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3 Simple Tips To Successfully Streamline Your Office Communications

TThere is a real possibility sometimes that the information in the office does not flow in an acceptable, smooth, cohesive way. Here we share some practical tips to help you as a Singaporean business owner to understand how to streamline communication in your office for the sake of being able to achieve more progress, profitability and overall an increased success of your business.1

  1. Use the right technology

It is imperative that the right technology is set up for improving communication within your office. Take into consideration for example that you can set up instant messaging to provide more efficient and quicker communication among workers. This will allow them to communicate at their desks, while they still can deal with other tasks.  Choose the best apps and software relevant to your work environment. To make sure every app and software work in sync, consult with IT professionals to manage system integrations correctly.2

  1. Provide desk areas that are not divided by cubicle walls or that have low wall panels

If your office is currently in the habit of resorting to the usage of high cubicle walls around desk areas, then it is strongly recommended that you remove them. If you prefer some defined division between desks of employees, then decide to use low cubicle walls instead. This will prevent co-workers from having to be forced to interrupt the work they are doing when they need the phone or other equipment for the sake of communicating. The will likely not have to leave their desk often.3

  1. Reduce clutter in the workspace

This can be done by using wall files and labels. This helps to keep important communication documents ready to access easily as needed. What’s more, workers will be more efficient when there is less clutter.

The reality is that nowadays in such busy work environments, streamlining your communications in your office is needful because you are not only dealing with a website but also an office environment, service to customers, and so much more in your thriving business in Singapore. These tips should help you to become more efficient in streamlining your office communication.

5 Essential Tips In Choosing A Virtual Private Server Provider In Malaysia

T-If you run a website with a relatively large amount of traffic, it’s advisable that you use a virtual private server to ensure that the website is not susceptible to outages and attacks. There are virtual private server providers in Malaysia that offer this kind of hosting. However, you should take the time to weigh all your options to ensure that you hire the appropriate company. Below are some practical tips on how to choose a reliable private server provider:T

  1. The host should offer an uptime rate guarantee of not below 99.99%. Since you are paying a premium for the server, you should also receive a premium uptime rate. With an uptime rate of 99.99%, there is little chance that your site will ever go down because of heavy load and traffic.
  2. The provider should offer both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. These options have their pros and cons. What you choose depends on your personal preferences. However, you should also have the ability to switch from managed to unmanaged hosting or vice-versa anytime you want.
  3. The hosting company should provide 24/7 customer support. This is an essential aspect of VPS hosting because you never know when something goes wrong. A support representative should always be there when you need assistance with your server.
  4. The provider must have round-the-clock monitoring of your server. This is to make sure that your website doesn’t go down in critical moments. Close monitoring is also useful in keeping hackers away.
  5. The control panel should be easy to manage. This is imperative if you are not that savvy when it comes to managing servers. Some providers train their clients on how to effectively run and operate their servers.1

It’s essential that you take these tips seriously because you will be working with the hosting company for years. The reliability of the hosting company is highly instrumental in the success of your website. If your site goes down too many times because of server issues, your customers and other interested parties will stop visiting. This will hurt your business both in the short and long run. So choose your host wisely.

Breaking Into IT? Top 10 Basic IT Skills Malaysian Employers Want In IT Grads


The tech industry in Malaysia offers plenty of lucrative career opportunities if you know where to look for them and how to hustle. Apart from having highly specialized IT skills such as Oracle, UNIX, JAVA, LINUX, or SQL, you’re more valuable in the eyes of Malaysian employers if you have these 10 basic IT skills:


  1. Customer service If you want to work in a tech company’s customer service department, it’s essential that you have skills in customer service. You need to know how to deal and manage customer inquiries, frustrations and complaints on a daily basis, be it online, in person or on the phone. It also helps if you have a good knowledge about the company’s products or services.


  1. Research Being able to obtain relevant info to help you make better decisions as well as examine and reduce the risks involved before finalizing your decision will tremendously make your life and career easier.


  1. Microsoft Windows Practically any business would use Microsoft Windows at some point. Basic Microsoft Windows computing skills include knowing how to organize your work, backing up files, using web browsers, performing graphic tasks and word processing, and using command menus, toolbars, and windows.


  1. Planning Time is money when it comes to running a business. Knowing how to plan, be it to complete a project or carry out a task, will help you manage time properly. Bad planning can lead to major losses, something no employer wants.


  1. 5. Project management Besides managing time, you must know how to manage projects. Being a good leader will help you achieve project goals successfully. Additionally, it’ll increase your chances of climbing up the ladder further.


  1. IT troubleshooting There will come a time when some computers dysfunction at your workplace requires you to solve a technical problem. A basic computer troubleshooting skills might save a lot of time and money.


  1. Problem solving A good problem-solving skill is a must-have in order to carry out your daily tasks accordingly and achieve your goals, besides being able to move forward with new projects. You need to be critical in your thinking and thoroughly analyze information that you’re presented with before solving any challenge.


  1. Writing The ability to write and convey your ideas or thoughts in written words to others such as your supervisor or colleagues will help anyone working with you understand what you’re trying to achieve or need from everyone. If you’re tasked with writing reports or technical writing, this skill will come in handy.


  1. Organisational skills Most jobs require you to multi-task, so knowing how to be organized is important in order to stay on top of multiple projects or tasks. Such skills will also prevent you from unnecessary blunders.


  1. Communication skills You won’t go far in your career if you can’t express yourself well, be it in written or spoken words. Whether you’re communicating with someone in person or on the phone or via email, it helps to be able to communicate well.


If you’re planning to take IT courses in Malaysia, you need to brush up the skills listed above as soon as you can in addition to specialized IT skills. Equipping yourself with the basic skills mentioned will increase your marketability among employers. They can be acquired during your studies, but if you’re a graduate who thinks you’re lacking in any of the skill, it’s never too late to improve.

Server Co-Location in Business for Success

Running a business that has a high dependency on the internet and the security of your websites, it makes sense to investigate Server co-location. The consistency and security of the server that supports your internet interests may be the most important decision that you make for your business. The idea is that there is central Data Centre which you pay for, that provides state of the art firewall protection, hosting services, online storage and other hardware storage related to your internet use during the natural course of business. The other option is to create a local mini data centre in your office which is for you alone. This is a dangerous and ineffective option as we will discuss.

The normal Data Centre is a shared community by several users who all take advantage of the benefits of the practice while only having to pay a fraction of what it would cost for a business alone. One of the greatest advantages is that the server co-location is housed in a building that is completely climate controlled and made to maintain a constant connection to the internet and power supply. There is little chance of your site going offline or server being damaged. There are generators provided to give power backup, each moment of every day. Along with that, they also have state of the art fire protection services that will protect the servers from any type of fire damage.
Each client individually chooses the amount of server space they need and purchase that amount. It is very easy to increase or decrease this, depending on the needs of a business and having a safe, secure and high functioning server will increase your ability to connect to the world and to make more money.

Safety and Convenience a Must
Your business website will be run at its highest efficiency and safest from a Data Centre that provides server co-location. Having uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) allows your site to stay up and running in the most difficult of situations. That ability shows the world how professional and reliable working with you is.
Some will try to provide their own server that is exclusive to them. These situations are dangerous for your credibility and function as a business. All of these operations are susceptible to rogue power outages, or surges and physical damages. These can come from nature, fire or water and completely compromise a mine data centre being maintained in a corner office somewhere. All of these dangers are completely eliminated with the state of the art Data Centre. It is also a key relief for website owners that all of the setup, maintenance, and worry is done by someone else. That leaves more time for running your business and making profits. Your clients can be confident in your ability to keep their information safe and sound.

Great Performance for Peak Business Results
With co-location, the stress and worry are less for the website owner. When a visitor comes to your website, it will load quickly and perform at peak levels throughout their navigation. This type of experience builds confidence and engenders confidence in all of those seeking to purchase your services or products. The Data Centre provides a kind of continuity that is seamless and does it for a much lower price than you can do for yourself. The website owner still has complete control over the server and related hardware but it eliminates any concern about support, maintenance or any other infrastructure issue. You will just have a strong peace of mind that all of your internet properties will be running at their highest capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Colocation Really Benefits Businesses

Having your website down, even for an hour, might spell trouble for your business. Using a large Data Centre for your server needs is going to be a smart economic move that will provide high-level security, unparalleled customer service, and state of the art protection of your websites.

4 Simple Gameplay Tips to Master FIFA 2016

should-fifa-16-be-boycotted-for-pes-2016-following-the-fifa-scandal-update-fifa-16-474955FIFA is one of the most popular video game franchises in Southeast Asia. The football-themed sports video game was designed by Electronic Arts, and is currently available at Internet arcades in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries. Asian video game enthusiasts will certainly enjoy many of the unique features offered by the newest iteration of FIFA, including the improved gameplay, the ability to create your very own virtual soccer player, and the various career mode options.

With that said, gamers in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are no doubt looking for strategies to improve their FIFA 2016 gaming experience. The following list of tips and tricks will help you become the best FIFA player in your local Internet café.
Focus on Skill Games to Learn Basics

The best way to boost your skills in FIFA 16 is to begin by playing the various skill games that are available in the Internet-based version of the game. Each skill game is built around a particular move or skill. Mastering a skill game, then, is an excellent way to integrate that skill into your FIFA repertoire.
Don’t Forget to Play the Friendlies

Once you have mastered FIFA’s skill games, experts suggest that you take advantage of the friendly games available in FIFA Trainer. FIFA 16 gives gamers the opportunity to play up to 3 friendly matches to further hone their skills before jumping into a season, franchise, or career with a particular team.

FIFA’s game designers recommend playing these friendly match-ups with the FIFA Trainer tutorial feature activated. This in-game training application helps the user identify which button combinations work best for a particular move or play. Depending on the user’s skill level, FIFA Trainer can be adjusted to provide the gamer with more advanced tips.
Learn to be Patient with Your Roster

According to the game developers at Electronic Arts, there are several gameplay features available in FIFA 2K16 that were not present in previous iterations of the game. For this reason, veteran FIFA players suggest that gamers who are new to FIFA 2016 should take time to figure out which attacking methods work best for their preferred team.

Veteran FIFA players argue that the best way to play FIFA 2K16 is to implement a ball-control offenstive attack. Instead of trying to play as aggressively as possible, the best FIFA players suggest that players who are new to the game should not hesitate to pass the ball around waiting for the best opportunity to score. FIFA-2016-1

Improve Your Passing with Special Buttons

Learning to pass between your players is the best way to maintain control of the ball. To improve your passing, find the keys on your keyboard that coordinate with the L1 and LB buttons. These buttons can help you pass between players, or kick the ball into a gap in your opponent’s defense.

Besides the L1 and LB buttons, FIFA’s trick stick works more effectively in 2016 than it did in 2015 or 2014.