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4 Practical Tips In Finding Job Vacancies In Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

If you are planning to get a job in Kota Kinabalu, you have to understand that the city is an industrial and commercial center. With that said, the majority of the high-paying jobs in the city are connected to these sectors. If you have a degree related to business, management, engineering, and information technology, it should be easier for you to find a good job there. To help you out, below are some tips you can follow in looking for job vacancies in Kota Kinabalu:Kota Kinabalu city is recommend place for you to find a job to work

  1. Get in touch with the local government agencies associated with labor and employment. These agencies often conduct job fairs where you can connect with companies looking for new employees. A lot of these organizations have also partnered with local businesses for hiring purposes.
  2. Directly contact the HR managers of the companies you want to work for. This strategy may seem unethical, but it works because it sends the impression that you are really serious about getting the job. Just make sure that you know what to say when the HR manager gets back to you. It’s all about selling yourself and your skills.
  3. Be creative in updating your resume. It’s important that you create different versions of your resume depending on the industry that you are applying at. For instance, if you are applying for a technology firm, you should highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to information technology.It's important to create different versions of resume depending on the industry that you are applying in KK
  4. Always follow-up your applications. Don’t wait for the company or the HR manager to get back to you. If a few days have passed by, make it a point to either make a phone call or send an email to follow-up on the status of your application.

It’s advisable that you move to Kota Kinabalu before looking for a job there. That is if you are not already a resident in the city. It would be much easier for you to land a job if you process your papers on your own. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of the companies in the area operate in the industrial and commercial sectors. When these companies hire new employees, it’s always a must that applicants appear in front of their HR managers for interviews and tests.

WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS – Top 3 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, continues to attract foreign corporations for the purpose of setting up regional offices in this global city. With its international image, job seekers are also drawn to develop and build careers if given the opportunity.

If you are setting your sights to work here, you can check postings online, dailies, and even university bulletin boards for job vacancies in KL. However, while your degree course or diploma is a pre-requisite to specific jobs, your skills showing your capability to multi-task gives you better chances.

In KL, the service sector employs the greatest number of workers across different industries. This sector is filled with career opportunities. The important aspect is to take the professional approach and not leave anything to chance.

Top 3 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job In Kuala Lumpur

If you are shortlisted by an employer or hiring agency, securing that dream job requires careful groundwork. The following tips will help boost your chances.

  1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)The CV is your first ticket to a successful application for job in KL

The CV is your first ticket to a successful application. A well-written CV consists of your personal background & contact details, educational attainment & academic achievements and work experience, if applicable. All the information contained in your CV should be truthful and verifiable.

  1. Firm Career Objective

Make a strong career goal. Identify the industry sector you want to belong and where your skills can be best utilized. Research is an important part of your job hunt. Evaluate the job description, find out more about the employers and their expectations.

  1. Perfect Your Communication SkillsBusiness people around table

Since KL is a global city, English is the spoken business language. Improve your English communication skills and not your vernacular language. Keep this in mind. Otherwise, it will weaken your position.

While job opportunities for young professionals and fresh graduates are plenty, the arena is highly competitive. Employers are looking for candidates who have the potential to add value to the organization. Boost your chances of being hired and avoid rejection due to lack of professionalism. You are in the real world now.

Getting Ahead: Top 10 Most Sought After Professional Skills in The Malaysian Job Market

Malaysia is one of the most consistent players when it comes to trade and industry in Asia. Presenting a steady rise in terms of economy and job market stability, it is easily an enticing place to nourish a starting or a continuing career in a particular field for various job hunters. Blooming businesses here and there are always ready to hire people that can be of great significance to their company, and this is why you can find jobs in Malaysia online with ease.  Thus, the working environment is very competitive, fast paced, and busy. Because of its nature, the Malaysian job market requires a high standard when it comes to employee skills to maintain the quality of work that the industry provides. Here are the top ten things employers are looking for in job applicants.

  1. Communication Skills – To be able to work without hindrances in understanding and information relay is one of the most important things to check in employment. If one is able to communicate clearly and provide concise thoughts, ideas, or directions, work flows smoothly.Communication Skills is important in finding any jobs in Malaysia
  2. Commercial Awareness – Having a background on the nature of work you are going to do, or the main aspects of the company you are working for is also an advantage when it comes to hunting for jobs you particularly are interested in. It is important to let your future employers know that you are equipped to handle the workload and the tasks you are to be given.
  3. Computer and Technical Literacy – In a competitive working environment like Malaysia, it is the one that can adapt to the changing times who is most likely to be hired. And so, by learning how to maneuver and maximize the given technology with ease, you are adding a very valuable skill set to the table.Computer and Technical Literacy is needed to find jobs in Malaysia via online
  4. Basic Academic Competence – Mastery of the basic academic skills such as reading, writing, and computing are the building blocks of your career. To be able to perform these simple but significant tasks without hovering guidance will set the tempo and rhythm for the workplace.
  5. Problem Solving – Analysis and logic, if equipped with the proper information required, will help you and your company glide through both minor and major glitches and problems smoothly. This lets your future employers know that you are a reliable asset to the company who can spot inconsistencies and provide plans and actions for various unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the future.Problem Solving by analysis and logic will helps you in finding job in Malaysia
  6. Flexibility – Often referred to as being the “glue guy” of a team, it is important that you are versatile when it comes to various situations. This impacts a company in a way because you’re all around. You can play in different positions, providing help in whatever way the company needs or requires.
  7. Negotiation and Persuasion – Being able to plan and execute your actions by using influence and convincing people in order to reach an agreement that is favorable to both you and your company is a skill of utmost importance. To be able to understand the situation, and effectively discuss for a beneficial accord is an important aspect in business.
  8. Confidence – Confidence comes from preparation. Being a confident worker means that you do your job with efficiency. With confidence, you are emulating trust in yourself and your workplace is drawn to it. A reliable teammate is always a good one.Confidence comes from preparation and prepare well when getting a job
  9. Organizing Skill – Whether it is about time management or priority recognition, being able to organize and device a concrete plan of action is a skill like no other. It speaks to your ability to meet deadlines and get things done with proper focus and motivation.
  10. Self Drive – Determination and resolution say a lot about your hunger and willpower to achieve great things for your company and yourself. This is something that is innate and cannot just be learned or taught. It is very valuable because each company needs a spark, a surge of energy when it is most needed. To be able to provide this type of hustle for your workplace gives you a great advantage among others.

These are the top skills that the employers in the Malaysian job market are looking for. To provide this is to provide a great and quality service, one that is required in a place like Malaysia. If you are looking for a place to start, one can find jobs in Malaysia online easily with just a quick search. Take these tips and go explore the Malaysian job market now.

5 Top Paying Engineering Degrees to Boost Your Career in the Next Few Years

Throughout the years, engineering has been considered one of the toughest but one of the most rewarding degrees anyone can take up in college. With close to a hundred different kinds of engineering, it can be tough to make the right choice when deciding which specific branch to take. If you’re thinking about taking an engineering course in college, but you’re not sure which one is best, don’t worry. This short list of the top engineering careers should help you make the right choice for your career and financial future.

  1. Petroleum Engineering – Despite the different advancements made in the realm of renewable energy, petroleum still proves to be the main source of energy across the globe. With hundreds of industries relying on the production of petroleum, those who work hard to find and harvest it are entitled to hefty compensations because of the tremendous importance of the commodity they deal with. Petroleum engineering is the most lucrative engineering course to date, giving graduates the chance to earn up to 130,000 USD annually.Petroleum engineering is the most lucrative engineering course to date that you should go for this career
  2. Systems Engineering – It’s by the use of a clear-cut system that many different industries are able to thrive and succeed. That’s why systems engineers have become so successful and sought after in the past years. Systems engineers are specialized professionals who focus on the development of different systems from the start to the end of its life cycle. There are many different industries that make use of the expertise of systems engineers such as space exploration, robotics, and computer chip systems development.
  3. Chemical Engineering – Still considered one of the most important professions in our world today, chemical engineers play an important role in the production of many different commodities that we enjoy today. From food manufacturing, to packaging, and even to the development of different self-care products that we use to maintain our hygiene, chemical engineers work around the clock to ensure safe products that meet international standards. Chemical Engineers are the most important professions in our world today that you should start your success career now
  4. Computer Science Engineering – An integration of computer science and electrical engineering, computer science engineering focuses on the development and enhancement of different hardware and software systems. Many of the products developed by these professionals go out for public consumption in the form of consumer electronics like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and many other devices we use every day.
  5. Communications Engineering – With such a high level of importance placed on communications, there is an increasing demand for communications engineers in our modern society. These professionals are responsible for developing and improving different means of communication tech including internet and broadband technologies. By testing available resources and making the necessary changes and adjustments, communications engineers are able to further improve our use of communication resources for optimum ease. It’s because of their effort and research that we are able to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity which is today considered a necessity that many can’t live without.Apply for communications engineers as there is an increasing demand in our modern society

Engineering covers a lot of different aspects of our world, and there are countless branches to explore and discover. Remember these 5 top paying engineering degrees the next time you find yourself wondering which road to take for your career. Find out just why engineers will never lose their place in the world and give your financial future a steady start by taking up one of these engineering courses.

Relocating To Johor? Find Out The Top 6 Most Popular Job Vacancies

Johor, the most southern state in peninsular Malaysia, has a thriving economy thanks to many of its new developments, like the world-renowned Iskandar City. The state, which is next door to Singapore, is poised to be the next rich state in Malaysia. Similar to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, Johor is a bustling modern city with skyscrapers. If you’re thinking of relocating to Johor, find out the top six most popular job vacancies in the state:

  1. Senior Marketing / Leasing Executive (Real Estate) This role normally requires you to find prospective tenants; prepare, develop and negotiate documents with regard to property leasing; and deal with tenants to ensure the highest yields. A diploma or degree in real estate management, business studies or marketing would be good.Senior Marketing or Leasing Executive in Real Estate is one of the popular job in Johor
  2. International School Teacher (Education) There are several international schools based in Johor, and teachers are constantly in-demand. To work as a teacher at an international school, you must meet the minimum requirement of a graduate diploma and a degree in teaching or education, with a minimum two years of relevant working experience.
  3. Warehouse Executive (Manufacturing) Due to Johor being an industrial state, there are plenty of active factories producing different products for different industries, and warehouse execs are much needed to manage the warehouses. This role requires you to do manpower planning, monitor and oversee warehouse activities, perform ad-hoc duties and assignments, manage the cycle count control and inventory, stock checking, and delegate tasks to other staff. You need at least a diploma and three years of working experience.Manager In Warehouse Writing On Clipboard
  4. Customer Service Officer (Logistics) Most of the time, this role requires you to also work on Saturdays. Some of the job duties include handling all outbound/inbound calls from customers, answering emails, mails and faxes regarding inquiries about the company’s product or service and solving customers’ complaints and concerns. Though the minimum requirement for this role is SPM, you need to be fluent in a few key languages and have great communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Senior Web Developers (Tech) This role is one of the hottest job vacancies not only in Johor, but the whole country. Web developers are highly in-demand in Malaysia, and they’re among the highest paid in the country. For senior roles as a web developer, you must have at least a diploma in computer science, information technology or any other relevant major. Additionally, you must have at least four years working experience and can handle managing remote teams.Senior Web Developers are one of the hottest job vacancies not only in Johor but the whole country
  6. Mechanical / Electrical Engineer (Engineering) Johor is one of the states in Malaysia that constantly need engineers, particularly mechanical and electrical engineers. This role mainly sees you assisting the operations or managing the production and manufacturing process, perform various duties assigned by the upper management, liaise with vendors, and implement improvement on machineries. A diploma in relevant field is required, with minimum three years of working experience.

All of these jobs require you to be based in Johor. Check out the job vacancies in Johor online for more vacancies in various industries. Most of the people who work in Johor has a good knowledge on how to use certain machineries (if you decide to go into manufacturing or logistics), so a relevant knowledge would be great. There are a few perks to working in Johor compared to KL and Selangor, like a more affordable cost of living and less traffic congestion.

The Top 10 Hottest High-Paying Jobs In Malaysia To Pursue

When it comes to pursuing a career, a lot of of Malaysian job seekers place a high value first and foremost in salary and benefits. And then follow other considerations, such as new challenges that come with the job, great career progression, and great company culture, to cite some. If you’re one of those job seekers who considers high salary and great benefits package as top priorities, you can pursue one of these 10 high-paying jobs in Malaysia:

  1. Surgeon As a surgeon, you’ll be responsible for preoperative, surgery, and postoperative care, which include leading and performing a surgical procedure and controlling the bleeding of patients’ wounds. The potential earning for a surgeon in Malaysia is about RM100,000 – RM700,000 annually.Low angle view of medical team in the operating theater performing surgery
  2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) You’re in charge of overseeing the financial aspects of your company as a CFO, which means you’ll be controlling the cash, handling the risk planning of any financial activity, and supervising the cash management. Expect to earn around RM70,000 – RM500,000 annually.
  3. Marketing Director Your duties as a Director of Marketing include overseeing the implementation of the company’s marketing strategy and developing the strategy, whether it is for existing or new products. As a Marketing Director, you could earn around RM240,000 annually.
  4. Clinical Research Associate (CRA) As a CRA, you’ll be performing a variety of activities of medical research, especially clinical trials. Expect to earn about RM60,000 annually in the fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.
  5. Real Estate Brokers Working as a Real Estate Broker requires you to advise clients on market conditions, mortgages, prices and other information, as well as soliciting potential clients to rent, sell, and buy properties. You can earn about RM54, 000 annually.Real Estate Brokers is a high pay jobs as Quality Control Engineer
  6. Insurance Risk Management Director As a Director for Risk Management in the field of insurance, you’ll be responsible for the management, leadership and innovation. Which means that you’re required to monitor, mitigate, evaluate, and identify the financial risk of your company. Expect to earn around RM40,000 – RM100,000 annually.
  7. Business Strategy Director As a Director of Business Strategy, you’re mainly responsible for the leadership and development of your company’s strategic practice. Your tasks include scoring new businesses, managing the marketing development, and building as well as growing consumer awareness of your company’s brand. You can earn about RM50,000 – RM100,000 annually.
  8. Pilot Your tasks include flying passengers and/or cargoes on short or long-haul flights for commercial, business or leisure purposes. Expect to earn about RM29,000 – RM100,000 annually.
  9. Electric & Gas Operations Manager As an Electric & Gas Operations Manager, your tasks include directing operations when it comes to repair, maintain, and construct the distribution systems of electric and gas. You can earn around RM27,000 annually.
  10. Quality Control (QC) Engineer Some of your daily tasks as a QC engineer include performing daily inspection and scope-testing for quality construction, ensuring all activities on site have been approved according to plan and method statement, coordinating with other managers, and taking care of the project’s QC documents. If you’re interested in quality control jobs in Malaysia, expect to be paid around RM40,000 – RM50,000 annually.Quality Control Engineer is a hot hand technical job in Malaysia

While it’s important to make ends meet, you should also consider a job that’s based on your passion and personal fulfillment. It’s hard to excel in a job and move up the career ladder when you don’t care about the work. As a rule of thumb, pursue a job that you have a passion for (or a job in an industry where you’d like to make positive changes) and that sufficiently funds your lifestyle and financial commitments.