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Penis Enlargement Procedure in Malaysia: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do you imagine having a bigger penis than what you have now? Do you think it will improve your sexual health and satisfy your partner more? Perhaps size does matter after all when the talk is about “Dick,” as it is often called.

In Malaysia, as in other countries, there are procedures to enlarge the male genitalia if you feel there is a real need. Others would say that surgery is the most efficient way to enlarge your private shaft. However, penis enlargement injections are available options that might just do wonders for you.


What Is the Average Size of the Male Penis?

In an article published by Healthline, a study by the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) revealed interesting results. The average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches while the average girth or circumference is 4.69 inches. A flaccid or limp penis measures just about 3.61 inches, and the size still varies from man to man.


Myths About the Penis Size

Have you ever heard about the two pre-conceived notions about the male physical attributes about penis size? Both are nothing but myths.


  • An average-sized fat guy has a tiny dick


There is no truth to the impression that men with big tummies usually have small tools. Another false belief is that the excess fat causes discomfort during sex. The latter may be true. But if you disregard the bloated belly, you might just be surprised to discover a more competitive tool than yours.


  • A skinny guy is well-endowed


This is another misconception that you need to remove from your mind. There is no disturbing fat to obstruct the performance, but the ‘sexual glory’ may not be present too on a skinny guy.


How Is the Penis Enlargement Procedure with Injection Performed?

First of all, the procedure is for you in case you’ve thought about enlarging your manly tool before but nixed the idea of penis surgery. Penis enlargement injections are dermal fillers injected to the delicate parts of your private tool to increase the circumference size.

The filler will allow you to safely and efficiently increase the width or girth of your penis. It will also increase the flaccid length of your penis.

The Treatment Procedure:

•      A small needle will be used for the injection. The fillers will be injected into the head of your penis (glans penis) as well as                the main shaft to increase its size.

  • The weight of the filler will create a ‘scaffolding effect,’ meaning it will reduce retraction after an erection.
  • The entire procedure will not take more than an hour and is performed by a duly registered and certified surgeon.
  • The improvement with this type of penile enhancement is highly visible in the girth or width, but the results are not the identical for all.
  • There is no downtime whatsoever as you can be up and about to do your routine as soon as the procedure is complete.


The Post-Treatment:

•  Expect minor skin bruising that may last up to 2 weeks to heal or abate but this will not have any bearing sexually.

•    The surgeon will advise you to refrain from sex or any sexual activities for at least a couple of days after the procedure.

  • The only hitch is that the procedure is not permanent. The increased girth will wane after a year or a little longer. You will need to have new injections to retain the girth.


Points to Ponder

To a man, penis size does matter. But you need to be reminded that it’s not the size that will deliver utmost pleasure to you and your partner. The penis size will not even determine your sexual prowess. It’s how you use your private armament that will. Nonetheless, if you firmly believe that the penis enlargement injections will boost your confidence and enhance your sexual performance, go right ahead. It’s proven to be safe and effective. Satisfaction guaranteed!

10 Best Natural Skin Care Products to Buy in Malaysia

Can your personal care products kill you? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Many products out in the market contain harsh ingredients that can do more harm than good.


Parabens, for example, is widely used in many facial cleansers, body washes, and deodorants. This toxic beauty ingredient has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Then there’s Sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant that is often found in acne treatment products. When linked to other chemicals, it can cause kidney and respiratory damage.


[H2: Why Use Natural Skin Care Products?]


The chemicals in many skin care products are the reason why natural and organic products exist. Their goal is to care for your skin minus the allergies, irritants, and harmful chemicals. What’s better is that many of the natural skin care in Malaysia are not as expensive as you think. Here are products to include in your beauty routine:


  1. Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner Price: RM160.00 (250 ml)


If you have oily and sensitive skin, this toner from Kiehl’s can refresh your skin the gentlest way possible. It contains calendula, allantoin, and great burdock- some of the best natural skin care ingredients.


  1. Melvita Organic Rose Floral Water Price: RM138.00 (200 ml)


French brand Melvita uses a hundred percent of their total ingredients from natural origin. This floral water, one of their best-selling products, works wonders to regenerate and hydrate the skin. Besides its hydrating effects, you will easily fall in love with its rose scent.


  1. Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream Price: RM119.00 (15 ml)


Here’s one beauty tip: Always include an eye cream on your skin care routine! This reviving eye cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It helps reduce the dark circles, puffiness, and dryness on the under-eye area.


  1. Nourish Balance Essential Moisturizer Price: RM129.00 (50 ml)


Repair and moisturize your skin the natural way with this moisturizer that works even for an oily and acne-prone skin. The bonus part is that it leaves your skin matte and it has a lovely scent, too!


  1. Human Nature Detoxifying Mask + Scrub Price: RM34.90


Human Nature is one of the established brands when it comes to natural beauty products. One of their must-try products is the mask and scrub in one that promises to give you fabulously soft skin in just five minutes.


  1. Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm Price: RM358.00


This balm is a best-seller, and it’s not hard to understand why. The wild rosehip seed oil in it is such a powerful beauty ingredient that can do wonders not just for your skin but also for your nails and lips. You may use it as a lip balm, nail balm, balancing facial mask, moisture boost, or as an exfoliating cleanser.


  1. Meditree Tea Tree Facial Cleanser Price: RM22.15


This Aussie brand thoroughly cleanses the skin with its Willow Bark Extract. While it does a good job at cleaning your skin, it still keeps in calm with its tee tree oil and chamomile content.


  1. 100% Pure Organic Aqua Boost Price: RM179.00 (100 ml)


As their brand name suggests, there’s assurance that you get a 100% natural beauty product. It’s also gluten-free and 100% vegan. Is there anything that sounds better than that? This aqua boost can be used as a hydrating mist or as a toner.


  1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap- Almond Price: RM32.50 (59 ml)


This all-in-one soap is not just for the skin. You may also use it to clean your house, for laundry, and even pets. Dr. Bronner’s calls it an 18-in-1 product because of its many uses!


  1. Earth Care Soaps Ricemilk Rose Water Face & Body Soap Price: RM24 for 100g


The last but not the least is a handcrafted product from Earth Care Soaps. Who would not love the scent of rosewater? When added to rice milk, you make sure your skin gets the care it deserves.


Have you used any of these products before? Try one or more of these items and reap the benefits of using natural products. They are all guaranteed safe and effective for every skin type.

5 Reasons Cold-Pressed Juices Should Be on Your Favorite List

Being physically healthy has been one of the primary goals Malaysians want to achieve in life. From having an hour of working out in the gym to choosing the right foods on the plate, Malaysians indeed keep the word “healthy” in mind in every aspect of their lives. But, the road to health and wellness may not be as straight as you have imagined it to be. It takes a cup of patience and a gallon of discipline for your body to end up how you want it to be.

And the good news is, you can actually take a cup, a liter, or a gallon of those by drinking a cold juice freshly pressed from real veggies and fruits.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Using a cold pressed juice machine, you can extract and squeeze the maximum amount of juices from your freshest choice of fruits and vegetables. However, these fresh delicacies don’t last long as compared to artificial ones. It only takes 3 to 4 days before they start to spoil. Thus, your cold-pressed juice should be consumed immediately for better taste.


How Would You Benefit?                          

It’s jam-packed with lots of nutrients to nourish your cells. With just a cup, it can already boost your body systems to function well. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to cold-press your fruits or veggies.

  1. They Have More Fiber Than Industrial Juices

Fruits contain insoluble fiber that aids in the smooth process of digestion. Healthy digestion means that you don’t have to struggle so hard to eliminate your waste.

Dr. Michael Murrah, an expert in natural medicine, claims that you should not only eat fresh fruits but also consider drinking them. Through drinking, you can achieve the 7-10 recommended daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables. Aside from the insoluble type that keeps your tummy happy, fresh juices are loaded with soluble fibers that are found to lower your cholesterol levels.

Since cholesterol level is maintained at its normal to low range, the risk to develop cardiovascular health problems is relatively small.

  1. Juices Prevent Energy Gap

Have you ever compared the feeling that you get after eating a bunch of healthy foods versus a pile of junk foods? There’s a difference, right?

It feels good when you can make healthy choices. You don’t just treat your body right, but you know on your mind that you are disciplined enough to make the right choices in life.

According to Dr. Murray, the main idea behind why healthy foods give us enough energy to conquer the day is because the body tends to skip a metabolic process that is highly energy-consuming. Because what you already consumed is already liquefied, the body doesn’t have to use its stored energy to liquefy things. That’s why you make your body’s job easier when you choose fresh juices instead.

  1. Fresh Juices Are More Nutritious Than Refined Ones

Of course, fresh is the best! It contains more nutrients like the vitamins, enzymes, and other minerals than those that are sealed in bottles and cans.

According to the World Health Organization, preserved juices have additional sugar, flavorings, and preservatives that can alter body processes when consumed regularly.

  1. More Antioxidants, Better Defense

Studies comparing fresh juices and artificial ones show that juices that are freshly made from home have higher amounts of defense properties such as anticancer, antioxidant, and antiviral. Fresh juices also contain glutathione that helps in detoxifying the body. Most fruits that are industrially made don’t provide this precious protein.

  1. They Help You Lose Weight

Research revealed that foods that are not cooked, or such as those raw fruits and vegetables turned to juices, had a correlation with weight loss and lowered blood pressure among individuals with excessive weight. Experts like Dr. Murray suggest making two apples and a half cup of blackberries or raspberries if you want to lose some weight.

Learning to make healthy choices is a huge challenge for all Malaysians out there. But with just a fruit or vegetable and your handy dandy cold pressed juice machine, getting healthy and well is not too far to achieve. Start a positive outlook today and live healthy for the future!

How To Make Sure You Don’t Walk Out From The Facial Spa With Worse Skin

Image result for How To Make Sure You Don’t Walk Out From The Facial Spa With Worse Skin

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, microdermabrasion, so on and so forth. Which one exactly does your skin is in dire need of?

Before you pull out your hair trying to figure out which facial treatment you should go for, take a deep breath! It can be overwhelming at first, but once you’ve accustomed yourself with this guide, you’ll be a facial queen.

Although most aesthetic clinic in Singapore will have qualified beauticians to advise you on the right treatments, there’s no harm in keeping yourself informed. After all, you know your skin best.

Take a look at the different types of skin below and find out which is the best beauty treatment for you and which ones you should avoid:

Normal Skin

You’re blessed with skin that is generally pretty fuss-free, and most beauty treatments are suitable for your skin type. You can opt for a simple maintenance facial, which includes massage, extractions, and steam. If you want a pamper session, go for more massage and plenty of masks and serums to finish off. Clay masks are also great if you want to clear out some gunk, which will leave your face feeling new and rejuvenated.

Dry Skin

Image result for Dry Skin

With dry skin, injecting (not literally) moisture into your skin is vital. Step away from those abrasive scrubs! The last thing you want is to aggravate your dry skin even more and make it flakier. Instead, opt for something like oxygen facials, for that extra boost of hydration.

Acne-prone Skin

Image result for Acne-prone Skin

For acne-prone skin, you have to proceed with extra caution compared to the rest. Make sure that your aesthetician is experienced with problematic skin and moves with extra care when working with your skin. Always avoid mineral oil massage for your treatment. Check with your beautician and also inform them to avoid ingredients that trigger your breakouts. To improve the skin, go for deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and masks.

Sensitive Skin

Related image

Gentle. Remember that word. Gentle, gentle, gentle! With sensitive skin, stay away from any harsh and abrasive treatment. Step away from the steam and deep clay masks. Microdermabrasion is also out of the question. You better not let the aesthetician come close to you with any blackhead extraction tools!

Aging Skin

Image result for Aging Skin

When it comes to mature skin, pampering facials are great. Plenty of massages, minimal steam (too much steam can cause redness and leave the skin dehydrated), and lots of masks and serums to leave the skin plump and glowy. Microdermabrasion is also a popular option with aging skin and can help reduce the appearance of scars, age spots, and fine lines.


Image result for Rosacea

If you have this skin type, this is probably your biggest fear: walking out of the aesthetic clinic with the ever-so-dreaded post-facial tomato face. To ensure that doesn’t happen, avoid steam at all costs! Also, other treatments like deep clay masks, fruit acids, and microdermabrasion are major no-nos. The last thing you want is to put your skin through a series of a regimen known for causing redness in the face.

With this guide, you’re now prepared to step into the wonderful world of beauty spas. Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the right aesthetic clinic in Singapore but also picking the right treatment.

Now let yourself be pampered! Always remember, choosing the right facial for your skin type is the difference between you crying with tears of agony or stepping out with skin like a goddess.

Top 4 Facts You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation


Most people casually call it a boob job,  but it has been one of the most sensitive topics whenever it comes to augmentations of the female body. Breast augmentation in Singapore, however, is not as widely mentioned than compared to places where it is more accepted such as the U.S. or South Korea.

But before you decide on this life-changing adjustment, these are the top 4 advises you’d want to consider before going for breast augmentation.Hospital - surgery team in the operating room or Op of a clinic

  1. It won’t be your last surgery

Breast implants do leak over time, and after ten years, if you wish to continue keeping your implants, you will have to go back for surgery. With weight loss, pregnancy and a total change of preference, it might prompt you to consider going back for a change.2

  1. Breast augmentation can affect breastfeeding in the future

It depends on how the incision is made to insert the implants. Areola incisions are especially risky regarding this because it could do a damage to minor ducts and disconnect the areola from the main gland causing an inability to breastfeed in the future.3

  1. Risk of losing nipple sensation

By going for breast augmentations, you’re also running the risk of losing the sensation in your nipples which can be pretty uncomfortable for most. Losing the sensation in your nipples does not mean that they wouldn’t still get hard. Your nipples will continue to harden when stimulated by temperature, but you wouldn’t feel it.4

  1. They feel different from real breasts

Most people know this, but most lack the details. Breast augmentations techniques have trade-offs. If you choose to have implants above the muscle, then it wouldn’t feel as natural as breast tissue. If they’re placed under the muscle, it would feel more natural, but you will run a higher risk of a leak going unnoticed.

So before considering breast augmentation in Singapore, do take the time to consider these four pieces of advice before going under the knife because the risk of adverse effects is relatively high. To be sure, do consult a doctor to make sure that risks are mitigated and that the chances of you being satisfied are higher.

5 Pampering Beauty Products For Career Gals To Try Over The Weekend

Image result for Being a career woman in Malaysia comes with its own challenges

Being a career woman in Malaysia comes with its own challenges. Besides the hard, long days at work, you need to work extra hard just to prove yourself. Take a break over the weekend and unwind in the comfort of your home! Skip going out to the mall or spending your day at the spa by doing your spa treatment at home! Check out these five pampering beauty products for career women to try:

  1. Black clay mask. Black clay masks are all the rage in many Asian countries, and the trend seems to spill over to Malaysia. What sets the product apart from other facial masks lies in its antibacterial, pore-decongesting, and detoxifying properties that are suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. The surprisingly soothing mask sucks gross, oil, and dirt instantly off of your skin without stripping away your skin’s essential oil. Plus, the product is made of natural ingredients.Related image
  2. Nail therapy treatment. We tend to put an emphasis on our skin while neglecting the other parts of our body. If you’re building a career, the first impression always counts. Start with having clean fingernails, especially if you do a lot of handshaking with clients or customers. Get a pack of nail therapy treatment to create a mini spa treatment at home. The product not only moisturizes and soothes your cuticles and nails, but it also delivers all the right nutrients needed for healthy and glowing cuticles/nails.
  3. Hydrogel sheet mask. Like most career women, you’re probably glued to your desk and stared at the computer screens for hours. This leaves you with dry, tired eyes. Brighten, de-puff, and soothe your eyes over the weekend using a hydrogel sheet mask, formulated specifically to treat tired and dry eyes. For best results, you can use it weekly over the weekend and see the positive outcome in a month.Image result for women use Snail repair cream
  4. Snail repair cream. A Korean craze that’s starting to gain popularity among Malaysian beauty lovers, a snail repair cream is typically formulated from snail secretion to help you prevent wrinkles or fine lines and promotes skin elasticity and regeneration. You’re left with a more supple and smoother skin. Not only are snail repair creams perfect for those with dry skin, but you also get to benefit from it as well if you have oily skin as the serums and essences of the product provide long-lasting hydration without leaving your skin greasy.
  5. Cleansing oil. The skin therapy that’s popular throughout Asian countries, cleansing oil comes with multiple benefits, and they include cleansing and exfoliating your skin without stripping it off of its natural oil and nutrients, as well as breaking down all traces of makeup, debris, and dirt on your face. The product is especially perfect for dehydrated and dry skin. The best cleansing oil in Malaysia may come in the forms of solid or light consistency.

To build a successful career, one of the most important things for you to do is to take good care of your skin and your overall appearance. The more presentable you look, the higher the chance for you to climb the career ladder. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to have that perfectly radiant, youthful-looking skin. The trick is to have a skincare routine that you follow on a daily basis and pampering your skin and body every once in a while.