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A Guide to Port Dickson: Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Picture this: a sunny beach resort in Malaysia, warm toasty sand, a bottle of champagne, some soothing music, and crystal clear blue water. This could be you on your next vacation. Try Port Dickson, Malaysia and visit these five places while you’re there.

Just where is Port Dickson?

Port Dickson is one of Malaysia’s prime coastal towns. It is located along Malaysia’s 18km stretch of western coastline.  Five-star accommodation can be enjoyed by staying at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. You won’t find a better beach resort in Malaysia than this one.  Furthermore, Port Dickson is conveniently a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur airport.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Port Dickson

#1 Wan Loong Chinese Temple

This temple is beautiful to behold. It’s an architectural wonder and certainly deserves to be on this list. It’s an operational temple, which means people are praying at all times of the day. Therefore you must enter respectfully.

You will be required to wear long sleeved shirts and socks out of respect. If you are traveling with children, they will be delighted to visit the tortoises and turtles, and if they are lucky, may have the chance to give some a pat.

The Koi pond is also worth seeing. There is an onsite restaurant that serves seafood and fruit stalls around the temple.

#2 Upside Down Art GalleryWent out from beach resort and follow the signboards to find this gallery located in a shop lot

Art enthusiasts will love this one. Follow the signboards to find this gallery located in a shop lot. There is an entrance fee, so make sure you carry some extra money with you for this trip.

You will have funny pictures to remember this place by. The staff can help you take the best photos for your souvenirs. You’re allowed to spend up to 30 minutes in the gallery before you have to leave.

#3 Ostrich Show Farm

This isn’t just an ostrich farm. You will find goats, sheep, horses, an array of birds, rabbits, and hamsters. If you want to feed the animals, you can purchase animal feed at the entrance. It’s a neat and well-maintained farm.

If you get hungry while touring the farm, there is a small cafeteria which sells meals prepared from rabbit, deer and ostrich meat! This is an excellent place to take children. It will be very educational and fun for them. Keep in mind that there is an admission fee – albeit a minimal amount.

#4 The Army MuseumIf you have a couple of hours to spare, the Army Museum is the place to go from beach resort

If you have a couple of hours to spare, the Army Museum is the place to go. Admission is free, and there are a lot of things to see, from the war vehicles to aircraft and the underground tunnel. This tribute to the fallen Malaysian war heroes will certainly give you insight into the country’s history. It’s a very educational and eye-opening place to visit.

#5 Cape Rachado

This 16th-century lighthouse is a local historical site. Plus the hike up to the lighthouse through the thick forest will be worth it when you see the spectacular breathtaking view at the end. If you’re lucky, you may see monkeys, monitor lizards, and colorful tropical birds as you trek through the forest.

That’s not all; Blue Lagoon beach is also very close so you can make a day out of it, and enjoy a picnic by the beach after you’ve seen and explored the lighthouse.


Malaysia has so much to offer. Port Dickson is just one of the many tourist towns the country boasts of. There is no shortage of hotels and resorts to stay at either.

At the end of a long day, coming back to a beach resort in Malaysia like Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson and relaxing in the steam rooms and enjoying the exquisite cuisine will make you want to come back again. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag and grab your loved ones!

When in Bangkok – 6 Tips for an Enjoyable and Convenient Trip to Thailand’s Capital City

Image result for 6 Tips for an Enjoyable and Convenient Trip to Thailand’s Capital CityLooking for a new Southeast Asian travel hotspot to explore and enjoy? The glistening city of Bangkok might satisfy your fancy. Littered with ornate shrines and home to a brilliantly vibrant nightlife, Bangkok is a city of contrasts that will give you a glimpse of Asia through a familiar yet absolutely unique lens. If you’re sold on your decision to hop on a plane and jet set your way to this exciting destination, be sure to keep this short list in handy to help make your trip easy, safe, and enjoyable.

  1. Flex Your Haggling Muscle – Unless it has a fixed price or a barcode slapped on its side, you can haggle for it. But in Bangkok, a confrontational tone might not always work in your favor. In this city, sellers are more willing to slash down their prices if you’re friendly and reasonable, so smile and be nice when looking for discounts. If they refuse to cut back the cost and you think the offer is unreasonable, don’t be afraid to walk away. You might just be called back for a last-ditch discount.
  2. Bring Enough Water – For those coming from the west, prepare yourself for stuffy, sticky, and stifling humidity and heat all vacation long. As a general rule, you will want to drink more water than you sweat. But because there’s no way to measure how much fluid you lose throughout the day, it would be wise to just set a drinking schedule every hour.
  3. Go All Out on Accommodations – If the weather outside isn’t ideal and if you’ve got nothing else to do, it would be nice to at least have a nice place to cozy up and relax. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to live a little when it comes to finding accommodations. It’s possible to grab hotel deals in Bangkok that will make you want to stay in for the whole trip, if you look well enough for them.
  4. Leverage the Train System – If you’re up for the challenge, you can take the train and see how good you are at navigating this busy city. You’ll have two options: the first is the Skytrain which flies over traffic, and the second is the underground. Travelling couples might have fun learning the new system, but travelling families might be more comfortable with other commute options.
  5.  Get an Address – There is a bit of a language barrier in the city, and this can be difficult if you’re trying to get to a specific place. Before you leave your hotel, ask one of the staff to write the address of your destination in Thai for you. Simply flash the slip of paper to your taxi driver, and you’ll be well on your way. Don’t forget to tell the driver to turn on the meter so you won’t have to worry about inflated costs.
  6. Learn to Explore Food – While many of the street food stalls might look iffy, they’re going to be a whole lot cheaper – and perhaps a whole lot tastier – than any food you’re going to find in restaurants. Learn to explore food options and don’t be afraid to buy something to munch off the side of the road.

Image result for Explore Food bangkok

Are you ready to travel through Bangkok? Save a little and enjoy a lot when you take that trip to this unique capital city. Make the most of your travels and discover the beauty of Thailand by taking these simple tips with you.

Planning Your Wedding In Bangkok: A Wedding Checklist


You want a unique, memorable Asian wedding. And you want it done without breaking the bank. Thankfully, there are some incredible wedding venues in Bangkok that will be perfect for that special day. The city has an ever-growing number of hotels that offer special wedding services. Get hitched amidst the inner city gardens, or by the beautiful Chao Phraya river. You’ll easily forget you’re in the middle of a hustling and bustling city.

Planning your wedding in Bangkok is very easy, with the help of its many hotels. Each one features a unique wedding experience, inclusive of wedding planning and photography services. Here’s a checklist of 5 hotels you need to look into while planning that perfect day.pic1-grand-hyatt-erawan-bangkok-the

  1. Grand Hyatt Erawan. Grandiose and elegant, the hotel boasts resort-style facilities. It also has a wide selection of bars and restaurants. They offer both European and Thai wedding services.

The hotel can accommodate as much as 1,500 guests for a reception. If you are opting for a Chinese banquet, you can invite as much as 800 guests.kibkk1-overview-lobby-night-time

  1. Siam Kempinski. Grand, interlinked swimming pools and manicured gardens mark this spacious hotel. They offer Thai, European, Indian, and Chinese style receptions, perfect for every taste.

The hotel can host as much as 1,200 guests through their big Chadra Ballroom. Aside from wedding planning and photography services, they can also provide a priest for European

  1. Mandarin Oriental. Celebrate your happily ever after in the hotel’s castle-like settings. Sitting by the Chao Phraya river, this is the oldest luxury hotel in Bangkok. They provide some of the most romantic wedding packages in the city.

The hotel has a slew of wedding venues that can accommodate a wide variety of catering options. A dedicated wedding coordinator and photographer are provided. They also have outdoor settings for the dinner after the wedding.itemimage_1

  1. The Sukhothai. For those looking for the sweet and serene, the Sukhothai nails it. As proof, the hotel’s reception room is always one of the most in-demand around the city. Its famous central gardens and lotus pond provide a great backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

They have customizable wedding arrangements, seating up to 300 guests. They can also erect makeshift chapels for Western-style weddings.shanghai-mansion-bangkok-4562-1

  1. Shanghai Mansion. Located in Chinatown, Shanghai Mansion recreates the feel of early Chinese grandeur. Weddings can be held inside a six-storey indoor garden or in an art deco parlor. Formerly a Chinese opera house, Shanghai Mansion has a beautiful architecture to match the event.

Shanghai Mansion also offers the heritage ballroom to hold receptions, which can be arranged for specific catering services.

Bangkok is a wonderful city, fusing fast-paced Western lifestyle with vibrant Asian traditions. Couples from all over flock to the city to tie the knot, taking in its unique atmosphere. It is truly the “Venice of the East”, a romantic and unique place. As a plus, there are also several honeymoon-worthy places around. There are stunning world-class beaches and other attractions in other parts of the country. It’s a one-stop shop for those who want a perfect wedding.