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Why Cash Rebate Credit Card in Malaysia is Good for You

Paying every financial transaction using a credit card is definitely one of the greatest convenience in the 20th century. This is very advantageous especially to those who don’t always bring cash around whenever they shop or pay for the services and products. If you are the type of person who loves to shop many things on a regular basis, paying through your credit card surely makes everything easy. Getting a cash rebate credit card in Malaysia can also make your financial situation a whole lot expedient.Getting a cash rebate credit card in Malaysia can also make your financial situation a whole lot expedient.

What Is a Cash Rebate Credit Card?

A cash rebate credit card is a type of credit card incentive that pays a certain percentage of what you spent back to the card holder. Credit card companies usually offer this kind of incentive to attract more credit card users to try their service. Depending on the credit card company’s policy, the credit card holder may receive 0.5% up to 2% of their expenditure whether in the form of a monthly or annual rebate or reward points. People who regularly use their credit cards will definitely enjoy this kind of incentive program.

Why Do You Need a Cash Rebate Credit Card?

Imagine a situation wherein you badly need to pay for a service or product, but you are short on cash. The cash rebate can definitely help you obtain whatever it is that you are paying for without extra burden on your wallet. You can pay for your petrol, groceries, and other items using the cash rebates that are recorded in your credit card. Of course, before you earn many cash rebate points, you need to use your credit card more often.

Applying for a cash rebate credit card in Malaysia is very easy. All you need to do is present the necessary documents and wait for the bank to approve your application. Once your application has been approved, you will receive your cash back credit card, and you can use it anytime you are shopping or paying for a service.

The Stuff on Slow Juicers – 4 Benefits of Using a Slow Juicer

They say that slow and steady wins the race, but if you’re always hustling to make the most of your time, do you really want to take too long doing a single thing? For most of us, maximizing our time and getting as much done in a single day means sacrificing most of our daily needs. The most commonly affected? Our meals and nutrition.

These days, people won’t go through the trouble of preparing food if it will take too much time. So why is it that slow juicers have become such a hit even though it lacks the quick convenience that most of us look for? The answer lies in the benefits that this humble kitchen appliance offers above all others of its kind. Find out why you should invest in a slow juicer and why this seemingly time-consuming tool deserves a spot on your countertop.


4 Benefits of Using a Slow Juicer


  1. More Juice

Ever pop a fruit or vegetable into a juicer only to find that just a fraction of it gets turned into juice? The only way to be able to fill up your glass entirely would be to force numerous pieces of fruit into the machine, and most of which just turns into unusable pulp.

One of the benefits of a slow juicer is that you could get much more juice out of each piece of produce so that nothing goes to waste. According to studies, a slow juicer can extract 35% more of the produce’s juice, giving you a full glass from just one or two pieces of fruit or vegetables. This is mainly thanks to the unique mechanism that a slow juicer uses which doesn’t simply squeeze fruits willy-nilly the way traditional juicers do.


  1. No Froth

That bubbly, frothy layer of fruit or vegetable flavored foam across the top of your juice can take a lot away from its quality. While some don’t really mind, the frothy layer could hide some chunks of produce which create a strange and unpleasant texture while you drink your juice.

With a slow juicer, you can expect a more even consistency all throughout your juice. What’s more, you can even set how much of the pulp you want to include in your drink when using certain types of slow juicers. This will help you customize the consistency and control the amount of froth produced during the process.


  1. More Vitamins and Minerals

When you put your fruits and vegetables through the quick and easy process of some blenders and juicers, you can limit the number of vitamins and nutrients you get out of them. With lots of the juice still left behind with the pulp, you could be cutting down the nutritional value of your chosen produce in half whenever you pass it through a juicer.

Fortunately, a slow juicer won’t cause the same problems. By really extracting as much of the produce as possible, the juice retains the majority of its nutrients and minerals with very little left behind in the pulp. This way, you can be sure that each glass you create will be jam packed with all the best vitamins to keep you healthy and full.


  1. Longer Shelf Life

Because many of the juicers that work in a jiffy can only extract a partial amount of what the produce has to offer, they often lose a great deal of their nutritional value after being prepared because of oxidation. This means that any juice you prepare with a traditional juicer should be consumed minutes after it’s made.

Slow juicers create much more resilient drinks, able to retain their nutritional value for up to 72 hours when stored properly. That means you can make your juice today and enjoy it tomorrow, especially if you expect to be too busy to prepare one the next day.


Slow juicers might take more time, but they do make up for it with benefits. Be sure to equip your kitchen with this mighty health appliance and get the most out of each vegetable and fruit you pass through it.

The Important Role That Thermal Imaging Plays In The Food Industry

If you have plans of setting up your own restaurant or you simply want to enter the food industry in Malaysia, it’s paramount that you understand the role of thermal imaging in the business. Those who engage in the food industry are mandated by the Ministry of Health to produce, transport, store, and serve their food with safety and cleanliness in mind. It so happens that thermal imaging is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that raw ingredients are stored and cooked properly.


Why Thermal Imaging Is Important

When preparing and cooking food, it’s often difficult to see with your naked eye if the food is being cooked at the right temperature. You can’t accurately see if the food you are serving to a customer is undercooked or overcooked. You don’t have to deal with this problem if you have a thermal imaging camera. Basically, what the thermal camera does is measure then show you the level of heat emanating from the raw ingredients that are being cooked. The camera also measures the temperature of the equipment you are using. With these accurate measurements, you can determine if the food is at the right temperature.


Thermal imaging is often used for the following:

  1. measuring the heat in oven baked goods
  2. microwave-drying boiled rice and other types of edible grains
  3. measuring the temperature in microwave cooked meats
  4. inspecting the temperature of ovens
  5. checking the heat on cellophane seals used for packed food
  6. monitoring the temperature in freezers and refrigerator compartments
  7. inspecting food packed in bottles or cartons
  8. inspecting processed and packed meat products


In conclusion, you need a thermal imaging camera if you plan on starting your restaurant. These cameras come in all sizes and models. The model you choose will depend on the scale of the restaurant you have in mind. Some imaging cameras are portable which means you can handle them manually. Others have to be installed in your kitchen.

Flourishing as a Freelancer – 5 Skills to Attain and Enhance to Guarantee Success as a Self-Employed Professional

With countless digital resources available to us today, freelancing has become less of a part-time opportunity and more of a full-time employment option. Countless individuals have turned to freelancing, offering up various services to different employers from around the world in exchange for hefty salaries that can compete with those offered through traditional employment opportunities. While there are lots of different areas of expertise that freelancers can dabble in, there are certain skills that each one needs to have in order to optimize their abilities and enhance the value of their service. Wondering what 5 essential skills you should have in your freelance repertoire? Read on to find out.


  1. Communication – Most freelancers are remote workers, rendering service from the comfort of their home or wherever it is they feel most at ease to work. That means communication with employers is often done through the internet via instant messaging, emailing, or video calling. Being savvy when it comes to these communication applications is tantamount to conveying ideas and messages effectively through speech or in writing. Hone your communication skills to ease the process of sharing info with your employer, no matter where in the world they may be.


  1. Advanced Computer Software Mastery – Lots of the work freelancers perform require the use of different computer software, such as Microsoft office applications. While some of the basic operations are easy to understand on your own, it would be to your advantage if you took up Microsoft courses offered online to enrich your knowledge.


  1. Time Management – Working from home can be very distracting, especially on days when you might not feel in the mood to work. Being able to focus on the tasks at hand and managing your time to complete all duties the soonest or before your employer needs them will help make you an efficient freelancer guaranteed to get repeat jobs later on.


  1. Digital Marketing – To some extent, all of the different online jobs you’ll find will require some knowledge or experience in digital marketing. Taking up short courses or free webinars through the internet will help bring you up to speed regarding the ins and outs of marketing online.


  1. Money Management – As a freelancer, it will be your responsibility to put a price on your services. Salaries and payment schedules are also completely up to you, unless your employer has suggestions or preferences. Being able to manage your own funds and finding the right avenues to receive and withdraw payments will help maximize what you earn.


Are you ready to become a successful self-employed professional? Develop these 5 essential skills, continue to improve your abilities and professional value, and jump start your career as a freelancer.

The Role of Human Resource – 5 Reasons Why Your HR Department is Pivotal for Success

black-business-people-pfOften, employees that perform core functions of the company are seen as the main asset of a business. But those that work behind the scenes to accomplish ancillary functions actually aren’t any less important. Human resource employees for instance don’t necessarily perform a core function, but they are essential for finding, training, and managing the ones that do. All too often, we overlook the role of HR when it comes to our overall success. Find out why you shouldn’t belittle your human resource department, and learn just how they make a major difference for your enterprise by reading these 5 reasons.


  1. Strategic Planning – It’s the HR’s duty to make sure that your human capital works towards overall success, and it’s easy to see that such a responsibility isn’t accomplished all that instantly. Strategic planning and management will guarantee that all employees are focused on the same company goals, so that everyone performs in a way that leads to achieving objectives.


  1. Compensation – No employer wants to have a disgruntled group of employees on their tail just because they didn’t get paid on time. Employees are particularly meticulous when it comes to their salaries, because this is ultimately why they put in all their effort to work. With an efficient HR department, workers are granted the right compensation and benefits that reflect the effort and time they put in for work. This will eliminate the chances of employees resigning because of constantly changing and unreliable payment schedules.


  1. Safety and Health – When your workers are safe and healthy, they have much less to worry about, thus allowing them to give their hundred percent with their responsibilities. Safety and health training is all part of the HR’s role, and ultimately serves the purpose of ensuring your workers can move in and navigate the workplace without worrying about their own or others’ safety.


  1. Recruitment and Retention – It takes a very keen eye in order to identify which applicants would best fit a company, and this is a skill that’s unique to HR specialists. With an in-depth understanding of company goals and objectives, HR personnel can pinpoint who will be a beneficial asset and who might not be. What’s more, it’s also up to the HR to make sure all of those who come on board stay on board, especially if their performance maximizes returns.


  1. Employee Satisfaction – A happy workforce will be more willing to provide you with high quality outcomes that are guaranteed to keep a smile on your consumers’ faces. The HR routinely measures employee satisfaction to see if there are any gaps in the strategy, or any practices that could be making them feel less motivated and willing to do their best. With this information, HR formulates and adjusts tactics to help optimize the workplace and reduce negative ideas and conflicts.


Your HR department does a lot more than you’re likely to recognize, so be sure to give them a well deserved pat on the back when you can. Motivate your HR to keep your workforce performing at its peak, and you can be sure to see greater success in the near future.

10 Things Only Boarding School Students in Malaysia Understand

Boarding schools in Malaysia are divided into two main types, namely public schools and private schools. In either settings, children or teenagers spend a large chunk of the year away from home, living with their classmates.


Attending a boarding school is an extremely interesting experience that really shapes how one turns out as an adult, especially since it encourages a higher level of independence. Many students who have left boarding school remember it with fondness. In Malaysia, there are several types of experiences that only those who’ve attended boarding school know, and here are some of them:


Feeling Homesick

If you’re an ex-boarding school student, you’ll remember how hard it was for you to leave your Mum and Dad. Over time this feeling somewhat eases out, but when the going gets tough, like during stressful exam seasons, the horrible feeling of missing home starts to bubble up in your tummy all over again.


Learning to Eat Whatever is Served

When you were home, your mother probably cooked your favourite dishes ever so often and took your requests into consideration. In boarding school however, the food is mass produced and you usually can’t be picky, or you’ll risk going hungry until the next meal.  Therefore, you learn to eat meals that are sometime unpalatable, because you’ll go to bed hungry otherwise.


Being A Freshman Is the Worst

No boarding school experience is complete without the first few months of orientation. You’ll be expected to do almost anything an upperclassman orders you to do, and a huge part of your after school period is spent in the various activities organized as part of the orientation, leaving little time for sleep or relaxation.


You Learn to Power Nap Anywhere

Talking about sleep, the tight and strict schedule that most boarding schools expect their students to keep allows only about 6 -7 hours of sleep per day. This means that you’ll probably develop the ability to power nap your way through classes, but of course not when the teacher is teaching.


You’ll Hear A Tonne of Ghost Stories

One of the favourite social activities when you and your friends get together is to trade supernatural stories involving the dorm. Some of these may be picked up from seniors, and most often, the lights are shut when the storytelling begins.


The Friends You Make Here are for Life

In boarding school, you’ll meet the people who will be your friends for decades to come. The loneliness and challenges you face in a strange mean that you and your friends depend heavily on one another for moral and mental support. These bonds don’t break easily and will carry on into the next chapter of your life.


Boarding schools in Malaysia can really be enriching experience, especially when it involves a critical time in your youth, when you’re busy discovering yourself and how to relate to those around you. It’s therefore a great education option for students and parents alike.