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The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality Testing In The Food Industry

The regulation of safety standards in Indonesia’s food industry is administered by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control or NADFC. If you are planning to start a restaurant business, you will be dealing with representatives and inspectors from the NADFC. One of the things that the agency is very strict about is indoor air quality. The air inside your food establishment shouldn’t place your staff and customers in any danger. This is why the agency requires that you regularly undergo indoor air quality testing.One of the things that the agency is very strict about is indoor air quality

Getting The Services Of An Air Quality Testing Company  It’s recommended that the air in your establishment is tested by a third party. There are companies in Indonesia that specialize in these services. They will measure the quality of the air in your establishment using meters and analyzers. In most cases, they will also provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the gases and other elements they found in the air. And last but not the least, they will give you an analysis of the air quality plus measures that you need to follow to improve the air quality.

Making Sure That You Are Always In Compliance With Air Quality Standards  If the NADFC finds out that the air quality in your food establishment is below the prescribed standards, they have the option to either revoke or cancel your business permit. You can avoid this problem by making sure that the air is always clean and free from harmful pollutants. You can achieve this by installing an exhaust hood in your kitchen. Furthermore, make sure that air freely circulates in the kitchen and in the dining area. Install electric fans or air conditioning systems if necessary.make sure that air freely circulates in the kitchen and in the dining area

In conclusion, you need to pay attention to the quality of air in your restaurant if you want to stay in business. As we mentioned earlier, the NADFC is rather strict in enforcing their air quality testing standards. Inspectors from the agency don’t announce their inspection visits so you should always be ready with the documents and data sheets as provided to you by the testing company you hired to test the air quality in your restaurant.

Server Co-Location in Business for Success

Running a business that has a high dependency on the internet and the security of your websites, it makes sense to investigate Server co-location. The consistency and security of the server that supports your internet interests may be the most important decision that you make for your business. The idea is that there is central Data Centre which you pay for, that provides state of the art firewall protection, hosting services, online storage and other hardware storage related to your internet use during the natural course of business. The other option is to create a local mini data centre in your office which is for you alone. This is a dangerous and ineffective option as we will discuss.

The normal Data Centre is a shared community by several users who all take advantage of the benefits of the practice while only having to pay a fraction of what it would cost for a business alone. One of the greatest advantages is that the server co-location is housed in a building that is completely climate controlled and made to maintain a constant connection to the internet and power supply. There is little chance of your site going offline or server being damaged. There are generators provided to give power backup, each moment of every day. Along with that, they also have state of the art fire protection services that will protect the servers from any type of fire damage.
Each client individually chooses the amount of server space they need and purchase that amount. It is very easy to increase or decrease this, depending on the needs of a business and having a safe, secure and high functioning server will increase your ability to connect to the world and to make more money.

Safety and Convenience a Must
Your business website will be run at its highest efficiency and safest from a Data Centre that provides server co-location. Having uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) allows your site to stay up and running in the most difficult of situations. That ability shows the world how professional and reliable working with you is.
Some will try to provide their own server that is exclusive to them. These situations are dangerous for your credibility and function as a business. All of these operations are susceptible to rogue power outages, or surges and physical damages. These can come from nature, fire or water and completely compromise a mine data centre being maintained in a corner office somewhere. All of these dangers are completely eliminated with the state of the art Data Centre. It is also a key relief for website owners that all of the setup, maintenance, and worry is done by someone else. That leaves more time for running your business and making profits. Your clients can be confident in your ability to keep their information safe and sound.

Great Performance for Peak Business Results
With co-location, the stress and worry are less for the website owner. When a visitor comes to your website, it will load quickly and perform at peak levels throughout their navigation. This type of experience builds confidence and engenders confidence in all of those seeking to purchase your services or products. The Data Centre provides a kind of continuity that is seamless and does it for a much lower price than you can do for yourself. The website owner still has complete control over the server and related hardware but it eliminates any concern about support, maintenance or any other infrastructure issue. You will just have a strong peace of mind that all of your internet properties will be running at their highest capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Colocation Really Benefits Businesses

Having your website down, even for an hour, might spell trouble for your business. Using a large Data Centre for your server needs is going to be a smart economic move that will provide high-level security, unparalleled customer service, and state of the art protection of your websites.

Hosting Strategies for Web Greatness


Whether you are an e-commerce site, a social media start-up, a blog or a basic informational website, you will need a hosting package to make sure that your users find your site and access your content. If your website is a business, the hosting package is mission critical. If the site is for entertainment or personal use, the hosting is still important to keep it online and to send or receive emails if necessary. There are several important factors for web hosting success.

There are several types of server options you can choose for your web hosting. Usually to start out, you will not purchase your own server but rather use an online hosting package.


Firstly, you will choose how much memory you need on your server. Does your site have a lot of pictures and video? Are you expecting thousands, or millions of viewers or do you think the audience will be much smaller. Do you want a lot of space for content, feedback and sharing? All of these criteria can be used to make the choice of server space. Usually, space ranges from 100s of Gigabytes and up. The number of email address will also correlate to the number of space you acquire.

Shared or Dedicated

Next, you must choose whether you want shared (virtual) hosting or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting uses one server (or multiple servers) for one website in concert with other websites. These sites are slightly less secure, slightly more unstable but are much cheaper. Dedicated servers provide one server for one website. They are more secure and more stable but cost much more.

Geographic Hosting

Locating servers close to clients is an important feature. If you have clients in Asia you may want Singapore web hosting to make the experience of accessing your website much quicker and easier. If your users are in the UK, you may want to locate your server in London. However, many international firms use Singapore web hosting to maximize their presence throughout Asia.

Overall, the choice of web host is important to the functioning of your site and the user experience. Choose wisely to maximize success.

6 Factors to Consider When Searching for Web Hosting

Launching a website to represent a new blog, brand or business is a way for you to expand your reach in any field or industry, regardless of the type of content, products or services you have to offer. When you are in need of building a new website, searching for the right web host is the first step to getting the site up and launched live.



Always be sure to compare the speed of various hosting companies before making your selection online for your own site. Hosting company websites should load properly and quick to give you an idea of the type of hosting they have to offer.


Uptime Guarantees and Reliability

Most well-known hosting companies today provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, boosting the company’s overall reliability and consumer base. Finding the uptime guarantee with any hosting company you are interested in using is highly recommended to ensure you are working with a reputable hosting business that ensures excellent uptime and support.



Review the amount of space each hosting company has to offer for the different packages that are currently available. When you are launching a website with user databases and memberships, seeking out a host that provides unlimited space or hundreds of gigabytes is highly advisable. If you are thinking of launching a simple blog with text-only content, seeking out a host that has smaller space options is another way to save on your investment.



Checking the features of all hosting companies available is not only a way to review space and speed, but also the amount of bandwidth you are permitted with each account available. Ensuring your hosting package has enough bandwidth allows your users to quickly and efficiently load pages, download files and browse all areas of your live site with ease.

When you find a hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth, be sure to read the entire terms and conditions as well as any user policy available, as many unlimited bandwidth hosting companies do not actually offer unlimited bandwidth once you are using too much for one account. If you are unsure of whether or not a hosting company truly offers unlimited bandwidth, consider contacting them directly or using a live chat option to gather more information before making a purchase.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Finding authentic customer reviews and testimonials is another way to locate the right hosting company for your blog or website. Reading real customer reviews can be done by searching for them with the use of well-known search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Researching any hosting company in-depth is a way to put your mind at ease when you are in need of a reliable website that is protected and kept safe.


Tools and Applications

Many hosting companies today provide tools and applications that make it easier than ever to launch eCommerce stores, CMS-based sites and even entire communities meant for networking with others. Finding a hosting company that offers “one-click” install tools for programs, applications and software for your website is a way to save time while building robust front-end sites that are accessible with various browsers and smartphones today. Whether you are interested in launching a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or eCommerce store, using one-click install tools from hosting companies can ultimately help to save on time and web development costs.

Knowing how to find the right web hosting company for your site is a way to rid the stress of ensuring your website is loading and running well at all times. When you have the right web host providing for your site it is possible to reach thousands and even potentially millions of users without any interruptions.

4 Things To Consider With Email Hosting

If you run a company, you will want to host your website with a solid and reliable provider. Sadly, many do this but neglect to worry about their email solutions. When this happens, it is easy to make mistakes and choose the wrong provider. To avoid this, you should look for an email host that offers the best value for your dollar. With this in mind, here are four things to consider when looking at email hosting.

 Access: Without a doubt, if you run a business, whether small or large, you will want to get access to email from multiple places. In fact, many times, an employee or contractor will need to login from another state or country to reach his or her email. When using Outlook or Thunderbird, this can create problems. On the other hand, if you have a Web-based solution, you can sign in and check your email quickly. For this reason, when choosing a host, you must choose one that offers a Web-based solution.

 File size: Many do not realize some email hosts will not allow users to send large files. This is not good as it makes things hard on the sender. Think about it for a minute, when you send videos or large photos, you don’t want to have to think about the file size. Fortunately, many hosts have responded and now allow people to send massive files through email. This is a serious benefit that you must fully understand as you will run into this issue quickly.

 Support: When you run a company, you do not want to waste your time dealing with an email provider that is offline or experiencing issues. Not only that, when you experience problems on your end, the last thing you want to do is spend all day fixing the problem. For this reason, when choosing an email host, you should choose one offering solid tech support. When doing so, you can call in and ask questions and get the help you need. Otherwise, if you choose a host that does not offer this, you are likely to suffer greatly when your email host goes offline. offers enterprise email hosting packages that suit to your needs. offers enterprise email hosting packages that suit to your needs.


 Reliability: At the same time, while you must choose a provider that offers great support, you should choose one famous for reliability. Think about it, you do not want your email to go offline ever. When employees and owners cannot get their emails during business hours, people will suffer and experience anger and frustration. To avoid this, you should choose an email hosting provider with a great track record. Luckily, if you read reviews and ask the right questions, you can find a host that offers superior services. Otherwise, you will end up with a serious problem if your email goes offline constantly.


Google App for Business Email

Google App for Business Email

If you consider these four things, you can find the best email hosting solution for your needs. Remember, when choosing, you should take your time to make sure you find the best provider that offers the services and support you need.


The Scoop On Forklift Certification

forklift Safety

Many different companies and factories require employees that are working in certain areas to use and operate forklifts. There are many websites that are out there that offer certification for forklifts. Some of the classes that they offer may be online. Other companies say that they have the ability to give certification to anyone that needs it regardless of the company that they may work for. There is also information that is out there saying that certification is not even required. For those reasons many employees may ask themselves the question: Do your really need certification to operate a forklift? First it needs to be explained exactly what a forklift is and why it is used in large factories, docks, or departments stores.

A forklift is a ‘special purpose’ materials handling vehicle. As such forklifts are not allowed to be operated under their own power in places like roads, highways or in parking lots. A driver’s license is not required to drive a forklift, but many employers may require a forklift operator to have a license before operating their forklift. Forklifts are used to transport large boxes or larger objects in a way that is neat and organized. These vehicles are very helpful because without them companies that have to move and ship large objects would only have manual labor. That would not only be very costly, but it would also cause a lot of injury to workers because of the weight of such materials.

As far as certification goes that really would depend on each employer. Not all forklifts are created equal, they come in many different shapes and sizes. The operation of each forklift can be different and complex. A person that is driving a forklift needs to be trained in the forklift that they are driving. If they are not they could cause a lot of damage to property, and also people’s lives could be in danger. The majority of employers will offer some kind of training for their employees by forklift professionals, or they may send them out to get training in order to use the company machinery. If they do decide to send their employees out they will have a specific company or agency that will do the training for them.

Forklifts are very expensive pieces of machinery, and rightly so because they are complex and very useful. The MSS forklift is a well-known forklift company in Malaysia and many companies choose to use them. When something goes wrong with one of such forklifts, a company has many options. The first thing is that the company could buy is a new forklift. That is of course the most expensive options. Instead of doing that a company could look into buying used forklift parts to fix what was damaged, or they could buy a used forklifts.

Forklifts are essential to many companies and factories, and because of that it is good to know about their use and the required certification for them. Each company has its own set of rules for the certification of forklifts and it is important to talk to the employer before searching for certification on your own.

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