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Penis Enlargement Procedure in Malaysia: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do you imagine having a bigger penis than what you have now? Do you think it will improve your sexual health and satisfy your partner more? Perhaps size does matter after all when the talk is about “Dick,” as it is often called.

In Malaysia, as in other countries, there are procedures to enlarge the male genitalia if you feel there is a real need. Others would say that surgery is the most efficient way to enlarge your private shaft. However, penis enlargement injections are available options that might just do wonders for you.


What Is the Average Size of the Male Penis?

In an article published by Healthline, a study by the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) revealed interesting results. The average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches while the average girth or circumference is 4.69 inches. A flaccid or limp penis measures just about 3.61 inches, and the size still varies from man to man.


Myths About the Penis Size

Have you ever heard about the two pre-conceived notions about the male physical attributes about penis size? Both are nothing but myths.


  • An average-sized fat guy has a tiny dick


There is no truth to the impression that men with big tummies usually have small tools. Another false belief is that the excess fat causes discomfort during sex. The latter may be true. But if you disregard the bloated belly, you might just be surprised to discover a more competitive tool than yours.


  • A skinny guy is well-endowed


This is another misconception that you need to remove from your mind. There is no disturbing fat to obstruct the performance, but the ‘sexual glory’ may not be present too on a skinny guy.


How Is the Penis Enlargement Procedure with Injection Performed?

First of all, the procedure is for you in case you’ve thought about enlarging your manly tool before but nixed the idea of penis surgery. Penis enlargement injections are dermal fillers injected to the delicate parts of your private tool to increase the circumference size.

The filler will allow you to safely and efficiently increase the width or girth of your penis. It will also increase the flaccid length of your penis.

The Treatment Procedure:

•      A small needle will be used for the injection. The fillers will be injected into the head of your penis (glans penis) as well as                the main shaft to increase its size.

  • The weight of the filler will create a ‘scaffolding effect,’ meaning it will reduce retraction after an erection.
  • The entire procedure will not take more than an hour and is performed by a duly registered and certified surgeon.
  • The improvement with this type of penile enhancement is highly visible in the girth or width, but the results are not the identical for all.
  • There is no downtime whatsoever as you can be up and about to do your routine as soon as the procedure is complete.


The Post-Treatment:

•  Expect minor skin bruising that may last up to 2 weeks to heal or abate but this will not have any bearing sexually.

•    The surgeon will advise you to refrain from sex or any sexual activities for at least a couple of days after the procedure.

  • The only hitch is that the procedure is not permanent. The increased girth will wane after a year or a little longer. You will need to have new injections to retain the girth.


Points to Ponder

To a man, penis size does matter. But you need to be reminded that it’s not the size that will deliver utmost pleasure to you and your partner. The penis size will not even determine your sexual prowess. It’s how you use your private armament that will. Nonetheless, if you firmly believe that the penis enlargement injections will boost your confidence and enhance your sexual performance, go right ahead. It’s proven to be safe and effective. Satisfaction guaranteed!

5 Reasons Cold-Pressed Juices Should Be on Your Favorite List

Being physically healthy has been one of the primary goals Malaysians want to achieve in life. From having an hour of working out in the gym to choosing the right foods on the plate, Malaysians indeed keep the word “healthy” in mind in every aspect of their lives. But, the road to health and wellness may not be as straight as you have imagined it to be. It takes a cup of patience and a gallon of discipline for your body to end up how you want it to be.

And the good news is, you can actually take a cup, a liter, or a gallon of those by drinking a cold juice freshly pressed from real veggies and fruits.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Using a cold pressed juice machine, you can extract and squeeze the maximum amount of juices from your freshest choice of fruits and vegetables. However, these fresh delicacies don’t last long as compared to artificial ones. It only takes 3 to 4 days before they start to spoil. Thus, your cold-pressed juice should be consumed immediately for better taste.


How Would You Benefit?                          

It’s jam-packed with lots of nutrients to nourish your cells. With just a cup, it can already boost your body systems to function well. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to cold-press your fruits or veggies.

  1. They Have More Fiber Than Industrial Juices

Fruits contain insoluble fiber that aids in the smooth process of digestion. Healthy digestion means that you don’t have to struggle so hard to eliminate your waste.

Dr. Michael Murrah, an expert in natural medicine, claims that you should not only eat fresh fruits but also consider drinking them. Through drinking, you can achieve the 7-10 recommended daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables. Aside from the insoluble type that keeps your tummy happy, fresh juices are loaded with soluble fibers that are found to lower your cholesterol levels.

Since cholesterol level is maintained at its normal to low range, the risk to develop cardiovascular health problems is relatively small.

  1. Juices Prevent Energy Gap

Have you ever compared the feeling that you get after eating a bunch of healthy foods versus a pile of junk foods? There’s a difference, right?

It feels good when you can make healthy choices. You don’t just treat your body right, but you know on your mind that you are disciplined enough to make the right choices in life.

According to Dr. Murray, the main idea behind why healthy foods give us enough energy to conquer the day is because the body tends to skip a metabolic process that is highly energy-consuming. Because what you already consumed is already liquefied, the body doesn’t have to use its stored energy to liquefy things. That’s why you make your body’s job easier when you choose fresh juices instead.

  1. Fresh Juices Are More Nutritious Than Refined Ones

Of course, fresh is the best! It contains more nutrients like the vitamins, enzymes, and other minerals than those that are sealed in bottles and cans.

According to the World Health Organization, preserved juices have additional sugar, flavorings, and preservatives that can alter body processes when consumed regularly.

  1. More Antioxidants, Better Defense

Studies comparing fresh juices and artificial ones show that juices that are freshly made from home have higher amounts of defense properties such as anticancer, antioxidant, and antiviral. Fresh juices also contain glutathione that helps in detoxifying the body. Most fruits that are industrially made don’t provide this precious protein.

  1. They Help You Lose Weight

Research revealed that foods that are not cooked, or such as those raw fruits and vegetables turned to juices, had a correlation with weight loss and lowered blood pressure among individuals with excessive weight. Experts like Dr. Murray suggest making two apples and a half cup of blackberries or raspberries if you want to lose some weight.

Learning to make healthy choices is a huge challenge for all Malaysians out there. But with just a fruit or vegetable and your handy dandy cold pressed juice machine, getting healthy and well is not too far to achieve. Start a positive outlook today and live healthy for the future!

Spring Back To Life: Discover Yoga in Singapore


What comes to mind when somebody mentions the word yoga to you? Perhaps meditation is the first word that will pop in your mind. In most cases, that is true. For non-yoga practitioners, it relates more to the mental state rather than the physical. If you ask a yoga guru what it actually means, you will get a reply saying it is the union of breath, body, and mind. The answer would seem profound because yoga is really not just another routine.

Today, yoga is no longer regarded as a dull meditation practice or a boring way of stretching. It has become a fitness trend in the West and the East. Most fitness gyms and boutique studios are offering yoga in Singapore. Many young professionals and busy executives are discovering the calming, mind-body benefits of yoga.c700x420

How Do You Practice Yoga in Singapore?

Yoga is already entrenched in the Singaporean lifestyle. Several years ago it was taught only in community centers although the sessions can’t be considered as the ‘true’ yoga. Today, there are established places where you can take up yoga classes.

Do not feel alienated if you are a newbie at yoga. Everyone started from zero. Definitely, it will take a while before the yoga techniques can be assimilated and become part of your everyday life. Classes are also based on the learning level of customers. Beginner classes to the more advanced lessons are available, so it’s altogether different as you go deeper into the yoga experience.Yoga_Banner

Establishments that Offer Yoga Classes in Singapore

You can visit fitness gyms, yoga centers or boutique studios offering yoga classes. Enroll in formal yoga classes or apply for membership in fitness clubs. Most of these establishments offer free trials so can you assess for yourself whether yoga is the thing for you. What’s more, there are yoga workout places that are all-female, all-male or unisex depending on your preference.

Yoga delivers wonders to the mind, body, and soul. It is something that is more than just a regular workout routine. There are plenty of things to learn about specific postures or ‘asanas’ in yoga lingo. Let the relaxing and meditative facets of yoga help you relieve the stress, negativity, and anxieties that weigh you down. If you have not been mystified by this trend that originated in India 5,000 years ago, you might want to try yoga and see true living in a whole new light

5 Smart Tips On Maintaining An Organic Lifestyle Post-Baby

Some parents might be wondering whether or not it’s possible to keep living an organic lifestyle after they had a baby. The answer is yes! This list contains five tips that could help in maintaining an organic lifestyle post-baby:

  1. Organic parenting – A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Parents should follow their instincts and use natural senses when parenting, capitalizing on organic qualities such as love, support, confidence, authenticity, energy, friendliness, trust, responsibility, mindfulness, or proactivity. While parents don’t have to strive to be perfect (which is impossible to achieve), they do have to be the best version of parents to their
  2. Organic food for the family – Switching to totally organic foods may be challenging. Parents should consider to start small and to gradually substitute a common product for an organic version of it (or something healthier). Certified organic foods are often free of toxins that are normally found in conventional food. That’s why it’s advisable to cook organically and to choose organic vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy for the family. When cooking, the usage of microwave should be avoided, as it has the ability to damage the food’s properties. For the baby, there are plenty of organic baby foods sold at supermarkets and specialty organic stores.
  3. Organic products for toiletries and household items – For those who are going to live an organic lifestyle, every aspect of their lives has to be green, and this includes using organic products for toiletries and household items. Besides buying organic cleaning products or natural cosmetics, parents can also DIY their own household items and toiletries using ingredients like essential oils, dish soap, or vinegar. Additionally, the whole family would also have to wear clothes that are made using natural resources like organic cotton, including the
  4. Organic nursery for the little one – Not only do parents have to make sure their babies are fed with certified organic foods, wear organic clothing, and use organic baby products, the nursery needs to be organic as well. This means using natural furniture and paint made of China clay, tree resins, waxes, and plant oils as opposed to conventional paint which is made of toxic fumes. When it comes to baby toys, parents should stick to organic rubber or wooden ones.
  5. Organic living education to the children – As the children grow, parents should teach them organic living to pass the knowledge according to their level of comprehension. When they understand the concept and the importance of an organic lifestyle, children will continue implementing it in their lives, even after moving out of their parents’

Living an organic lifestyle even with a baby is not as difficult as one thinks. To make things simpler, nowadays there are many organic baby products online that can be ordered and delivered to one’s doorstep. Organic lifestyle may be more expensive. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost in the long run.

How to Find the Right Bike

Right Bike for u


When you shop for a new bicycle, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the outstanding selections available. These tips will help you find the perfect bicycle so you can hit the road with confidence.



type of bike

Pick the type of bicycle that suitable for your use.


Tip 1: Decide on a Style

The first thing you will need to do is decide what type of bike you want. Think about how you are going to use the bike. Are you going to ride around town to run errands? Will you hit mountain trails? Or will you do a little of each? Road bikes allow you a good ride on smooth pavement. They are lightweight and shock absorbent. Mountain bikes are perfect for trails. They have large tires and big treads along with a heavier frame. And then there are hybrid bikes that give you the ability to do either.



Set a budget that you are willing to pay for your bicycle.


Tip 2: Set a Budget

Money is always a concern when it comes to a big purchase. It is a good idea to have a price range in mind so that when you get to the store, you do not go way over your budget. You need to know what you are willing to pay and how far you can go before you begin the search for the perfect bike.


cycling with friends

Cycling with your friend is much more better then cycling alone!


Tip 3: Talk to Friends

Ask friends who love to cycle where they got their bikes. Some of them might have local club recommendations or stores they have used to get their cheap cycling accessories and other items. Getting advice from people who have used the stores you want to find will help you walk into the store with confidence in its ability to help you with what you need.



Research the bicycle before you purchase to find out the exact price.


Tip 4: Research

Once you know what type of bike you want, research it online to see what the differences are between that bike and others. See what the costs of the bike are so when you look at them in the store, you know how much to expect to pay.


Test Drive

Test drive the bicycle to find it out if that bicycle really suitable for you, you might change your mind after a test drive.


Tip 5: Test Drive

When you find a bike you want to try out, ask to test drive it. A short test drive can tell you everything you need to know about the bike. Does it fit right? Do you like how it rides? If something is not right, try another one in its style. If you still do not like it, it might be time to change your decision and go with a different bike.


How to Find Proper Bicycle


Finding the right bike can be a challenge, but with a little time and effort, you’ll be cycling alongside your friends on the perfect bike.

7 Easy and Painless Ways to Start Losing Weight Fast


Losing weight is never easy. It requires dedication, self-control and persistence. Fortunately, there are ways to lose weight without skipping meals or spending hours in a gym every day. You should know a few easy and painless ways to start losing weight fast.





1. Use Smaller Dishes


Something very simple you can do is to start using smaller dishes when you eat your meals. This means smaller plates and bowls. This is important because you will not eat as much when you place smaller portions on your plate. Smaller dishware also tricks your mind into thinking you are eating more than you really are. This simple change can help you with portion control while losing weight.

2. Stand and Walk Just a Little More Each Day

You do not necessary have to start working out intensely in a gym to lose weight. You can start to burn calories by walking and standing just a little more each day. Walk up stairs instead of taking an elevator. Walk to work, stores or other places instead of driving. Stand up while working, watching television or talking to friends. These small changes can increase how many calories you burn each day.

3. Drink Water during the Day

You should be drinking water throughout the day. Drink water and not sodas or other beverages loaded with sugars. Water will give you a full feeling between meals so you do not eat unhealthy snacks. You also want to drink water before and during your meals. Water will make you feel full so that you consume fewer calories. Eating fewer calories is an important way to lose weight.

4. Use Supplements to Lose Weight Faster

Take advantage of proven diet pills in order to lose weight faster. These pills can do a variety of things from suppressing your appetite to blocking enzymes that turn carbohydrates into stored fat. You can use fat burning supplements to increase the efficiency of your body so that you lose more weight each day even with moderate diet and exercise. Do not ignore these valuable pills.

5. Get Eight Hours of Sleep a Night

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you need to get eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep is critical for weight loss. The hours your spend sleeping are when your body starts to regulate a number of hormones. The specific hormones that control your appetite are regulated at night. If you do not sleep enough, then you will be very hungry for most of the day. Getting eight good hours of sleep will take away hunger cravings.

6. Eliminate Distractions While Eating


Something that can be very destructive when trying to lose weight is eating while distracted. This means eating while you are watching television or doing something else. You want to always stop what you are doing, eliminate all distractions and sit down at a table to eat properly. This will make you more aware of what you are eating. You will not binge eat or consume too much unknowingly. The result is lower caloric intake that leads to weight loss.

7. Reward Yourself Occasionally

main Shebeko shutterstock_81422161

A final tip is to reward yourself occasionally. If you have been losing weight and meeting your goals for a week or a month, then reward yourself with a reasonable serving of some foods you love. You can break your diet for that one meal to celebrate. This kind of occasional reward will not have a significant impact on your weight loss. It will keep you motivated to continue achieving your goals. 

Making the effort to lose weight is well worth the time. You will start to feel healthier and more energetic as you drop the weight. You will also have more endurance to get outside and do the things you love. Taking small steps can lead to significant weight loss over time.