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Are Facebook Shops Beneficial for Companies of All Sizes?

When running an e-commerce store, many business owners try everything they can to reach new potential customers. One way in which companies bring in new clients is by setting up a Facebook store. Of course, some feel that selling on social media is only for smaller companies (also see Should First Time Entrepreneurs Start With Social Commerce?). Here are four reasons why Facebook shops are beneficial for all size business.



Acceptable: In the past, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were not taken seriously by most Internet users. Now, social media sites have gained in popularity to the point where almost everyone has a Facebook profile. Furthermore, with Facebook being a public company, most users have plenty of trust in the business. For this reason, one should have no qualms about setting up an online store in a tactful and intelligent manner.

Cell phones: In the past, most people accessed the Internet via a home computer or work computer. Now, a lot of people jump online with a tablet or smartphone. Usually, a user will want to access something quickly when using their cell phone. However, with applications, some people still go on their Facebook feeds to check out the latest news and information. This is powerful since plenty of people have no problem ordering from a Facebook shop. Remember, more people will use their smartphones to use the Internet and make big-ticket purchases.

Log on often: Now, most people log into Facebook multiple times a day. When doing this, people love to see what their friends are doing. When logging on often, users will also be exposed to plenty of advertisements and product offerings. When this happens, some visitors will opt to spend money as they will inevitably have some interest when they log in multiple times a day. Remember, it is difficult to get website traffic, but social commerce traffic is so abundant that one can bring in people to their Facebook shop with ease.



Combine: Ideally, one should combine their Facebook page with their Facebook store. When doing this, one can create a serious buzz about their product and see a sharp rise in sales. One must realize that a store and a page should go hand and hand. When doing this, one can create a serious following with little effort. Remember, with this step, one can interest followers and keep a customer hooked.

Without a doubt, a company, large or small, should consider setting up a Facebook e-commerce store. When a person opts to sell on Facebook, they will bring in plenty of customers who would have otherwise gone to a competitor. Have a look at Facebook store solutions.



Starting Up an Online Boutique


Perhaps you have considered staring your own online boutique. You may have a particular product you want to sell or you may want to offer the products of another store. The business model you choose does not matter because the basic steps are the same. Some of these steps may seem like they have nothing to do with your actual business, but when you run your own business, you know there are many aspects of operations that have nothing to do with the products or services your operation provides. You will need web hosting, a web site, a shopping cart interface, and a Paypal account in order to set up your own store. You may also want to add a credit card processor so customers can pay for their orders. You should avoid taking cash, money orders or personal checks because you are unlikely to meet many of your customers.

To start your online shop (购物网), you will need web hosting. Hundreds of companies provide this service, but pay attention to the up time they provide. You want consumers to be able to reach your server at any time. You will also want access to managed hosting software unless you are extremely adept at server administration. You should start out with the less expensive hosting packages, especially if you do not expect your website to gain hundreds of hits per day.

Online fashion enthusiasts will want to see the item before you buy it. In order for this to occur, you need to arrange for software that can show them a picture of the items you are selling. The Zen Cart and Magento programs make online shopping easy to set up. There are hundreds of such programs available for free and even more of these programs can be bought commercially. You need to choose one that works for you,. Make sure it is customizable and you may want to see if you can fit plug-ins into your particular software choice. The more popular shopping cart software options will have hundreds of available add-ons that expand functionality.

You will need to set up a Paypal account or have a Payment processor if you plan on taking money from your customers. Paypal can operate as a credit card processor, but it often charges more for this service than other companies, but using only one such service makes things easier for you. It also reduces the number of external scripts that run on your site. You can decrease your page load time by keeping the number of scripts to a minimum.

As the proprietor of the shop, you will get the chance to experience online shopping from the other side. There is also no way to avoid experiencing the joys and the frustrations of the web master. You need to promote your site in order to attract customers. You need to know about search engine optimization, search engine marketing and many other things that may seem like buzz words to you right now. Your success depends on understanding these concepts. Did you know the downside to shopping online? Sneak a peek here.

Registering a Company in Singapore

Singapore is a most expensive country but it is popular for attracting large number of foreign companies. Man y foreign companies wish to establish business at Singapore because of its low taxation. Moreover all the facilities provided by the Singapore government for registration and incorporation of their companies are good and excellent. All the companies in Singapore shall be registered as private limited companies with private limited liability. The companies shall have a separate legal entity. All the share holders are not fully liable for the company’s debts other than the share capital. Any person exceeding the age of 18 years can register a new company.

Many intermediaries help you to register your company with Singapore government companies act. But you need to pay fees for them in order to guide you aptly. If you could register your private limited company once, you could be able to get benefitted with low taxation. For registering a company with Singapore companies act, it has already formulated the initial and regulatory requirements before starting a company. You should be aware of all such rules and regulations before company registration.

The documents needed for making a Singapore company registration are company name, business activities description, particulars of shareholders, particulars of directors, address where the company is going to start, particulars of company secretary, Articles and Memorandum of association which is provided by Singapore company registrar. If you are ready with all the documents prescribed, you can happily register the company with registrar of companies.

First name of the company shall be approved first to start your new company registration. The total system is computerized by the government. The process is so quick with all technological advancements and is very easy. You could not find the influence of bureaucratic red tape involvement during the whole process. Name approval and company registration can take place in one single day. At some times, after name approval they will give you nearly 60 days reserving your chosen name. After the completion of name approval, you should have to file the incorporation request from registrar of companies. Once if the documents are signed by the directors and shareholders, maximum company registration process will get complete. During the time of registration and company incorporation, you need to pay $300 to Singapore Registrar of Companies for incorporating the company with limited private liability.

After the completion of all formalities, the Company registrar will send an email notifying the details of incorporation of the company. The email can be treated as Official certificate of incorporation in Singapore. If you wish it in hard copy, you can make request and can avail the certificate. For getting it in paper form, you need to pay $50, so that you can collect it on the next day from registrar’s office. After the completion of company’s registration and company’s incorporation, you shall have to open a corporate bank account in any one of the Singapore Major Banks. Some banks need your presence for opening an account and some do not need to open. If you could be the regular visitor of Singapore, wide choice of banks offer number of facilities and thus you can select the best of all wisely with all your wisdom and talent which shall suit your needs.