avoid ingredients that trigger your breakouts. To improve the skin, go for deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and masks.

Sensitive Skin

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Gentle. Remember that word. Gentle, gentle, gentle! With sensitive skin, stay away from any harsh and abrasive treatment. Step away from the steam and deep clay masks. Microdermabrasion is also out of the question. You better not let the aesthetician come close to you with any blackhead extraction tools!

Aging Skin

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When it comes to mature skin, pampering facials are great. Plenty of massages, minimal steam (too much steam can cause redness and leave the skin dehydrated), and lots of masks and serums to leave the skin plump and glowy. Microdermabrasion is also a popular option with aging skin and can help reduce the appearance of scars, age spots, and fine lines.


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If you have this skin type, this is probably your biggest fear: walking out of the aesthetic clinic with the ever-so-dreaded post-facial tomato face. To ensure that doesn’t happen, avoid steam at all costs! Also, other treatments like deep clay masks, fruit acids, and microdermabrasion are major no-nos. The last thing you want is to put your skin through a series of a regimen known for causing redness in the face.

With this guide, you’re now prepared to step into the wonderful world of beauty spas. Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the right aesthetic clinic in Singapore but also picking the right treatment.

Now let yourself be pampered! Always remember, choosing the right facial for your skin type is the difference between you crying with tears of agony or stepping out with skin like a goddess.

Job Vacancies In Johor: Don’t Delay, Get Hired


Johor, the second-most populous state in Malaysia, is a rapidly developing transportation and industrial hub due to its position in the southern of the Malaysian Peninsula. With several growing industries, there is a surplus of jobs and because of this, jobs in Johor attracts thousands of people seeking a career.

With so many options, it can be daunting when searching for job vacancies in Johor. To assist in your job search, here is a list of the five best industries to work in and have a flourishing career.



Johor is Malaysia’s top investment destination for the manufacturing sector, especially from local and international investors. Companies producing everything from car parts, rubber and food have set up factories in Johor due to its convenient location in Asia. If you’re interested in working in large enterprises, the manufacturing industry offers career progression with positions as an engineer, associate or manager.


Johor is a tourism highlight of Malaysia. With eye-catching sights like riverside town Muar, amusement parks like Legoland Malaysia and beautiful national parks, the tourism industry is steadily growing. Thus, it is in need of employees who are good at interacting with tourists and can manage big projects.

Information Technology

The IT industry in Johor is small but a rapidly growing one. With more investment coming in and the growing need to adapt to technology, IT solutions firms have been opening up left and right to cater to the increasing investment in different industries in Johor. Positions needed are not just technical roles like programmers but account executives and solution engineers.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance industry in Johor is always growing. Local and international banks are opening up many centers to cater to customers who are looking for business loans or a safe place to save and invest. Positions available are relationship managers, analysts, and financial advisors.


As a major transportation hub in Malaysia, Johor is a gateway for import and export. Investment in the transportation and logistics industry continues to grow with more and more companies setting up in the state. Jobs range from account executives, operations professionals, and business development executives.


Johor is a booming city and an exciting one to start a career. With thousands moving here, it’s a competitive job hunt so don’t delay and apply for positions you’re interested in. If you’re hesitant, research these five industries and begin your career with your first job in Johor

Making it easy to find your dream wedding dress in Singapore

Spotting the perfect wedding dress can be a tough task, especially when you have so many labels to choose from. Not just labels, it gets tougher when you have so many designs and colors available too. While the variety of dresses available in Singapore may get overwhelming, we highly recommend you make some notes before you go out shopping. Get an idea of what you are looking for on the big day. Below are some pointers to start with.

Imagine: the length of the dress along the color, the cut, the lacePicture yourself especially the length of the dress along with the color you like

You know your body the best, so it’s important you picture yourself, especially the length of the dress along with the color (white is not the only option available). Today you can choose from ocean green to rose pink to even some deep royal colors. Now comes the lace. Some people love the lace so much that lace dominates the entire dress and some like to use it subtly. If you love labels and keen on a custom-fitted, your choice of fabric, color, and lace, then go for the made-to-order option.

Rethink: designer label or no-frill brand

Both have their pros and cons. Designer labels are exclusive, one of a kind but this exclusivity comes with a price tag, an expensive one. If you prefer to spend your hard-earned money on your honeymoon, then go for the no-fill, off the rack option. This has become a very attractive option, catering to different budgets.

Try: traditional look or a modern, chic lookWhether to go for a classic look or chic modern one, both are equally awesome options.

We know that most soon-to-be-married folks are faced with this dilemma, whether to go for a classic look or chic modern one, as both are equally awesome options. But we have a simple, yet effective tip for you: just trying the outfit will help you decide on this. Most stores in Singapore have a friendly staff, and perhaps they can even help you choose which look to go for.

Lastly, don’t forget to make notes on how much you want to spend on the dress, keep a range in mind, and follow this guide to facilitate your hunt for the perfect wedding dress in Singapore. Good news is that today you can either buy, rent or custom-make a dress.

The Important Role That Thermal Imaging Plays In The Food Industry

If you have plans of setting up your own restaurant or you simply want to enter the food industry in Malaysia, it’s paramount that you understand the role of thermal imaging in the business. Those who engage in the food industry are mandated by the Ministry of Health to produce, transport, store, and serve their food with safety and cleanliness in mind. It so happens that thermal imaging is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that raw ingredients are stored and cooked properly.


Why Thermal Imaging Is Important

When preparing and cooking food, it’s often difficult to see with your naked eye if the food is being cooked at the right temperature. You can’t accurately see if the food you are serving to a customer is undercooked or overcooked. You don’t have to deal with this problem if you have a thermal imaging camera. Basically, what the thermal camera does is measure then show you the level of heat emanating from the raw ingredients that are being cooked. The camera also measures the temperature of the equipment you are using. With these accurate measurements, you can determine if the food is at the right temperature.


Thermal imaging is often used for the following:

  1. measuring the heat in oven baked goods
  2. microwave-drying boiled rice and other types of edible grains
  3. measuring the temperature in microwave cooked meats
  4. inspecting the temperature of ovens
  5. checking the heat on cellophane seals used for packed food
  6. monitoring the temperature in freezers and refrigerator compartments
  7. inspecting food packed in bottles or cartons
  8. inspecting processed and packed meat products


In conclusion, you need a thermal imaging camera if you plan on starting your restaurant. These cameras come in all sizes and models. The model you choose will depend on the scale of the restaurant you have in mind. Some imaging cameras are portable which means you can handle them manually. Others have to be installed in your kitchen.