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Penis Enlargement Procedure in Malaysia: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do you imagine having a bigger penis than what you have now? Do you think it will improve your sexual health and satisfy your partner more? Perhaps size does matter after all when the talk is about ‚ÄúDick,‚ÄĚ as it is often called.

In Malaysia, as in other countries, there are procedures to enlarge the male genitalia if you feel there is a real need. Others would say that surgery is the most efficient way to enlarge your private shaft. However, penis enlargement injections are available options that might just do wonders for you.


What Is the Average Size of the Male Penis?

In an article published by Healthline, a study by the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) revealed interesting results. The average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches while the average girth or circumference is 4.69 inches. A flaccid or limp penis measures just about 3.61 inches, and the size still varies from man to man.


Myths About the Penis Size

Have you ever heard about the two pre-conceived notions about the male physical attributes about penis size? Both are nothing but myths.


  • An average-sized fat guy has a tiny dick


There is no truth to the impression that men with big tummies usually have small tools. Another false belief is that the excess fat causes discomfort during sex. The latter may be true. But if you disregard the bloated belly, you might just be surprised to discover a more competitive tool than yours.


  • A skinny guy is well-endowed


This is another misconception that you need to remove from your mind. There is no disturbing fat to obstruct the performance, but the ‚Äėsexual glory‚Äô may not be present too on a skinny guy.


How Is the Penis Enlargement Procedure with Injection Performed?

First of all, the procedure is for you in case you’ve thought about enlarging your manly tool before but nixed the idea of penis surgery. Penis enlargement injections are dermal fillers injected to the delicate parts of your private tool to increase the circumference size.

The filler will allow you to safely and efficiently increase the width or girth of your penis. It will also increase the flaccid length of your penis.

The Treatment Procedure:

‚Äʬ†¬†¬†¬†¬† A small needle will be used for the injection. The fillers will be injected into the head of your penis (glans penis) as well as¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† the main shaft to increase its size.

  • The weight of the filler will create a ‚Äėscaffolding effect,’ meaning it will reduce retraction after an erection.
  • The entire procedure will not take more than an hour and is performed by a duly registered and certified surgeon.
  • The improvement with this type of penile enhancement is highly visible in the girth or width, but the results are not the identical for all.
  • There is no downtime whatsoever as you can be up and about to do your routine as soon as the procedure is complete.


The Post-Treatment:

‚Äʬ† Expect minor skin bruising that may last up to 2 weeks to heal or abate but this will not have any bearing sexually.

‚Äʬ†¬†¬† The surgeon will advise you to refrain from sex or any sexual activities for at least a couple of days after the procedure.

  • The only hitch is that the procedure is not permanent. The increased girth will wane after a year or a little longer. You will need to have new injections to retain the girth.


Points to Ponder

To a man, penis size does matter. But you need to be reminded that it’s not the size that will deliver utmost pleasure to you and your partner. The penis size will not even determine your sexual prowess. It’s how you use your private armament that will. Nonetheless, if you firmly believe that the penis enlargement injections will boost your confidence and enhance your sexual performance, go right ahead. It’s proven to be safe and effective. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Discover the Body Within Using Lipo by Prive Aesthetics


Confidence is a key component to a successful life, and the way a person looks impacts how they feel about themselves. There are areas of the body that are hard to tone even with the right diet and exercise program. Many people turn to cosmetic surgery to get the desired body image that they want. The benefits of liposuction, or lipo, include a reduced body weight in areas such as the outer thighs, waist, hips, face, neck, abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, and legs. These are typically places on the body that do not respond well to regular diet and exercise programs, creating an atmosphere of frustration and confusion. The road to success begins with self-confidence and getting there is possible with laser lipo treatment by Privé Aesthetics.


Prive Aesthetics Laser Lipo Body Shaper

Prive Aesthetics Laser Lipo Body Shaper

i-Lipo is the latest in laser lipolysis. This revolutionary system uses low level lasers for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body shaping treatments. It offers you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring safely and painlessly.



Taking control of life with a healthy body image allows people to travel to a new level of confidence. Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that removes unwanted fat from those areas of the body that are resistant to change. Suction is typically used to remove fat from the body using thin blunt-tipped tubes, which are inserted into the skin. Fat deposits are targeted using the tubes, and the suction allows the fat deposits to be removed. Today’s liposuction procedures have vastly improved with the use of new techniques. Local anesthesia is now used instead of a general anesthesia, which is much safer for the patient. Tumescent liposuction is a good example of this type of procedure. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is a technique that uses an ultrasound to liquefy the fat in a specific area of the body.





Most liposuctions are performed on an outpatient basis in a hospital, surgery center, or doctor’s office. Liposuction is designed to help the patient reshape the body through the process of fat elimination. This procedure should be done in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right foods and exercising is recommended to keep the body that liposuction helped to develop strong and looking great. Liposuction in and of itself is not a weight loss plan and is not intended for that purpose. It does, however, allow the patient to rid themselves of excess fat deposits in hard to manage areas. There are possible side effects from liposuction including soreness, numbness, bruising, and temporary swelling in and around the treated area. Some risks are minor scarring at the site of the incision and baggy skin.

As with any procedure, a patient should consult with a doctor to see if they are a viable candidate for liposuction. There are many people who need help ridding their bodies of excess fat when diet and exercise have failed. Liposuction is for those who want to look and feel good about their body image. Now is the time to decide if liposuction is the answer for those fatty areas of the body that are not responding to regular methods. This is an option that has worked for many people and has given them the self-confidence they need to be successful in their endeavors.


Are Dermal Fillers Safe?


When people have unwanted wrinkles located around their mouth and nose, dermal fillers are often used to smooth out those areas. Many patients use dermal fillers to enhance their lips or to get rid of eyelid bags as well. Whether or not dermal fillers are safe is a question that many potential patients think about before they head to the doctor’s office for treatment.


Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

Whether or not dermal fillers are safe has been a debated topic for some time.

The two main types of dermal fillers are Restylane and Juvederm. Both are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is already prevalent in joints and parts of the face. Because the primary ingredient in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid, this method is considered safe by plastic surgeons and doctors, and has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration.


How Does It Work?

Safe dermal fillers are a combination of hyaluronic acid and water. When injected, it acts as a filler and plumps up parts of your skin that are wrinkled, most notably around the mouth and nose.

When dermal fillers are used, patients notice results almost instantaneously. While the effects of the fillers may differ from patient to patient, they should last for about six months. While the treatment is safe and FDA approved, you may experience some mild side effects that are common among injections, including swelling, irritation and tenderness.


Dermal Fillers Versus Botox Face Treatments

Botox and dermal fillers are both considered as effective methods for smoothing out wrinkled areas of your face. Botox works by relaxing the muscles around the affected area so that the wrinkles disappear.

Botox is most widely used on the forehead, for crow’s feet and frown lines. Most recently, the FDA approved it for sweaty armpit and hand treatment. Once the muscles in the face are relaxed, the patient gradually decreases the use of them, thereby preventing further creases and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are injected to wrinkled areas around the mouth, nose and are often used for lip enhancement. They are used specifically to fill areas and have no effect on the muscles whatsoever.

Both treatments last for about six months and both have proven to be effective. Botox should be used when your wrinkles are noticeable during muscle flexing, while dermal fillers should be used if the wrinkles in your face are prevalent at all times of the day, whether you are flexing and creasing your face or not.


3 Examples of Breast Implants Gone Wrong

Women are always searching for ways to perfect their bodies. They go to gyms, starve themselves, and check into breast enhancement surgeries. These women check out places like the Prive Clinic. Most women are happy with their enhancement surgeries but there are cases where breast implants go wrong. 

Breast Too Large: 
When women have very small breasts, they desire larger breasts to equalize their body shapes. The women seek information on breast enlargement surgery. Women’s bodies sometimes do not appear as they thought they would when they have the enlargement surgery. Sometimes women end up with extremely large breasts that are too large for their body shape. These women are very self-conscious and disappointed in their breast enhancement.

Breasts that rupture: 
When silicone is inserted into a bag in the breast, it enlarges the breast size one or two sizes. The sacks that hold the silicone or other filler can rupture if hit too hard. There are times when women have enhancement surgery and the bags end up leaking. The leaks will make the breasts deflate until one side is flat. This is an example of implants gone wrong and the Prive Clinic will be glad to help in the repair of the enhancement.

Prive Clinic Breast Enhancement with Macrolane

Prive Clinic Breast Enhancement with Macrolane

Breasts that are two different sizes: 
Augmentation surgeries and enhancements are not always perfect. The breasts are naturally two different sizes. Usually, no one can tell they are different. The same can happen with breast enlargement surgery. A woman that goes in and chooses to have her breast enlarged can sometimes receive a surprise after the swelling is gone. One breast can be much larger than the other can. It can happen when there is not enough fluid in the bags or when one of the bags has a tiny leak. This is an easy repair for cosmetic surgeons.

These breast implants gone wrong are just a few of the mishaps that can happen. Prive clinic is one of the places to go to when there are issues with enhancement surgeries. Enhancement is supposed to make a woman feel better about herself. When there is an issue or mishap, go to someone that knows how to make it right.

Enhancements should never be larger than one or two sizes bigger than your natural breasts. The tissue stretching too much may cause tenderness or issues with back problems. Women that desire enhancements should always seek professionals with experience and training in implant surgery.

Why Some Aesthetic Surgeons Can Refuse You? Read Breast Enlargement. 

Medical Aesthetics – What it is and How it Can Benefit You

Medical aesthetics deals with making a person more beautiful than they were before they had the procedure done. Common procedures treated by aesthetic doctor, sometimes referred to as estheticians, are of two different types. The first type works is a doctor who is working to improve the outward beauty of a person. Common problems seen by this doctor are the use of Botox to treat sagging skin, procedures to treat varicose veins or spider veins, nose reshaping and collagen induction therapy to reduce wrinkles. The second type of medical aestheticians is employed in independent offices and in spas. Common procedures performed by these medical aestheticians involve tattoo removal, the application of permanent makeup and the permanent hair removal.

The first type of medical aestheticians is fully licensed doctors. They must complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree usually in an area of science before completing medical school. They will then complete a residency with a major medical school. This person will then go on to complete specialized training in medical aesthetics. Often, his or her first job is in conjunction with another doctor, at an aesthetic clinic, who has been doing it for a long period. At several points along the way, this person must pass exams to prove that they are ready to pass to the next level of their training.
The medical aestheticians who are licensed doctors are able to do various tasks. They can provide the patient with topical skin care products that have better results than their over-the-counter alternatives. One of the most common treatments that doctors prescribe these products for is acne.

They are also able to use chemical peeling agents. These chemical peeling agents are used to treat a number of problems included enlarged pores, acne and skin pigmentation problems. Chemical peeling agents are especially useful for treating black circles under the eyes. These doctors are also able to use aggressive microdermabrasion machines. The most common reason to use a microdermabrasion machine is acne. The machine works to open up clogged pores that are often the cause of acne. Furthermore, these doctors are able to use machines that will help with varicose and spider veins. They can also use machines that will help to remove wrinkles.

The second type of medical aesthetician attends either a beauty school or a specialized school for aesthetics. Two of the larger training programs in the United States are the Medical Aesthetics Training in Plano, Texas, the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. After these students have completed their training which can last anywhere from a week to nine months. The students must ten pass a state exam. State requirements vary greatly.

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This video gives a demonstration of a light (20%) glycolic peel