Kulim Jobs: How to Answer the Dreaded “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

job vacancies in Kulim

Are you looking forward to an interview for a job in Kulim, Malaysia? Hosting both local and multinational companies, the city is a tech magnet that also provides a lot of rewarding employment opportunities across multiple industries.

But whether you’re eyeing job vacancies in Kulim in a local technology park, the hospitality industry, or other, your employment interview will most likely include the “tell me about yourself” question. How you respond to the question sets the tone for the remainder of the interview, so, it’s important that you get it right at the outset.


Here are some tips for you to impress your future employer with a compelling, job-landing description of yourself during a job interview:

     1.           Provide Pertinent Information

The “tell me about yourself” question provides an early, one-off chance for an interviewee to offer a recruiter a clear glimpse of their capabilities, qualities, and qualifications pertinent to the job they seek. So, learn about the requirements for the job you’re to be interviewed for, and prepare an answer that shows why you’re the right person for it.


  1. Avoid Irrelevant Personal Information

Don’t lie to the interviewer, but be very careful not to provide truthful information that may jeopardize your chances of getting hired. For example, this is not the time to say that you moved here recently after your spouse got transferred, and so you’re eager to resume working. What if the employer thinks you’ll leave them in a couple of months after your partner is transferred again?


  1. Identify Five Strengths Relevant to the Job

As you prepare your answer, identify five strong points you have that are relevant to the position you’ll be interviewed for. Think about experiences, attributes, skills, and other strengths that place you in a great position to advance the objectives of your employer.


For example, you might say that you’re strong in communication and inter-personal interactions. If you have any outstanding and proven success in customer relationships, make that known too. If your future job requires hands-on experience, explain how well you stack up against such an expectation.


When you’re invited to an interview for one of the available job vacancies in Kulim, be prepared to give the interviewer specifics about yourself. Your answer must focus on strengths you have that are important to the job you seek. Get some practice in before your interview so you can be more confident when the day comes!