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4 Types of Resin Flooring and Coating Services in Malaysia

For many years, Malaysia has been at the forefront of formulating and installing resin flooring and coating services for a variety of commercial and industrial environs worldwide. The floors are toughened with Epoxy, a versatile and durable coating suitable for protecting new fresh concrete and repairing old concrete floors.

The material acts as a “thin film” layer, which primary purpose is to cover the concrete and protect it from abrasion and harsh chemicals. When mixed with aggregate, you’re sure to get high-quality floors fit for industry, commercial, and residential use.

Below is a summary of some of the top resin flooring and coating services provided by most epoxy flooring companies in Malaysia.


  1. Industrial

The different kinds of epoxy and polyurethane floors offered in many areas within the industrial sector are specifically fashioned to tackle the harsh environment involved. Concrete resurfacing and leveling, personalized polyurethane floors and epoxy floors are some of the solutions offered for industrial flooring.

The floors are installed in such a way that they would actually meet the standards for various industries once finished. This means the floors should be able to withstand heavy machinery use, high exposure to heat, and resist chemical attack. All the same, epoxy flooring in many industrial environs are frequently used in factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, food and beverage industry and more.

  1. Commercial

The purpose as to why one would need to install epoxy flooring systems in their building is endless. A person may probably choose them for aesthetic or functional reasons, depending on what they want to accomplish. You may want a floor that’s cost-effective, easy to clean, strong, and lasts longer. Specific places you may want to fix commercial epoxy floor include restaurants, commercial offices, hallways, pharmacy, fitness centre and more.

  1. Residential

Because areas such as basements, garages, and laundry rooms are under constant attack from debris, their frequent cleaning and care should always be a top priority. Epoxy flooring is effective in eliminating dirt and debris, including the grout lines that often lower your floors value. Epoxy floor treatments are also a great option if you experience allergies, as these materials don’t stock dirt and allergies within. Other areas on which residential epoxy floors are frequently used include bathrooms, porches, rec rooms and so on.

In summary, epoxy floors provide a robust and durable surface for industrial and commercial flooring. The coatings are used on concrete floors to draw a high performance, durable, and smooth surface sure to last many years and also support heavy loads. Above are some of the high-end and on-demand services people can expect to find at most epoxy flooring companies. Epoxy coatings for many years have proven to be essential for warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and more.

If you’re thinking of getting epoxy flooring in Malaysia, ask the locals around or search online to find a convenient flooring company that meets your demands. The versatility experienced with epoxy coatings makes it easy and fun to customize, giving clients the type of high-performance floors they truly deserve!

Are Corrugated Boxes Better for Shipping?

Whenever you receive a package in the mail, it is likely that it has been shipped in a corrugated box. Many people are always asking me why this is. Why are most of your packages always shipped in corrugated boxes? What is wrong with normal cardboard boxes for shipping items in and packaging items? Well, there are many reasons why corrugated boxes are superior to traditional cardboard boxes. One reason is it’s durability and strength. While traditional non-corrugated boxes are ok for packaging lightweight things such as cereal, things that are going to be transported across the country and have to hold heavy things such as TVs or furniture just to name a few, have to be strong and durable. This is why so many items are shipped in corrugated boxes rather than normal cardboard boxes. Also, another reasons is that corrugated boxes last longer when exposed to elements such as rain and snow than traditional cardboard boxes.

Customized and Durable Corrugated Boxes

Most manufacturers want the best packaging solution for the products they produce. They often need corrugated boxes that are durable, and can withstand the stress of long time handling to protect whatever is packed into it. They sometimes need to order Customized Corrugated boxes depending on their specific requirement at that particular time. CLPG, which is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector have very strong and durable boxes. These boxes are made from the best and finest materials providing you with packaging that protects your products and allows for long distance movement of your goods. The company has over the years built a high level of standard in terms of quality of the boxes. They can also supply you in large quantity and in the form you want. With the numerous awards and recognition accrued over time and from different sources, you can be sure to have only the best.