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Spring Back To Life: Discover Yoga in Singapore


What comes to mind when somebody mentions the word yoga to you? Perhaps meditation is the first word that will pop in your mind. In most cases, that is true. For non-yoga practitioners, it relates more to the mental state rather than the physical. If you ask a yoga guru what it actually means, you will get a reply saying it is the union of breath, body, and mind. The answer would seem profound because yoga is really not just another routine.

Today, yoga is no longer regarded as a dull meditation practice or a boring way of stretching. It has become a fitness trend in the West and the East. Most fitness gyms and boutique studios are offering yoga in Singapore. Many young professionals and busy executives are discovering the calming, mind-body benefits of yoga.c700x420

How Do You Practice Yoga in Singapore?

Yoga is already entrenched in the Singaporean lifestyle. Several years ago it was taught only in community centers although the sessions can’t be considered as the ‘true’ yoga. Today, there are established places where you can take up yoga classes.

Do not feel alienated if you are a newbie at yoga. Everyone started from zero. Definitely, it will take a while before the yoga techniques can be assimilated and become part of your everyday life. Classes are also based on the learning level of customers. Beginner classes to the more advanced lessons are available, so it’s altogether different as you go deeper into the yoga experience.Yoga_Banner

Establishments that Offer Yoga Classes in Singapore

You can visit fitness gyms, yoga centers or boutique studios offering yoga classes. Enroll in formal yoga classes or apply for membership in fitness clubs. Most of these establishments offer free trials so can you assess for yourself whether yoga is the thing for you. What’s more, there are yoga workout places that are all-female, all-male or unisex depending on your preference.

Yoga delivers wonders to the mind, body, and soul. It is something that is more than just a regular workout routine. There are plenty of things to learn about specific postures or ‘asanas’ in yoga lingo. Let the relaxing and meditative facets of yoga help you relieve the stress, negativity, and anxieties that weigh you down. If you have not been mystified by this trend that originated in India 5,000 years ago, you might want to try yoga and see true living in a whole new light

How to Find the Right Bike

Right Bike for u


When you shop for a new bicycle, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the outstanding selections available. These tips will help you find the perfect bicycle so you can hit the road with confidence.



type of bike

Pick the type of bicycle that suitable for your use.


Tip 1: Decide on a Style

The first thing you will need to do is decide what type of bike you want. Think about how you are going to use the bike. Are you going to ride around town to run errands? Will you hit mountain trails? Or will you do a little of each? Road bikes allow you a good ride on smooth pavement. They are lightweight and shock absorbent. Mountain bikes are perfect for trails. They have large tires and big treads along with a heavier frame. And then there are hybrid bikes that give you the ability to do either.



Set a budget that you are willing to pay for your bicycle.


Tip 2: Set a Budget

Money is always a concern when it comes to a big purchase. It is a good idea to have a price range in mind so that when you get to the store, you do not go way over your budget. You need to know what you are willing to pay and how far you can go before you begin the search for the perfect bike.


cycling with friends

Cycling with your friend is much more better then cycling alone!


Tip 3: Talk to Friends

Ask friends who love to cycle where they got their bikes. Some of them might have local club recommendations or stores they have used to get their cheap cycling accessories and other items. Getting advice from people who have used the stores you want to find will help you walk into the store with confidence in its ability to help you with what you need.



Research the bicycle before you purchase to find out the exact price.


Tip 4: Research

Once you know what type of bike you want, research it online to see what the differences are between that bike and others. See what the costs of the bike are so when you look at them in the store, you know how much to expect to pay.


Test Drive

Test drive the bicycle to find it out if that bicycle really suitable for you, you might change your mind after a test drive.


Tip 5: Test Drive

When you find a bike you want to try out, ask to test drive it. A short test drive can tell you everything you need to know about the bike. Does it fit right? Do you like how it rides? If something is not right, try another one in its style. If you still do not like it, it might be time to change your decision and go with a different bike.


How to Find Proper Bicycle


Finding the right bike can be a challenge, but with a little time and effort, you’ll be cycling alongside your friends on the perfect bike.

Don’t Head Out Without These Beginner Tips for Cyclists


People sometimes describe a simple task as being, “as easy as riding a bike.” But riding a bicycle actually is more complicated than many people think. It’s certainly more complicated than it used to be, which makes it important for beginning cyclists to heed these tips.

Get properly fitted

You can go out to your local department or discount store and buy a bike off the rack, but you might find out too late that it’s too big or too small or there’s something else that doesn’t seem quite right about it. While you will spend a little extra money to buy a bike from a bike shop or a sporting goods store with a bike department, it can be worth it if you get professional help to find a bike that fits you the best and get a better cycling shoes.

Wear a helmet

Though helmets may not look cool and mess up your hair, they can be a lifesaver in even a minor crash. While there aren’t that many cycling deaths in a year, more than half are caused by head injuries, and most of those happen to people who aren’t wearing helmets. You should wear your helmet even on a short jaunt around the neighborhood, because even a low-speed fall can cause a serious head injury.

Safety Helmet

Ride at appropriate times

If you are a beginning cyclist, you should take care to only ride your bike at the right times. For example, you should avoid riding at night. You also want to try to stay off trails and bike paths when there is excessive traffic.


Pay attention

Being aware of what’s going on around you is important for any cyclist, even experienced ones, but it is vital to beginning cyclists. Among the things you always should do are to keep your head up as much as possible to watch your surroundings, don’t wear headphones or ear buds and never attempt to use a smart phone or other electronic device while riding.


Keep your bike in good working condition

Just as with any other mechanical device, a bike works best when it is taken care of. That means performing regular maintenance, such as inflating tyres as needed and getting tune-ups when needed. If you must get parts replaced, you likely can buy bicycle parts online cheaper, but you should have them installed by a professional bike mechanic.



There is a certain amount of risk involved with riding a bike, and that risk is magnified for a beginning cyclist. While you can’t eliminate the risk entirely, you can greatly reduce it by following these tips.

4 Tips to Ride Your Bike Safely on The Road

When you want to ride your bike safely and arrive home in one piece, you will want to follow the smart riders and emulate their style. Not only that, with the right gear and attitude, you can stay safe on your rides. With this in mind, here are five tips to stay safe while on the road.

Headgear: Without a doubt, if you don’t protect your head, you are extremely vulnerable. The solid majority of serious injuries are caused by people who hit their head on the ground. To avoid problems, you need a well-fitting helmet that will protect your head. To find one, you should head to a local store or go online. Then, you want to make sure it fits your head. Remember, with bicycle helmets, you don’t want to go cheap as you will regret it as a cheap or used helmet may break on contact with the ground, which will leave you in serious pain.

Avoid the rain: While it’s fun for some people to ride in the rain, you are going to put yourself in a lot of danger. This is especially true in California and other places that don’t receive a lot of rain. If you ride to work, you should consider public transportation or hitching a ride with a coworker. On the other hand, if you can’t do this, just remember to exercise extreme caution and take the smartest route. Otherwise, if you are on a busy road, you are going to have a hard time getting to work.

Side roads: As mentioned, you should consider side roads on your routes. For example, if you go to the store, don’t take the main highway or city street. Instead, look to residential areas as you can avoid the heavy traffic that cities experience. As a side benefit, when you ride in neighbourhoods, you will be more relaxed and you won’t have to deal with big semis and other heavy cars that make a lot of noise and take up a lot of the road.

Be smart at night: If you ride at night, you must remember that most people will not see you very well. This is true whether you are talking about 25-year-old people or 75-year-old motorist. To start, wear bright clothes and a bright helmet. To take it further, you will want to use a front and read light. In fact, in most areas, you are required by law to have a light on the front and back. Then, you should set your light to blink as this will warn motorists so they can steer clear of you and your bike.

Follow the laws: Look, it’s easy to run a red light or coast through a stop sign. However, as a cyclist, it’s crucial to follow the laws for a couple of reasons. First, if you follow the law, you are going to deal with fewer cases of angry drivers. Not only that, if you go with the flow, you are less likely to get hit or run into by other cyclists. Finally, if you don’t follow the law, you can still get a ticket as a bike is considered a car. So, remember, if you are a cyclist, you will want to represent your community well by following all the laws of the road.

With these five tips, you can avoid most problems that other bike riders face. Since it’s dangerous out there, you should follow these tips as you will have an easier and safer time while out on the open roads.

3 Simple Cycling Tips to Make The Hobby More Enjoyable

One of the most important things about cycling is to make sure that the bike is working sufficiently with the person riding the bicycle. That means that the tires must be in the best possible shape. It also means that there are necessities to be checked before every ride in order to protect the rider.
Checking the gears to make sure that they are functioning properly and will not create problems during downhill travel is essentially vital to staying safe when operating a bicycle over downhill landscapes.

Making sure that the seat is properly padded he is also an important part of being comfortable during longer rides. Proper working the equipment is necessary both for safety as well as comfort levels of individuals who are looking at cycling as a serious way to stay in shape.


People can shop online ( for profits of one year when they are going to be using a bicycle of lot. Wearing the proper clothing is necessary in order to make the ride easy on the body of the person operating the bicycle.

Wearing heavy clothing can cause a person to become overheated and can also lead to the clothing becoming entangled in the wheels if a person is out of position. Wearing proper padding is also essential for individuals who are going to be going off the road and could potentially get hurt through the accidental falling from the bicycle which may occur. Wearing a comfortable and sturdy helmet will protect the brain in the event of an unexpected fall.
Many times people are more concerned with how they feel in the clothing then safety. This can cause problems because safety should be the main focus of any person who is planning to do any cycling for competition or pleasure.


Eating a healthy diet and staying properly hydrated is essential to enjoying cycling completely. Making sure that there are enough simple sugars in the bloodstream before a ride he is essential to having enough energy to keep going. That being said, adding a large meal prior to going for a long ride can cause problems. Having access to protein while riding can sometimes be helpful for the potential of muscle cramps which might happen because a person has overextended themselves.

Bringing Gatorade or some other fluid to keep things balanced in terms of electrolyte levels is helpful to the overall health of a cyclist. One of the most tempting things is to push the body beyond what it can handle. Slowly building endurance will enable a person to walk away from the ride without any long-term injuries.

The development of stamina over an extended period of time helps to prevent muscular atrophy rates can take place if a person uses their bike to overextend the limits of their body. Staying safe should be the main focus of every cycle enthusiast who is serious about making the hobby into something to improve their lives

Tips On Buying The Perfect BMX Bike For You

bmx thumbnail

If you are looking to move up in the biking world and want to try something new, choosing a BMX bike can open your recreation time up to a whole lot of fun. BMX bikes are great for everything from off road riding to practicing killer jumps. When you are in the market for a BMX bike, here are some of the things that you should look for.


Know What Features are Available

With BMX bikes, the weight is the most important feature you can look for. Because of the way these bikes are typically used in racing, tricks and other adventures, the lighter the frame, the better. This will let you get more air on jumps and give you better control when you are racing down a hill.

Size is another important factor you will want to consider. BMX bikes are smaller than traditional bikes or mountain bikes. That provides someone of nay size to have better control and flexibility while on the bike.


BMX Bike Types



Choose Your Brand Wisely

BMX bikes are not cheap compared to other types of bikes, so it is important to choose wisely between the popular BMX brands on the market. There are some knockoff brands in the marketplace that will try to lure you in with a to-good-to-be-true deal, but it is up to you to know what you should be looking for in terms of a quality BMX bike.

Some of the most popular brands of bikes in this category include have endorsements from the major players in the X Games and BMX racing, so if the brand you are looking at is sponsoring a great athlete, you can usually bet that you are getting a quality bike.


USJCycles with variety brands of BMX Bikes

USJCycles with variety brands of BMX Bikes



Choosing Versatility

BMX bikes are also a great choice for weekend tinkerers who love to learn how to fix, repair and replace things. This type of bicycle can take a lot of abuse, so it is important to know how you will maintain it once you make your purchase. If you want to fix it yourself, you can always get replacement parts for most major BMX brands. If you want to spend a little more to have it looked at by a professional, most bicycle sellers will have a repair guy on staff or can recommend one to you when you need something looked at.


Double Backflips & Foam Pits – Red Bull BMX Performance Camp 2013



Whether you buy bicycles online or find a great local bike shop to get your next set of wheels, BMX bikes are prefect for those of any age, from rambunctious adolescents to adults looking to gain some trick skills. If you do your research, you will easily find the right bike for your needs.

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