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5 Reasons Cold-Pressed Juices Should Be on Your Favorite List

Being physically healthy has been one of the primary goals Malaysians want to achieve in life. From having an hour of working out in the gym to choosing the right foods on the plate, Malaysians indeed keep the word “healthy” in mind in every aspect of their lives. But, the road to health and wellness may not be as straight as you have imagined it to be. It takes a cup of patience and a gallon of discipline for your body to end up how you want it to be.

And the good news is, you can actually take a cup, a liter, or a gallon of those by drinking a cold juice freshly pressed from real veggies and fruits.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Using a cold pressed juice machine, you can extract and squeeze the maximum amount of juices from your freshest choice of fruits and vegetables. However, these fresh delicacies don’t last long as compared to artificial ones. It only takes 3 to 4 days before they start to spoil. Thus, your cold-pressed juice should be consumed immediately for better taste.


How Would You Benefit?                          

It’s jam-packed with lots of nutrients to nourish your cells. With just a cup, it can already boost your body systems to function well. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to cold-press your fruits or veggies.

  1. They Have More Fiber Than Industrial Juices

Fruits contain insoluble fiber that aids in the smooth process of digestion. Healthy digestion means that you don’t have to struggle so hard to eliminate your waste.

Dr. Michael Murrah, an expert in natural medicine, claims that you should not only eat fresh fruits but also consider drinking them. Through drinking, you can achieve the 7-10 recommended daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables. Aside from the insoluble type that keeps your tummy happy, fresh juices are loaded with soluble fibers that are found to lower your cholesterol levels.

Since cholesterol level is maintained at its normal to low range, the risk to develop cardiovascular health problems is relatively small.

  1. Juices Prevent Energy Gap

Have you ever compared the feeling that you get after eating a bunch of healthy foods versus a pile of junk foods? There’s a difference, right?

It feels good when you can make healthy choices. You don’t just treat your body right, but you know on your mind that you are disciplined enough to make the right choices in life.

According to Dr. Murray, the main idea behind why healthy foods give us enough energy to conquer the day is because the body tends to skip a metabolic process that is highly energy-consuming. Because what you already consumed is already liquefied, the body doesn’t have to use its stored energy to liquefy things. That’s why you make your body’s job easier when you choose fresh juices instead.

  1. Fresh Juices Are More Nutritious Than Refined Ones

Of course, fresh is the best! It contains more nutrients like the vitamins, enzymes, and other minerals than those that are sealed in bottles and cans.

According to the World Health Organization, preserved juices have additional sugar, flavorings, and preservatives that can alter body processes when consumed regularly.

  1. More Antioxidants, Better Defense

Studies comparing fresh juices and artificial ones show that juices that are freshly made from home have higher amounts of defense properties such as anticancer, antioxidant, and antiviral. Fresh juices also contain glutathione that helps in detoxifying the body. Most fruits that are industrially made don’t provide this precious protein.

  1. They Help You Lose Weight

Research revealed that foods that are not cooked, or such as those raw fruits and vegetables turned to juices, had a correlation with weight loss and lowered blood pressure among individuals with excessive weight. Experts like Dr. Murray suggest making two apples and a half cup of blackberries or raspberries if you want to lose some weight.

Learning to make healthy choices is a huge challenge for all Malaysians out there. But with just a fruit or vegetable and your handy dandy cold pressed juice machine, getting healthy and well is not too far to achieve. Start a positive outlook today and live healthy for the future!

7 Easy and Painless Ways to Start Losing Weight Fast


Losing weight is never easy. It requires dedication, self-control and persistence. Fortunately, there are ways to lose weight without skipping meals or spending hours in a gym every day. You should know a few easy and painless ways to start losing weight fast.





1. Use Smaller Dishes


Something very simple you can do is to start using smaller dishes when you eat your meals. This means smaller plates and bowls. This is important because you will not eat as much when you place smaller portions on your plate. Smaller dishware also tricks your mind into thinking you are eating more than you really are. This simple change can help you with portion control while losing weight.

2. Stand and Walk Just a Little More Each Day

You do not necessary have to start working out intensely in a gym to lose weight. You can start to burn calories by walking and standing just a little more each day. Walk up stairs instead of taking an elevator. Walk to work, stores or other places instead of driving. Stand up while working, watching television or talking to friends. These small changes can increase how many calories you burn each day.

3. Drink Water during the Day

You should be drinking water throughout the day. Drink water and not sodas or other beverages loaded with sugars. Water will give you a full feeling between meals so you do not eat unhealthy snacks. You also want to drink water before and during your meals. Water will make you feel full so that you consume fewer calories. Eating fewer calories is an important way to lose weight.

4. Use Supplements to Lose Weight Faster

Take advantage of proven diet pills in order to lose weight faster. These pills can do a variety of things from suppressing your appetite to blocking enzymes that turn carbohydrates into stored fat. You can use fat burning supplements to increase the efficiency of your body so that you lose more weight each day even with moderate diet and exercise. Do not ignore these valuable pills.

5. Get Eight Hours of Sleep a Night

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you need to get eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep is critical for weight loss. The hours your spend sleeping are when your body starts to regulate a number of hormones. The specific hormones that control your appetite are regulated at night. If you do not sleep enough, then you will be very hungry for most of the day. Getting eight good hours of sleep will take away hunger cravings.

6. Eliminate Distractions While Eating


Something that can be very destructive when trying to lose weight is eating while distracted. This means eating while you are watching television or doing something else. You want to always stop what you are doing, eliminate all distractions and sit down at a table to eat properly. This will make you more aware of what you are eating. You will not binge eat or consume too much unknowingly. The result is lower caloric intake that leads to weight loss.

7. Reward Yourself Occasionally

main Shebeko shutterstock_81422161

A final tip is to reward yourself occasionally. If you have been losing weight and meeting your goals for a week or a month, then reward yourself with a reasonable serving of some foods you love. You can break your diet for that one meal to celebrate. This kind of occasional reward will not have a significant impact on your weight loss. It will keep you motivated to continue achieving your goals. 

Making the effort to lose weight is well worth the time. You will start to feel healthier and more energetic as you drop the weight. You will also have more endurance to get outside and do the things you love. Taking small steps can lead to significant weight loss over time.


Fit At Any Age: Weight Management Tips for Women Over 40

Elderly weight loss

If you are a woman over forty you might have gained weight because of hormone changes, a slowing metabolism rate and lack of exercise. There are changes you can make to your lifestyle in order to lose weight and stay physically fit. Several tips are listed below.

Reduce the amount of sugary drinks you consume and replace them with pure water. Create a calorie deficit in order to lose pounds. If you want to lose about 1 pound per week, you need to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories. Select foods that are highly nutritious and low in fat. Make sure you eat vegetables and fruits which contain fiber and help to rev up your slowing metabolism.

Eat flaxseed because it is rich in fiber and healthy fats which help stabilize blood sugar and suppress your appetite. Some research indicates flax can also help soothe symptoms of hormone swings because it is high in plant estrogens. Ground flaxseed is very easy to digest and you can sprinkle it over cereals, soups, or salads.

•You should eat fresh fish at least twice a week. Salmon and trout contain healthy fats and oil that may help prevent breast cancer. If you do not want to eat fish, try a fish oil supplement.

Add protein to your diet to tame hunger. Lean meats, cheese and beans are good options. You can also include soy in your meals. Soy milk, soy nuts and tofu are packed with protein and can help relieve the symptoms of menopause. Most adults in the United States get 12% – 18% of their calories from protein. You can benefit from increasing this amount to 50%.

Starting in the early 40s, your body goes through a series of changes that drastically affect digestion, metabolism, and other bodily functions. An appropriate diet can help with weight management.





Lose Weight Faster By Drinking More Water

drink water

For many people the prospect of losing unwanted pounds is overshadowed by the fact that it seems to take so long for the desired weight loss to occur. Smart dieters look for any advantage they can get when it comes to speeding up their metabolism so that their body will burn off calories much more quickly. Individuals wondering if drinking water to lose weight can really work will be encouraged to learn about a scientific study done in Germany that reports that water consumption actually increases the body’s ability to burn calories at a faster rate.

The study discovered that an individual who increased his daily water consumption to at least 1.5 liters every day, drinking either tap water, bottled water or mineral water, could experience a five pound weight loss over the course of 12 months. In addition, the research proved that consuming just one ounce more than two 8-ounce glasses of water triggered a metabolic increase for fat burning by at least 30 percent in both men and women. Another study by researchers at Virginia Tech University proved that individuals who committed to drinking extra water before each meal managed to lose almost 16 pounds from their frames within three months time, compared to the control group who did not drink water to enhance their weight loss efforts and lost almost five pounds less than the water drinkers.


Drink Water Infographic


Many diet programs recommend drinking at least one glass of water before sitting down to a meal. This not only helps an individual’s stomach already feel partially full prior to eating, it helps to limit the amount of extra calories an individual might ingest by drinking a glass of wine, fruit juice or other calorie-laden beverage. Reaching for a glass of water throughout the day also has been proven to help individuals who are attempting to lose weight to avoid reaching for a sugary snack instead. Many times individuals who think that they are hungry actually find that after drinking a glass of refreshingly cool water, they were only thirsty instead and saved themselves from ingesting hundreds of calories they really don’t need to gain in their weight loss efforts. During scientific testing, subjects reduced their calorie consumption by as much as 13 percent when they adhered to drinking a glass of water before consuming any solid foods.

Many medical doctors recommend that people watching their weight drink at least half their body weight in fluid ounces of water daily compared to what they weigh in pounds. An individual who weighs 150 pounds, for example, should make the effort to consume at least 75 ounces of water daily to boost their metabolic rate and burn fat calories faster as they watch their waistline slim down.

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Healthiest Tea Drinks: Rated From Most To Least

Thousands of years have been spent drinking tea in the East first and later, all around the world. Most kinds of teas are Chinese, and the Chinese tea is also the most popular. The conclusion has been formed that introducing tea in the diet is healthy and also keeps off many issues at bay. Tea is not only a way to start the day with a soothing but alert drink, but it also has properties that fight cancer, diabetes, heart conditions and many liver issues.

Here is a list, which ranks the healthiest teas from most to least:


# 5. Black Tea

The caffeine content in black tea is the highest, and it is made from fermented leaves. However, it is still a healthy drink, which has known effects against lung damage caused to smokers and also reduces the chances of getting a stroke.
The caffeine content of black tea is around 2 – 4%, which could have an effect on the level of alertness and thinking. Also, black tea is known to cause heavy caffeine dependence.


# 4. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea uses Camellia sinensis plant and is partially fermented as opposed to black tea, which even though comes from the same plant, is fully fermented. Oolong is beneficial for treating diabetes, eczema and other skin allergies, cholesterol problems and obesity.

Side effects of oolong are mostly due to its caffeine content, which could cause a strange ringing in the ears and other effects of caffeine. Also, research suggests that even though oolong is effective against diabetes, it also creates issues with the body’s blood sugar control mechanism. Taken in large amounts, oolong can cause diarrhea, IBS and glaucoma. It can also cause osteoporosis or weakened bones because it flushes the calcium out of the system.



# 3. White Tea

White Tea ranks next in caffeine content and is basically, unfermented and uncured. There is a study which shows that white tea is more effective against cancer than all other processed teas out there. It is also excellent in lowering blood pressure and works miracles for the skin. Other benefits of white tea include lowering the bad cholesterol and protection from heart ailments.

Side effects of white tea, due to its caffeine content, include anxiety, depression, excessive urination, nausea and increase in heart rate, which are all common effects of caffeine.


# 2. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is basically an infusion instead of being a traditional tea. But they are also caffeine free and contain tree barks, leaves and roots of various other plants. Ginger tea, peppermint tea and such similar kinds of tea fall under the category of herbal tea. However, even after their various soothing effects, herbal teas have some components, which could cause allergic reactions to people. Thus, knowing the ingredients properly is really important.




# 1. Green Tea

Green tea is most famous because of its weight control aiding properties, and many weight loss regimes recommend drinking of green tea. Not only is green tea effective in treating most problems that other kinds of tea are known for, it also works against Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease and various kinds of cancer like prostate cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. No fermentation is involved in the process of making green tea. It also has 2 – 4%of caffeine content, which is quite high.


Almost all teas are good for the health, but the freshly brewed ones are better than the bottled ones. Bottled tea is full of added preservatives and sweeteners, which give it soda like properties, instead of the benefits that drink teas are known for.

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