Meet the Friendly Faces of Puteri Harbour Theme Park

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There are so many exciting developments along the bustling commercial district of Nusajaya. Among them is the indoor children’s theme park, Puteri Harbour Theme Park. It is known as the home of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town. This four-storey indoor theme park is a great playground for little kids to enjoy and meet with their favourite TV cartoon characters.

With attractions such as kiddie rides in Thomas Town and Black Wonder in Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, it’s a place of wonder for little kids everywhere to enjoy and a meet-and-greet with their favourite characters.

Kids can take a ride with Thomas and Friends on safe and enjoyable kiddie rides such as Harold the Helicopter, Bertie the Bus, Colin Crane Drop, and Windmill rides. And of course, don’t forget to take a ride on Thomas the Train himself. In Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, you can help look for the missing Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel in Black Wonder, which is the main attraction of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

But that’s not all! There are new characters on the block that little kiddies can meet, greet, and take pictures with. Four Little Big Club characters have joined in on the fun. And these Puteri Harbour Theme Park characters have interesting areas for little tykes to play and explore in too!

These four beloved characters have joined Hello Kitty, Thomas the Train, and all their friends to create an even more fun-filled play place for the little tykes of Malaysia!

  1. Pingu

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Noot noot! Fans of the lively, animated penguin, rejoice! Little kids can visit Pingu’s Igloo over at Puteri Harbour Theme Park. You can play games and take pictures with the playful penguin. You can also play Street Basketball and Basket Bowling in Pingu’s igloo.

Pingu is a happy penguin who loves and cares for his family. Like most kids, he loves to have fun and is very playful. Sometimes… too playful. But he always learns to be better with the help of his family and friends.

They speak in the Pinguish Penguin language though. So make sure to say Noot Noot. Join in the playful penguin’s adventures and misadventures. He will be ready to play at Puteri Harbour Theme Park!

  1. Angelina the Ballerina

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Learn to dance ballet with Angelina Ballerina. She is a white mouse who loves to dance the ballet. With the help of her instructor, Miss Mimi, she learns to be a better ballerina.

And her adventures with her parents, sister, and friends, help her to become a better daughter, sister, and friend to them all. While Angelina makes many mistakes, she learns from them and strives to do better than before.

She is true to herself and is very passionate about learning ballet. She is a great role model for little kids who want to learn more about what they are passionate about.

Aspiring little ballerinas learn a few dance moves and take pictures with Angelina Ballerina in Angelina Ballerina Dance Studio over at Puteri Harbour Theme Park. Like Angelina, you can also get those lead roles. So get your tutus ready for a great photo opportunity!

  1. Bob The Builder

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Little tykes can now build things with Bob the Builder. The dependable and knowledgeable builder can “handle any build, big or small”. With his team of builders, they build structures, make repairs, and solve problems together.

With his building partner, Wendy, and his apprentice, Leo, they handle all kinds of building jobs in Spring City. Of course, the Can-Do-Crew would not be complete without Bob’s trusty vehicle pals, Lofty, Scoop, and Muck. Together, they help get the job done in no time at all!

At the Bob the Builder Play Structure, children can build together with Bob the Builder. At last, kids can have a chance to be part of Bob’s Can-Do-Crew. Whatever it is, “Can we fix it”? Get ready to put on your tool belts, because with our friend Bob the Builder, “Yes we can!”

  1. Barney

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The beloved purple dinosaur now has his own place at Puteri Harbour Theme Park as well. Dance and sing-along with Barney at Barney’s Playhouse.

Barney is a tyrannosaurus rex that often appears with his other dinosaur friends, B.J., the yellow Protoceratops and Baby Bop, the green Triceratops. He’s the dinosaur sensation that’s out to be friends with kids everywhere.

Little kids have the chance to meet-and-greet with their favourite purple dinosaur and sing along to well-loved kids songs and Barney classics such as “I Love You,” “The Rainbow Song,” “Everyone is Special” and of course, the Barney Theme Song.

“Barney can be your friend too if you just make-believe him.”

And now, things are going to be Super Dee-Duper now that kids will have the chance to meet with the dinosaur from our imagination too at Barney’s Playhouse in Puteri Harbour Themepark!

There is a stage where children can sing along to the songs of the four mascots and watch the mini-shows featuring these Puteri Harbour Theme Park characters. Watch live mini-shows, sing along, meet-and-greet and take pictures with the mascots.

There are so many fun activities to do and so many interesting venues to play with the Puteri Harbour Theme Park pals. Don’t forget to visit them on the second floor of Puteri Harbour Theme Park. Play in Pingu’s Igloo, dance with Angelina Ballerina in her very own dance studio, build with Bob the Builder in the Bob the Builder Play Structure, and of course, make believe and become a part of Barney’s Playhouse.

Get your tool belts and tutus out. Prepare to say “Noot Noot” to your favourite penguin friend, and get ready to sing and dance with our friend dinosaur. These Puteri Harbour Theme Park characters are ready to have fun and play every day between 10am-6am at Puteri Harbour Theme Park.

Get the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town pass, the Thomas Town (where these four characters have their attractions), or the Two Park pass to enjoy the full Puteri Harbour Theme Park experience! Buy your passes online for more convenience!