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A Guide to Food Safety in Indonesia for the F&B Industry

An Indonesian official boasted that the country’s F&B industry tops its neighbors in Southeast Asia. The reason for this is that food safety in Indonesia is given prominent attention. It’s a constant occupation to prevent any outbreak of foodborne diseases. So, if you’re a business owner in the food & beverage industry, you should put a premium on the health and safety of your customers.

The Barometers Used by Customers

Food safety and cleanliness are the barometers used by customers nowadays to patronize an establishment. You can do your share and show why you deserve the patronage of clients. Here are five ways to accomplish the task:

  1. Sanctuary of Cleanliness

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Customers are drawn to the cleanliness of your establishment. Keep your entire premises clean and hygienic as a way to build your business reputation. A competent customer service delivery can’t guarantee customer retention, but clean food and sanitary environment will always win the race.

  1. Preserve the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Business

Image result for Keep the kitchen and bar restricted areas, limiting access to authorized personnel only.Keep the kitchen and bar restricted areas, limiting access to authorized personnel only. Always prevent food and drinks contamination from where they emanate.

  1. Implement Food Safety Guidelines

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Implement health and safety guidelines in the kitchen and elsewhere. Teach your team to value the importance of food handling and preparation.

  1. Spotless Rest Rooms

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Customers can equate a dirty comfort room with a dirty kitchen. Your business is likely to suffer if you do not frequently inspect and clean the comfort rooms.

  1. Food Safety Measuring Instruments

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The food safety standards today include having food safety measuring devices to preserve food integrity. It will help your business a great deal if you can adapt to the current trend and elevate your business to a world-class standard.

F & B operators have the principal responsibility to comply with the food safety regulations and standards. Food safety in Indonesia is critical that a slight perception of unsafe food can drive away your customers. Know the basic food safety measures to keep your cash register ringing.

4 Important Services to Look For in Email Hosting

When running a website or online business, plenty of people like to have a reliable email account. For this reason, some entrepreneurs opt to spend the extra money and find an email hosting service. Here are four things to look for when looking for an email hosting service.

Combine: Some people, in trying to stay organized, love to combine their web hosting in Malaysia with their other hosting plan. With this, one can have a single monthly bill and not worry about running into compatibility issues. One place to turn for this service is When using, one can have a solid Web host and enjoy reliable support and plenty of customization options.


TheGigabit Email Solutions with Smarter Email that support any platform, web browser or devices

TheGigabit Email Solutions with Smarter Email that support any platform, web browser or devices


Speed: When sending important business documents, one must often send them in rapidly. Otherwise, an entrepreneur risks alienating his or her customers. For this reason, one must find a host that offers fast connection and execution speeds. Fortunately, most reliable hosts will provide their users with a fast connection anywhere in the globe. Remember, without a doubt, one must, on occasion, send out emails as quickly as possible.

Support: When faced with an issue, most business owners do not know where to turn and how to fix their problem. When this happens, a small issue can cause a company to lose money and anger customers who want to communicate with the business. Simply put, when faced with problems, a company must have available support. For this reason, before signing up for a service, one must ask the Web host what support they provide. Remember, nothing can be worse than sitting around and eagerly waiting on a response on a complex and important problem.


TheGigabit provides full-fledged supports to ensure all email solutions running smoothly

TheGigabit provides full-fledged supports to ensure all email solutions running smoothly


Access: Now, while on vacation, many people want to read their emails from their smartphone or laptop. An employee who can check and respond to emails anywhere in the world can work with ease. Luckily, most hosts now give users a webmail address (Learn How to Choose a Professional Email Address). Of course, one must verify that the company provides this service to their customers. Remember, there is no reason to go with a host who does not offer this as it is a necessity for most workers.

TheGigabit Email Solutions ease you with checking email anytime, anywhere with any mobile devices

TheGigabit Email Solutions ease you with checking email anytime, anywhere with any mobile devices


When understanding what to look for in a provider, one can choose the right solution for their business. Luckily, with these four tips, one should have no trouble choosing a solid and reliable email hosting provider.


Singapore Incorporation: Nominee Director Agreements

In the Singapore company incorporation process, a nominee director is a person appointed by written agreement, as opposed to being elected, to serve on a company’s board of directors. For example, a majority shareholder or a parent company may appoint this type of director as its representative on the company’s board. It is a common practice of foreign companies to appoint a Singapore resident as a nominee director to meet Singapore laws that require at least one director to be:

  • A Singaporean citizen;
  • A permanent resident of Singapore; or
  • A holder of an entrepass, employment pass, or dependent pass with a Singapore residential address

Why an Agreement?
Nominee directors represent potentially conflicting interests of both the appointing party and the company. These directors have the rights, obligations, and duties of elected directors, but their authority, voting power, and management responsibilities are restricted. For this reason, agreements are made to limit their authority while protecting them from liability.

What Are Common Terms?
Agreements with nominee directors include standard clauses defining the relationship parameters, including appointment and acceptance, time for service, and the fee for serving. The rights and powers that are usually restricted or completely prohibited include the following:

  • the director’s right to convene the board
  • the director’s right to vote on board actions, including company policies and management decisions
  • the director’s authority to sign company documents
  • the director’s power to pledge, sell, transfer, encumber, or otherwise impair company property
  • the director’s authority to handle business operations
  • the director’s power to make business, financial, or moral contracts or commitments for the company
  • the director’s authority to be a signatory on company bank accounts
  • the director’s authority to make personal guarantees for company debts

Most likely, the agreement will require any actions of the nominee director to be taken based solely on written instructions only. It is also likely to provide for “at-will” termination, meaning the appointing party can end the director’s service at any time with notice of a qualified replacement director.

What Terms Protect the Director?
To protect against potential liability arising out of company activities, nominee directors usually insist on terms similar to the following:

  • An indemnity against liability for damages, penalties, fines, or claims arising from the appointment
  • A provision clarifying that the director is not responsible for the content or maintenance of company records, filings, or accounts
  • A provision that the director will not be required to act contrary to Singapore laws
  • An annual audit of company financial accounts, perhaps by a Singapore firm
  • A provision requiring the company to be kept solvent
  • A provision requiring the company to comply with Singapore law

Who Writes the Agreement?
These agreements are made by Singapore companies that specialize in assisting foreign businesses to secure a local entity. The contract provisions must comply with Singapore law. Business owners are best advised to contact Singapore legal professionals to review and advise them about the agreement terms.

Company Incorporation Singapore: How To Elect A Nominee Director

How Corporate Secretarial Services Can Help Your Company

Companies that provide corporate secretarial services can be very relevant to helping provide a company with numerous business solutions. These companies also help the company to focus on more pressing business issues such as growth and expansion while keeping the secretarial services function in the company effectively run in the safe and skilled hands of the service providers.

Corporate service companies provide a very specialized skill set for companies that require administrative functions in company incorporation. These companies are able to offer fast and reliable incorporation services to companies, especially those companies that are newer. They also provide reliable and efficient advice in matters concerning company formation.

They are also able to help document articles of association and any other document sets that are consisted in company incorporation such as the certificate of incorporation, share certificates and many others. Partnership companies can also be incorporated using the skills and professional help of these secretarial service companies.

Corporate secretarial service companies help businesses with administrative duties and functions. Start up companies can leave the duties of company registration to these secretarial service companies. These companies are more aware of the right channels through which to help a young new company with its company registration tasks. They are also able of giving a helping hand in registration and renewal of business and company names.

For foreign companies and corporations that are considering expansion or growth into a different state or country and are not aware of how to go about the process, corporate secretarial service companies can help register the company. They assist with the preparation and lodging of any relevant paperwork and documents with the responsible offices.

Handling taxation issues can be rather cumbersome, especially for a young and new company. There are quite a great number of forms and documents to file. These corporate secretarial service companies provide business their experience in helping with necessary registration of file numbers as well as filing of any required taxation documents. These companies are also able to handle any accounting issues within a company.

A skilled company secretary can be offered to help work more closely with the company on the more routine maintenance services. These services range from maintenance services in annual general meetings such as providing notices of meetings to company members, taking minutes or proceedings during meetings, while providing any necessary advice during these matters if it is so needed.

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The role of a Company Secretary – What is the Company Secretarial function?

Private Detective in Singapore Cost

If you are looking to hire a private investigator in Singapore, then you will need to know the detective services cost in Singapore. Several factors govern the possible costs of a private detective. It all depends on what they are hired to do, their expenses, and how long it takes them to complete their assigned task. It also depends on if they are working full time or part time.

Things to Ensure When Hiring a Private Investigator

Be sure the investigations services office is licensed. This will make it so that they can work with the police force as needed. If the private investigator has a license then he can work with the police with fewer hassles and won’t be arrested if the police find him following your suspect around because they will know he is just doing his job.

You should also be sure the private detective has had success in the topic for your needed investigation. If he has already dealt with this subject, then it will make it more likely he will be able to solve your case and be worth the private detective in Singapore cost for his services.

Be sure the private investigator keeps reports of all of the time he uses and the expenses he has in order to keep the private detective Singapore cost accurate and complete. If he is good at his job, this will be done automatically, but it is vital to be sure that it is being accomplished.