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The Important Role That Thermal Imaging Plays In The Food Industry

If you have plans of setting up your own restaurant or you simply want to enter the food industry in Malaysia, it’s paramount that you understand the role of thermal imaging in the business. Those who engage in the food industry are mandated by the Ministry of Health to produce, transport, store, and serve their food with safety and cleanliness in mind. It so happens that thermal imaging is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that raw ingredients are stored and cooked properly.


Why Thermal Imaging Is Important

When preparing and cooking food, it’s often difficult to see with your naked eye if the food is being cooked at the right temperature. You can’t accurately see if the food you are serving to a customer is undercooked or overcooked. You don’t have to deal with this problem if you have a thermal imaging camera. Basically, what the thermal camera does is measure then show you the level of heat emanating from the raw ingredients that are being cooked. The camera also measures the temperature of the equipment you are using. With these accurate measurements, you can determine if the food is at the right temperature.


Thermal imaging is often used for the following:

  1. measuring the heat in oven baked goods
  2. microwave-drying boiled rice and other types of edible grains
  3. measuring the temperature in microwave cooked meats
  4. inspecting the temperature of ovens
  5. checking the heat on cellophane seals used for packed food
  6. monitoring the temperature in freezers and refrigerator compartments
  7. inspecting food packed in bottles or cartons
  8. inspecting processed and packed meat products


In conclusion, you need a thermal imaging camera if you plan on starting your restaurant. These cameras come in all sizes and models. The model you choose will depend on the scale of the restaurant you have in mind. Some imaging cameras are portable which means you can handle them manually. Others have to be installed in your kitchen.

Top 6 Tips on Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget in Singapore

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Weddings often strain the pockets and bank accounts of the couple and their families. Fortunately, it is possible to plan a great and memorable wedding without breaking the bank. Here are the top 6 things you need to know to plan the wedding of your dreams in Singapore:

  1. Start with a budget

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The first thing you need to do is decide on a budget and stick with it. Undoubtedly, many well-wishers—friends and family—would like to share opinion and advice while you’re planning. They may be great ideas, but they’re not always budget-friendly. So starting with a budget is a great way to keep yourself on track.

  1. Decide on the guest list

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The size of your guest list can also make or break your budget. Why? Because the food and venue sizes depend on it! You should already have an idea of whom you would want to invite, and whom you’d rather not see during your wedding. But if you’re still not sure about the names on the final list, you should at least try to limit the number of people on it.

Do you really need to invite that second cousin twice removed, or that teacher you had back in preschool? Unless these people made a huge impact on your life (or you’re required by your parents to invite them), you probably don’t have to.

Limiting the guest list can also help you decide on the theme for your wedding. For instance, a smaller guest list can mean a more intimate ceremony, a smaller venue, and more money for food and decor! That brings us to the next tip.

  1. Decide on a theme

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The theme is likely the most important part of wedding planning because it ties everything together. Everything, from the type of flower and the color scheme to the food, is decided by your wedding’s theme. Themes also determine whether or not you will have extra ceremonies, e.g. a tea ceremony as part of your traditional Singaporean wedding. So getting this settled early can make future decisions go smoothly.

  1. Choosing the Right Decor

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After you’ve chosen the theme, the decor is the next item to cross off the list because it can cost up to a quarter of the whole wedding expenses. So handling this thriftily and as soon as possible can free you to make more expensive choices later on. Conversely, it can simply give you more opportunity to save!

  1. Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Men have it easy. You hardly ever hear of men looking for that one suit that will outshine all the others. Women have to look for that one dress—the perfect dress for that special day. But looking for this dress is a long, arduous process. Even worse: when you’ve found it, it may be outside your range! Fortunately, it is possible to obtain one at a fraction of the cost. If you’re not having it custom-made, there are plenty of options for wedding dress rental in Singapore.

  1. Enjoy!

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Let your creativity run wild (but still within the budget leash), and don’t ignore your parent’s advice. Listen to what other married couples have to say, and judge accordingly. Your wedding (and the wedding planning) should be memorable to you for the happiness you had, not for the stress you gained.

Wedding planning is always stressful and headache-inducing. Even more so if you don’t have a big budget to begin with. If you follow these tips and stick closely with your budget, you can make your guests think you spent millions on a budget dream wedding!

Top 4 Facts You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation


Most people casually call it a boob job,  but it has been one of the most sensitive topics whenever it comes to augmentations of the female body. Breast augmentation in Singapore, however, is not as widely mentioned than compared to places where it is more accepted such as the U.S. or South Korea.

But before you decide on this life-changing adjustment, these are the top 4 advises you’d want to consider before going for breast augmentation.Hospital - surgery team in the operating room or Op of a clinic

  1. It won’t be your last surgery

Breast implants do leak over time, and after ten years, if you wish to continue keeping your implants, you will have to go back for surgery. With weight loss, pregnancy and a total change of preference, it might prompt you to consider going back for a change.2

  1. Breast augmentation can affect breastfeeding in the future

It depends on how the incision is made to insert the implants. Areola incisions are especially risky regarding this because it could do a damage to minor ducts and disconnect the areola from the main gland causing an inability to breastfeed in the future.3

  1. Risk of losing nipple sensation

By going for breast augmentations, you’re also running the risk of losing the sensation in your nipples which can be pretty uncomfortable for most. Losing the sensation in your nipples does not mean that they wouldn’t still get hard. Your nipples will continue to harden when stimulated by temperature, but you wouldn’t feel it.4

  1. They feel different from real breasts

Most people know this, but most lack the details. Breast augmentations techniques have trade-offs. If you choose to have implants above the muscle, then it wouldn’t feel as natural as breast tissue. If they’re placed under the muscle, it would feel more natural, but you will run a higher risk of a leak going unnoticed.

So before considering breast augmentation in Singapore, do take the time to consider these four pieces of advice before going under the knife because the risk of adverse effects is relatively high. To be sure, do consult a doctor to make sure that risks are mitigated and that the chances of you being satisfied are higher.

5 Highly In-Demand Jobs You Can Find In Johor


Johor, the southern state of Malaysia with a link to Singapore, has in recent years seen rapid development in several sectors, which boosts its job market. Some of the most in-demand jobs you can get in Johor include the following:

  1. Content Writer

With the rise of digital marketing, content writers are much more in demand compared to a few years ago. Plenty of Johor-based businesses, including non-media companies, are in need of content writers to create engaging content that helps boost their visibility and sales, minus the old, boring tactics of advertising.

  1. Software Engineer

The tech industry is thriving in Malaysia, and Johor is one of the states where demand is quite high. From freelancer to full-time senior roles, you can earn up to RM 8,000 or more and work remotely or in an office. Having programming skills like Python, familiarity with SQL or Redis, and a prior experience with web development would get you in the door.

  1. Digital Marketing Executive

This role is relatively new and is in demand more than ever. The ability to strategize, plan, and implement campaigns with a strong data analysis skill would be an advantage. It also helps if you have a background in business or marketing, and at least a year of experience in related field.

  1. UI/UX Developer

If you care about user experience and interface, you can earn up to RM 5,000 or more as an UI/UX developer. With more e-commerce startups setting camp in Johor, such developers are in need to design, wireframe, code, and program user interfaces in addition to bug fixing and others.

  1. Social Media Specialist

This role would be perfect for those who love to spend time on social media and interact with an audience. Your role includes promoting content and engaging with the brand audience through your posts on each social media platform. The salary ranges from RM 3,000 to RM 5,000.


More Malaysians are now willing to move to Johor instead of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. If you’re looking for more jobs in the state, be it creative or non-creative, check out the job vacancies in Johor.

3 Simple Tips To Successfully Streamline Your Office Communications

TThere is a real possibility sometimes that the information in the office does not flow in an acceptable, smooth, cohesive way. Here we share some practical tips to help you as a Singaporean business owner to understand how to streamline communication in your office for the sake of being able to achieve more progress, profitability and overall an increased success of your business.1

  1. Use the right technology

It is imperative that the right technology is set up for improving communication within your office. Take into consideration for example that you can set up instant messaging to provide more efficient and quicker communication among workers. This will allow them to communicate at their desks, while they still can deal with other tasks.  Choose the best apps and software relevant to your work environment. To make sure every app and software work in sync, consult with IT professionals to manage system integrations correctly.2

  1. Provide desk areas that are not divided by cubicle walls or that have low wall panels

If your office is currently in the habit of resorting to the usage of high cubicle walls around desk areas, then it is strongly recommended that you remove them. If you prefer some defined division between desks of employees, then decide to use low cubicle walls instead. This will prevent co-workers from having to be forced to interrupt the work they are doing when they need the phone or other equipment for the sake of communicating. The will likely not have to leave their desk often.3

  1. Reduce clutter in the workspace

This can be done by using wall files and labels. This helps to keep important communication documents ready to access easily as needed. What’s more, workers will be more efficient when there is less clutter.

The reality is that nowadays in such busy work environments, streamlining your communications in your office is needful because you are not only dealing with a website but also an office environment, service to customers, and so much more in your thriving business in Singapore. These tips should help you to become more efficient in streamlining your office communication.

Ever Wonder How Food Manufacturers Maintain The Quality of Their Products?


One of the most important things to consider when you are involved in a food manufacturing company is quality control. You are responsible for managing the whole process from farm harvesting to food serving and ensuring that the consumers will receive a high-quality product that’s safe and secured. If you are involved in any agriculture and food processing-related jobs, then you are certainly accountable for ensuring food safety and quality.

But the question is, how can these big food manufacturing companies monitor their product’s quality?

The food manufacturing world is like a domino; one mistake will cause a cascade of many other. This is why competence is a huge consideration. To make the food safe and consistent with the consumers’ expectations, food producers ensure that the food undergoes tedious processes, including microbe elimination and enzymes deactivation to prevent oxidation. Each product is made using measuring equipment. There are also heat treatments such as sterilization, pasteurization, fermentation, smoking, refrigeration, and drying. On the other hand, stabilizers, anti-oxidants, and emulsifiers are food additives that preserve the consistency and quality of the food.

Cookies factory

The step-by-step overview of quality assurance:

From the conceptualization of the product to the distribution to different households, quality assurance is applied at every step.

  1. Food scientists test the food for the taste and nutritional effects with a small group of people who consented to participate. Some organizations are authorized to assess possible manufacturing flaws to prevent any risk of contamination. Specialized equipment is used to assess food quality such as penetrometers which evaluate the hardness of fruits. Acceptability percentages are assigned to help the consumers in discerning whether a product is reliable.
  2. Briefing of particular requirements and technical assistance to suppliers are conducted by food processors regularly. They also do periodic inspections and audits at areas of delivery.
  3. All products are ensured to comply with the national food regulations and consumer demands. They make sure that the manufacturers produce their food with the highest standards possible. Foods that might induce intolerances and allergies should be consistent with the general food principles.2

Not all foods are 100% safe and secured. The quality depends on how meticulously they were manufactured, packed, and distributed. Sometimes, you need to dig into these behind-the-scenes food processes before they arrive on your plate just to ensure that you are not just eating a delicious meal, but also a safe one.