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4 Types of Resin Flooring and Coating Services in Malaysia

For many years, Malaysia has been at the forefront of formulating and installing resin flooring and coating services for a variety of commercial and industrial environs worldwide. The floors are toughened with Epoxy, a versatile and durable coating suitable for protecting new fresh concrete and repairing old concrete floors.

The material acts as a “thin film” layer, which primary purpose is to cover the concrete and protect it from abrasion and harsh chemicals. When mixed with aggregate, you’re sure to get high-quality floors fit for industry, commercial, and residential use.

Below is a summary of some of the top resin flooring and coating services provided by most epoxy flooring companies in Malaysia.


  1. Industrial

The different kinds of epoxy and polyurethane floors offered in many areas within the industrial sector are specifically fashioned to tackle the harsh environment involved. Concrete resurfacing and leveling, personalized polyurethane floors and epoxy floors are some of the solutions offered for industrial flooring.

The floors are installed in such a way that they would actually meet the standards for various industries once finished. This means the floors should be able to withstand heavy machinery use, high exposure to heat, and resist chemical attack. All the same, epoxy flooring in many industrial environs are frequently used in factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, food and beverage industry and more.

  1. Commercial

The purpose as to why one would need to install epoxy flooring systems in their building is endless. A person may probably choose them for aesthetic or functional reasons, depending on what they want to accomplish. You may want a floor that’s cost-effective, easy to clean, strong, and lasts longer. Specific places you may want to fix commercial epoxy floor include restaurants, commercial offices, hallways, pharmacy, fitness centre and more.

  1. Residential

Because areas such as basements, garages, and laundry rooms are under constant attack from debris, their frequent cleaning and care should always be a top priority. Epoxy flooring is effective in eliminating dirt and debris, including the grout lines that often lower your floors value. Epoxy floor treatments are also a great option if you experience allergies, as these materials don’t stock dirt and allergies within. Other areas on which residential epoxy floors are frequently used include bathrooms, porches, rec rooms and so on.

In summary, epoxy floors provide a robust and durable surface for industrial and commercial flooring. The coatings are used on concrete floors to draw a high performance, durable, and smooth surface sure to last many years and also support heavy loads. Above are some of the high-end and on-demand services people can expect to find at most epoxy flooring companies. Epoxy coatings for many years have proven to be essential for warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and more.

If you’re thinking of getting epoxy flooring in Malaysia, ask the locals around or search online to find a convenient flooring company that meets your demands. The versatility experienced with epoxy coatings makes it easy and fun to customize, giving clients the type of high-performance floors they truly deserve!

Shopping For Furniture For Your Home Office


A home office is typically serves multiple purposes. Many people like to have a dedicated space in their home where they can do things quietly away from the bustle of the rest of the house. They also like to have a space where they can choose to meet business clients privately. Any home office, therefore, needs to serve multiple purposes at the same time. The home office should allow for both quiet concentration and the chance to meet with strangers in an elegant space set away from the rest of the house. This process can be made easier with the use of the right office furniture.


Versatile Furniture

Any office should ideally have office furniture that has been designed to serve multiple purposes at the same time. A desk may need to serve as a space for writing and a space where the business owner can seat people during an office meeting. Seating in the office will typically also need to be used for multiple purposes. The ideal office seating should be office seating that allows anyone sitting there to adjust it to their height and weight. The seat should also have a certain amount of give when used that allows the occupant to feel comfortable and yet have the best possible support.




Buying Office Furniture

When buying office furniture, it is imperative to take many such needs into account. There are also other things that the owner will need to think about to find the right items for them. Climate considerations can differ from place to place. For example, someone living in Malaysia will need furniture in Malaysia that can stand up to the local well and still stay in good shape even during periods of heavy rain and high heat. Durability is often important, especially for someone who has a busy home business that they need to meet each day.



Locating The Right Office Furniture

Many people are pleased to find out it is possible to buy office furniture from multiple sources. This includes stores as well as online. The decision to buy furniture online often makes sense. Many online retailers often have a huge selection and offer reduced shipping costs as well. Buying online also allows the buyer to have access to items from around the world. This makes it very easy to locate a specific item that may have caught the buyer’s eye such as a desk made from a certain wood or a chair in a specific kind of style.



Allow For Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of shopping for furniture for a home office is being flexible. The owner needs to think about the kind of business they have at the present time as well as the kind of business they expect to have in the future. It is often a good idea to buy items that will look great in an office but can also be used in the rest of the home once the business owner has decided to retire.


Get Rid of Wood Eating Bug On Your Furniture

Wood Bug Infestation

Wood-boring beetle problems must be handled fast because they cause serious damage to furniture. Understanding the different kinds of bugs helps homeowners prevent and solve various bug problems.

Common wood-boring beetles are from many families of beetles. Beetles have larvae that feed on various kinds of wood products, such as furniture. These bugs have an important role because they tunnel through decaying wood, and this is useful in decomposition. Some wood-boring beetles also feed on burned or damaged trees, but they do not harm harvested lumber.


Understanding When There Is A Wood Furniture Infestation

A few stray beetles are usually located on firewood or other types of wood products. When this occurs, there may not be an active infestation. Because adult beetles travel within the wood, inspect the furniture for exit holes that have an oval shape. The hole has a size that ranges from 1/35 inches to 3/8 inches. Sawdust or food fragments could fill the exit holes. When this happens, there will be small piles on the floor under the furniture. There is an infestation problem if the dust reappears one week after the dust is cleaned off the floor.


wood bug





How To Prevent Infestations

The best way to solve bug problems is by preventing the issues before they occur. For example, when buying wood furniture from a furniture store, inspect the timber carefully if possible. The timber should not have any exit holes. Ensure that the furniture manufacturer uses wood that has been air dried to reduce moisture. Wood-infesting bugs infest on wood that has moisture. The furniture style also matters. Furniture that is designed with firewood must be debarked. It also must be stored in a location that is not near other structures. After the furniture is purchased, the overall moisture in the home must be reduced. The moisture level can be reduced by using the proper ventilation, dehumidifiers, and drainage. Also, consider using the proper bug prevention products. For example, treat unfinished furniture using a product that has borate. A borate product prevents damage that is caused by wood-infesting bugs.




How To Use A Liquid Product To Prevent Bugs Issues

A liquid product that prevents wood-infesting bug issues is used on many cellulostic materials, such as wood. When using the product on unfinished wood, it must be brushed or sprayed. Many homeowners use liquid bug prevention products because they are clear when they dry. The products are also useful in areas that will be not seen. When using a liquid bug prevention product for this type of project, the proper amount of pigment must be included in the solution for tracking. This is one of the many reasons why homeowners use liquid bug prevention products for bug problems. Although salt powdered products are another option to consider, liquid bug prevention products without salt powder absorb further in the wood. However, when using the product outside, a water-protective layer will be needed because rain will be an issue.


How To Use A Salt Power Product To Prevent Bug Issues

A product that has salt power must be applied to wood that is not treated. Although this kind of product handles bug problems efficiently, it leaves a powdery, dry film.

Wood furniture protection guide is proudly shared by Ethnicraft Malaysia Teak Wood Furniture Online

Review: Neato XV-21 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Neato tb

I have always had pets, but I have also always had allergies. A few times every year, especially around shedding season, my pets have a way of making my allergies go crazy. The more I sneeze, the more I try to vacuum up every stray strand of pet hair from my apartment. With my old vacuum, all that my extra vacuuming gave me was only a short reprieve from my itchy eyes and runny nose. I knew that I needed to make a change.

After some careful shopping, I purchased a Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner to help ease my allergy woes. After the UPS man dropped off my new vacuum, I decided to give it a try. I could not believe the amount of pet hair and dust I collected after only one pass. Mind you, these were the exact same floors that I had just vacuumed the night before and thought were fairly clean. The bristled brush on my Neato XV-21 does a wonderful job of sucking up the pet hair tumbleweeds that used to plague my apartment.


My Lovely Neato XV21 with Bibi and Bobo

My Neato


Neato XV-21 Features

Now, I know that everybody’s situation is different, so here are some of the details on my Neato XV-21 vacuum. If you are concerned with color, the designers of the Neato XV-21 could have made a better attempt at adding aesthetic appeal to this vacuum. The retro dull-gray shade, accented by spurts of orange, black, and purple, complements the blocky overall look that this vacuum has.

Honestly, if a vacuum can do the job right, I do not get overly hung up on its appearance. Regarding specific specs, the height and width of the Neato XV-21 measures just over a foot each way and weighs in around eight pounds. This vacuum also has an easy-to-read, black-and-white display on top, meaning you do not have to bend down to read the setting of the Neato XV-21.





The engineers at Neato decked out the cleaning features on this model. If you want, you can schedule the vacuum to automatically clean every so often, or you can set it to spot clean one specific area. When starting out, you need to give the Neato XV-21 three hours to fully charge before usage. To give you a benchmark, my Neato XV-21 was able to vacuum my 600-square foot apartment in just under an hour, with over a quarter of the battery still remaining. If your home is larger, the Neato XV-21 will find its way back to its charging station to recharge and finish the job.

Although the noise is a little louder than I would like, the Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is a fantastic option if you suffer from allergies. If you are interested in more Neato models that are similar to the XV-21, Neato also manufactures an XV-11 model that is the predecessor to the XV-21. Between these two models, you should be able to find a vacuum that fits your exact needs and budget.

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6 Steps to Refinishing Wood Furniture

Refinishing wood is one of the most popular ways of upgrading furniture and saving money. Instead of throwing out high quality pieces of selling the furniture online, they can simply be given a new modern look for a beautiful piece of furniture in the home. Whether staining bedroom furniture or painting kitchen cabinets, there are several important methods to ensure the final product looks professional.

Clean the Furniture
Many people assume that sanding wood furniture removes all dirt and grime that has built up on the item. However, this often distorts the finish underneath and can affect the end result. Scrub the item down with warm water and a sponge, while using a toothbrush to remove dirt that is stuck in any crevices.

Repaint Damaged Wood
Although staining works wonders on the appearance of wood, it will not always work to restore the wood’s quality. Opt for sanding and repainting to hide any blemishes, and choose a shade that works well with the rest of the home’s decor. Before painting, always use a primer to allow the paint to settle in and dry properly. Apply several coats of polyurethane to achieve a beautiful shine and finish.

Strip Before Sanding
For older furniture items, they often need to be stripped when having been repainted several times in prior years. A chemical-based stripper is crucial to properly loosen the dried paint before removing it with a putty knife.


Choose the Sandpaper Wisely
Instead of sanding the furniture with an old piece that you find in the bottom of a toolbox, choose specific types depending on the condition of the item. 120-grit sandpaper is needed on sealed or varnished wood, while liquid sandpaper works best on glossy items that are already painted. The sandpaper can also be used on painted furniture to give it a rustic, vintage appearance.

Proper Clean-Up
While in the middle of the project or after it is finished, place all used rags in an airtight container for proper disposal, which will prevent spontaneous combustion from occurring. They can also be laid outside to dry.

Wipe on the Finish
For faster application of the finish, use a soft cloth and keep the moisture fresh to prevent the finish from drying, which will affect how it is applied. Allow the finish to dry for one day before lightly sanding it and applying another coat.



Visit Ethnicraft Bedroom Furniture for more great ideas. You might also be interested to learn the 5 Ways to Maintain Your Teak Furniture

The 3 Best Cat With Robot Vacuum Cleaner Videos on Youtube

The internet has had a long-running love affair with cats (usually of the LOL variety) for what feels like forever. Videos of cats jumping into boxes, cats jumping out of boxes, cats falling off of furniture, and voiced-over cats abound, but all of them pale in comparison to what happens when cats and robotic vacuum cleaners are involved.

What makes the combination of cats and robotic vacuums so magical? It’s hard to say, as the ineffable je ne sais quoi really needs to be seen to be believed:

3- “kittens riding vacuum”  – Is the feline love of robotic vacuum cleaners nature, or nurture? This video attempts to answer this by showing a small pile of adorable, fluffy kittens sleeping on top of one. Will all of the kittens sleepily plop off like tiny fuzzy duffel bags, or will one of them remain supreme as master of the robotic vacuum?


2- “Cats meet robot vacuum”  – Set to a suitably thrilling action-movie soundtrack, this video is a compilation of cats’ reactions to a robotic cleaner. Observe as the wily felines flee from their new robotic companion, before the hunter becomes the hunted in a gripping plot twist. Will these cats forge an alliance with the mechanical interloper, or is the new vacuum destined for the scrap pile?


1- “Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba”  – In this video, a cat dressed as a shark rides a vacuum cleaner in more-or-less pursuit of a duckling. The video opens on a closeup of Shark cat enthusiastically purring in the anticipation of the chase, before cutting immediately to the encounter between Shark cat, robot vacuum, a tiny duck, and several walls. Around 1:15, the excitement heats up with the introduction of another competitor– hammerhead dog! Hammerhead dog is roughly three times the size of shark cat, even taking the robotic vacuum into consideration. Who will emerge victorious?


To us, robot vacuums are a convenience. To cats, they are part anti-duck M4 Sherman tank, part palanquin, and part alien intruder. Are these vacuums simply amusing to cats, or are they a key part of their quest to become humanity’s furry feline overlords? The world may never know.

Info source: Outstanding Cleaning and Even Entertaining – Robotic cleaners.