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Ever Wonder How Food Manufacturers Maintain The Quality of Their Products?


One of the most important things to consider when you are involved in a food manufacturing company is quality control. You are responsible for managing the whole process from farm harvesting to food serving and ensuring that the consumers will receive a high-quality product that’s safe and secured. If you are involved in any agriculture and food processing-related jobs, then you are certainly accountable for ensuring food safety and quality.

But the question is, how can these big food manufacturing companies monitor their product’s quality?

The food manufacturing world is like a domino; one mistake will cause a cascade of many other. This is why competence is a huge consideration. To make the food safe and consistent with the consumers’ expectations, food producers ensure that the food undergoes tedious processes, including microbe elimination and enzymes deactivation to prevent oxidation. Each product is made using measuring equipment. There are also heat treatments such as sterilization, pasteurization, fermentation, smoking, refrigeration, and drying. On the other hand, stabilizers, anti-oxidants, and emulsifiers are food additives that preserve the consistency and quality of the food.

Cookies factory

The step-by-step overview of quality assurance:

From the conceptualization of the product to the distribution to different households, quality assurance is applied at every step.

  1. Food scientists test the food for the taste and nutritional effects with a small group of people who consented to participate. Some organizations are authorized to assess possible manufacturing flaws to prevent any risk of contamination. Specialized equipment is used to assess food quality such as penetrometers which evaluate the hardness of fruits. Acceptability percentages are assigned to help the consumers in discerning whether a product is reliable.
  2. Briefing of particular requirements and technical assistance to suppliers are conducted by food processors regularly. They also do periodic inspections and audits at areas of delivery.
  3. All products are ensured to comply with the national food regulations and consumer demands. They make sure that the manufacturers produce their food with the highest standards possible. Foods that might induce intolerances and allergies should be consistent with the general food principles.2

Not all foods are 100% safe and secured. The quality depends on how meticulously they were manufactured, packed, and distributed. Sometimes, you need to dig into these behind-the-scenes food processes before they arrive on your plate just to ensure that you are not just eating a delicious meal, but also a safe one.

4 Street Foods in Singapore You Should Add On Your Favorite List



Unwaveringly astonishing and diverse, Singapore won’t allow itself to be left behind when it comes to culinary cravings. By offering multicultural cuisines from India, Malay, and China, they serve you with the finest ingredients in Asia. And what’s more thrilling is that you don’t have to go to the most expensive eateries in the country because even along the streets, you can finally have a taste of these Singaporean delicacies.


  1. Frog Porridge

By reading the name, you probably thought how on earth you make a yummy treat out of a frog. Do you know that this is one of the cleanest food you’ll ever eat? The frogs are marinated with spring onions, soy sauce, wine, and spicy chili. Meanwhile, the porridge, with green onion sauce, appears viscous and light, perfect for your tummy’s delight!


  1. Satay

Marinated and grilled, Satay is not your average skewered dish. Though it originated in Indonesia, Singaporeans have been loving the tasty meat. Also, you can choose from a variety of meat such as beef, mutton, chicken, and pork; it is accompanied by Ketupat or known as the rice cake with onions and cucumbers as toppings. Because it is in demand, many people, even the Chinese, start this kind of business and even offer a satay delivery.


  1. Bah KutTeh

Adopted from China, this is by far one of the most popular dishes. The secret of the pork ribs’ juicy taste is the long hours of simmering in herbal broth. The soup is accurately blended with cinnamon, garlic, star anise, fennel, cloves, and Dang Gui giving Bah Kut The the best soup flavor you’ll ever taste. Lastly, the most important of all, Teochew the light ingredient that gives it the saltier taste.

otak otak

  1. OtahOtah

Aside from meat, this appetizing fish dish called otahotah is one of the delicacies that Singapore is proud with. The fish seasoned with special herbs and species is wrapped in coconut or banana leaves and grilled over fire. You can also try eating it with bread, rice, or noodles.


By just lingering within the streets of Singapore, you’ll be able to experience not just the country’s culture itself, but also its other Asian neighbors. Enjoy a diverse quality of life by appreciating a variety of cultures. Start it by eating their best street foods.


An Essential Guide To Superb Healthy Hawker Foods That Will Make You Lose Weight Fast

Can a sumptuous healthy hawker dish make a person lose weight fast? Sure, and for you to experience a remarkable weight loss quite fast and easy, all you need to do is eat foods with fewer calories than your body usually burns. Of course, slow and steady may seem like a viable option, but who really has all the time to actually wait for years to lose weight? Lucky for you, Singapore has a variety of superb healthy hawker meals that will start you off easily, and at the same time make you lose weight super-fast than you can hardly imagine. Following is a handy guide every person should use every time to find some of the most superb healthy hawker dishes around Singapore–so that they can lose weight fast!

#1 Thunder Tea Rice

This dish is quite superb and tastes really yummy, too. Don’t be shy or get scared by the green soup, rather eat it separately or mix it together with rice to make it soupy. What’s more appealing about this particular diet is that it’s full of green leafy vegetables and fresh ingredients, which are highly packed with both fibre and antioxidants. They are also low in fat, making it quite a great dish every time you wish to lose weight fast.


#2 Fish Ball Noodle

To enjoy even a much healthier dish, make sure you choose the soup version of this dish all the time to ensure the noodles aren’t fried. The Bee Hoon noodles in particular make this dish quite a brilliant choice for weight-watchers because they have a low Glycaemic Index (Low GI), which makes people feel full for longer and hence allow them to lose weight fast than usual.


#3 Chicken Pho

Every time a clear broth will often contain less calorie content and fat than a creamy broth.  However, it’s also worth knowing, the same broth may have had a number of chickens cooked in it which more likely contained a high level of fat, too. To really cut down on fat effectively, always choose chicken over beef all the time. To further enrich the overall taste and flavour of this dish, use a variety of fresh herbs and chilli to spice up the taste of this sumptuous meal a bit. To enjoy this meal, drink the broth first and then eat the noodles last. Simple!


#4 Green Papaya Salad

Even though most part of this dish is mostly a salad, the huge amounts of carbohydrates come from the palm sugar in which papaya fruit stems from. But at the same time this same dish rather is quite low in fat and high in fibre, meaning it’s a healthier option than most cream-base and deep-fried meal altogether. Another great, viable healthy option or alternative you could choose other than the Green Papaya Salad dish is Tom Yum Soup. It has surprisingly remarkable healthy benefits in it, too.


#5 Yong Tau Foo

If you could personally ask a great number of Singaporean locals what’s their best and healthiest dish is–many would tell you Yong Tau Foo—a popular dish among many Singaporean locals. People love this dish in particular for it’s low in fat, calories and carbohydrates. And it’s highly packed with essential vitamins and minerals, which the body needs to stay healthy and also lose weight fast. All the same, when shopping for this particular dish, make sure you only choose the fresh vegetables–avoid the deep-fried options like the plague! Rather, have the vegetables boiled in clear soup to enjoy a super healthy meal.


In summary, if you’re really craving for a hot body or smashing figure, this guide outlines some of the superb healthy hawker meals around Singapore you need in order to lose weight fast. After you’ve tried these dishes, you’ll no doubt speed-up your weight-loss goals effectively and also fry potential body fat–within a few months! This is because when it comes to maintaining a lasting weight loss, great caution must be taken on every meal you choose to eat all the time. Consequently, use this guide every time you’re looking to lose weight in Singapore—these dishes will help you feel full longer, carb all cravings and, above all, help you lose weight quite fast!